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Razzaroo was, undoubtedly, bored.

You may or may not be wondering exactly why she was bored, but that "she was bored" is the only explanation you're getting, so sorry.

Putting that aside, the purple pony was staring at a pool of water, particularly that "cherry blossom pond", whose name I forgot...but anyway, she was leaning against the very (not-so) infamous cherry tree! (exclamation mark included). The ripples in the water made her reflection look folded up, she observed. A cherry-blossom petal fluttered to the ground and into the pond, smack on her reflection's forehead. Well, there's nothing worse than this...

A giggle or two could be heard behind the ancient but strong trunk, and Razzaroo raised her discover her doom.


"Oh, Minty, what are you doing here?!" Razzaroo exclaimed, glaring with sharp green-blue eyes into Minty's pink ones.

The green pony shrugged. "Stalking you," she answered, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Razzaroo sighed, shaking her head. She had spoken much, much too soon.

. . . .

Minty stood in front of her friend, grinning like a madpony. Now it's time to pull off that dare!

While Razzaroo was busy shaking her head, the green pony saw her chance, and darted to Razzaroo's book-bag (which was set against the trunk, mind you). Minty dug in, until she found a book with a pale pink cover and neatly written handwriting on the front, reading, "Property of Razzaroo. No trespassing, or face the wrath of Uber Party Planner Mary Sue-I mean, nothing."

Stage 2 accomplished. Ready to carry out Stage 3, Minty thought, not even knowing what the word "accomplished" meant. She dashed off, carrying the book in her mouth, and somehow also managing to say, "Can't catch me, Razz!"

. . . .

Razzaroo gasped. How dare she!

Rushing off after Minty, she called, "I'll get you! You'll pay! FACE THE WRATH OF UBER PARTY PLANER MARY SUUUUUUUUUEEEEEE!-I mean, nothing!"

...At least I'm not bored anymore.

. . . .

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