The doors were blasted down and Zaraki came storming through the door. Isane removed her hands from Unohana's uniform and stood in front of her. Even in the dark she knew where he was.

Laughing Zaraki called out, "So you think you could just hit me and not expect a fight! Come on girl let's see what you got!"

"Isane don't, he'll kill you!" Kiyone cried out.

"Captain Zaraki I don't want to fight. Besides isn't getting knocked out by a girl once good enough, or do you just like being on the floor?" Isane asked glancing at him in the dark.

That was a mistake; in seconds Zaraki was on her and pinning her to a wall. Isane knew better than to struggle. Pushing her further against the wall Zaraki was getting madder. She wasn't fighting.

Throwing her towards the door he growled, "Fight me! Or are you going to be like every other puny fourth squad member?"

Taunting didn't help. Isane stood up again and looked at Zaraki.

"Fourth Squad members don't fight for fun. We don't like killing, that's why we're healers."

"Then defend yourself or else you're going to die," Zaraki said drawing his sword.

Unohana gasped as Zaraki swung his blade. She knew Isane didn't have her sword because she still had it. Luckily Isane dodged the blade; she wasn't even reaching for a weapon yet. After about the ninth blow Isane was finally nicked on the arm. She lost mobility instantly. Zaraki scoffed and looked back at Mayuri.

"I thought I said I didn't want you help! This is my fight!"

"I thought I'd test this new poison I created. Don't worry she'll regain mobility in a few minutes," Mayuri said evilly.

As he said that Isane could feel mobility in her arm again. She was confused; what was the point of the poison? Dodging another attack, her vision started to blur, and she noticed she was slower. Zaraki caught her again leaving a gash through her left calf. Isane fell and slid a few feet. Thinking that this was over Zaraki moved over to her; what he didn't expect was Isane to pull one last move out of her sleeve.

"Hadō # 33: Sōkatsui!" Isane yelled as a blast hit Zaraki and sending him flying.

Hitting the other side Zaraki growled and stood back up. Isane had put a lot of power in that move and was drained. Unohana was at her side in seconds, and Zaraki was moving closer to them. Suddenly a reiatsu powerful than his own was released. Everyone else shivered as they glanced at the owner of that power.

Normally Unohana was a quiet and peaceful person. It wasn't normal for her power to be unleashed; however no one had tried to kill her beloved lieutenant before either. In one flash she was in Zaraki's face.

"Leave now Captain Zaraki, before you regret what you're about to do," Unohana said in her 'do as I say' tone.

Zaraki left with one step. Mayuri was about to follow when Unohana was on him next.

"What did you do to my lieutenant," There was no question in her voice.

"It's a simple paralysis. She should be fine in an hour," Mayuri said leaving, "Nemu come!"

Nemu didn't leave; instead she moved next to Nanao and didn't look at her captain. Mayuri glared but didn't try anything with Unohana this mad. Once he left Unohana went to tend to Isane. The cuts weren't that bad, but by the blood no one could tell.

"So much for a good evening," Rangiku grumbled.

"The night isn't over yet," Yoruichi said glancing at Isane.

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