Matt is mindlessly flipping through the channels as he hears a knock at his door. He checks the peep

hole. He is shocked by its reveal. He opens the door to see Maggie on his threshold. "Hi."

Maggie smiles as she gives Matt the sexiest come hither look that he has seen in a long time. "Couldn't

sleep." He moves aside so that she can enter. As he shuts the door, Maggie pulls him into a kiss. He is

stunned and thrilled. He did not want to leave. He wanted her. He wanted this and now she is here.

It is like she read his mind.

The moment between them rapidly accelerates. They leave a trail of clothing from the door to the

bedroom. Before it goes to the point of no return, Matt looks at her. "Are you sure you want this?

Maggie looks into his eyes in a way that stirs lust and love. "Yes…" She pulls him closer. Maggie loses

herself with Matt. Normally she would never had ventured this far with someone she has not known

long but she loves his touch. She craves the way he makes her feel. It has been so long since she felt

the excitement of someone new in her life… her romantic life.

She needs this more that Matt could ever realize. This is not just sex… it is a step towards freedom.

As he makes love to Maggie, Matt realizes that this is better than the thoughts that had been running

through his head since the day he saw her in that dress. She is everything he imagined and more. Could

this be the way for him to finally move past Dani? He watches her move feeling every inch of her skin

against his. This is different for him. For all the women he had been with… this feels different. It has

the magic of Dani with a spark of something different. She draws him in. She is unlike anyone who has

ever been in his life before. There is a side of her that is dark, dangerous… and irresistible. Memories

flash through his mind as they make love. His hands run over the tattoos on her back… God… the first

time he saw them… it was like a sexy hidden secret. He gently rolls Maggie onto her stomach as he runs

his hands over her back. He suddenly feels and sees the scars. Maggie is aware that is touch as

changed. It is gentle… but through.

He kisses one of the scars to reassure her but Maggie has already dealt with this particular demon. She

knows what the ink covers. Matt however does not. He knows who she is. He thinks he understands

her job… but Maggie knows… there is no way to understand the insanity of what she

does without ever having experiencing it. The story of the scars can wait for another time… she turns

over as Matt lies on top of her engulfing her with his body.

As the morning light pour in the windows, Maggie realizes that this magical night must come to an end.

She does not want to leave but knows she must. She has people to meet today and Matt has a full day

at the office. They part after morning coffee. Matt watches Maggie walk into the distance from his

window. He can't wait to see her again. This was definitely a first date to remember.

Maggie heads to meet up with Rock. He laughs as she approaches.

"Hmm either I'm having deja vue or you had a hell of a date?" He hands Maggie a coffee. Maggie

realizes she is in the same outfit that she had on yesterday. Ah hell he has seen me do far worse things.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" She takes the coffee hops into his car.

"Look at you going all native." She looks at him as she takes a long sip from the cup. She knows what he

means. The agency doesn't like them dating civilians. "What can I say? I am a woman of few words but

lots of action." Rock laughs at his partner going all Mae West on him. They head out of the city and

head toward DC. They have been called up to the mothership, again.

Dani arrives at the Hawks HQ before Nico. She stops in to see him. Nico had mentioned the first date

was last night and she wants to see for herself how it went. Matt is sitting at his desk holding a small

card from Maggie. Somehow she managed to leave it by his phone. It is a simple little card telling him

she had a great time and that she had to head out of town but would be back in a couple of days. This is

the part that he cannot get used to … how she vanishes. He flips the card over as Dani walks in. From

the expression on her face, she knows that he saw Maggie last night. He wonders just how awkward is

this going to get. He loved Dani. He wanted to marry Dani. She chose Nico. He likes Maggie. He really

likes her. He just wishes she wasn't as close to Nico has she is. He is beginning to feel like everything in

his life somehow circles back to Dani.