The Honorable Type

Summary: Kagome Higurashi, heir to Tashio Industries, has transferred to the prestigious school Ouran Academy and on the first day, Kagome decides to join the Ouran Host Club to help Haruhi Fujioka pay off her debt as the Honorable Type.

Rating: T

Author's Note: This is the official rewrite of 'Of Light and Darkness.' I was not happy with it at all. Sorry. Also, no pairings this early in the story! This story is going to be about healing, friendship and family. I believe you have to be friends in order to fall in love with someone.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Ouran characters mentioned or Inuyasha (unfortunately)

Chapter One,

The New Student


Kagome stood in the front of her first (or otherwise) period class, Advanced Placement World History, and waited for the teacher to acknowledge her. The entire class also waited for her introduction staring intently as they did.

This was Kagome's very first day attending the prestigious school, Ouran Academy. Word quickly circulated around the school that she was the ward of the famous Sesshomaru Tashio and his heir to Tashio Industries and entire fortune. Tashio Industries was one of the leading companies worldwide with stocks in various venues: real estate, medical advancements and administration, advanced weaponry, military training, environmental safety, and automobile/vehicle engineering. This was Sesshomaru's lifelong legacy and his only heir was a fifteen year old who wasn't even related to him.

Kagome knew everyone was curious about her past and how she knew one of the most powerful and richest beings in the world. She was an oddity among her prime and polished peers at Ouran, but that wasn't her concern. Her biggest problem was getting the teacher's, who was oblivious to the fact that she was standing at the opened door, attention.

Kagome Higurashi stood about 5'1" with her long ebony hair left loose and wild down her back. Her sparkling blue eyes stood out in the boys' uniform she wore instead of the frilly yellow gown she would have been forced to wear as a female student. Kagome did not like the uniform the minute she saw it and Sesshomaru did not care if she dressed as a boy or not.

By now, everyone at school thought she was a male, but Kagome did not care how they saw her. Sesshomaru had been clear with his intentions concerning her inheritance. She could act and dress as she wanted as long as she presented herself with the air of power the Taisho name was known for. He did not care she was a girl inheriting a company that most people would be jealous of and she would retain full rights to the enterprise even after she married.

Kagome cleared her throat to gain her teacher's attention, but he still had not acknowledged her and continued his lecture. She was not quite sure what to do next to get his attention. "Sensei!" a male's voice called abruptly from the mass of students. The teacher paused in his speech and turned in his direction.

"Yes, Tamaki-san?" he questioned with his eyebrow raised.

Kagome followed his gaze over the sea of students to find a very handsome blond with deep blue eyes containing a strange hue of purple smiling up at the teacher. He looked more European than Japanese in origin.

"We have a guest," he said and turned his dashing gaze at her while gracefully gesturing towards her with his pale hand. All of the girls in the classroom sighed in unison fawning over him and his actions.

The teacher looked over to his left in the direction of the door and saw Kagome standing there looking vaguely uncomfortable. "Oh!" he said in surprise, "I'm sorry. I did not see you there. You are?"

Kagome bowed respectfully before she answered him. "Kagome Higurashi."

The teacher's eyes widened as she spoke her name. "Well, beg my pardon, I did not realize that one of our greatest patron's heirs would be in my class. You should be a first year high school student, right? This is a second year course."

"I was given advanced placement for history," Kagome answered briefly. After becoming living history over the past few years of her life, Kagome grew to love and master the subject.

"I suppose we couldn't expect anything less from Taisho-sama's heir. Please come in and take a seat." Kagome stared at her teacher in confusion and sweat dropped. Sesshomaru's name was as big in this century as it was in the Feudal Era. It did not surprise her that her teacher knew who he was.

Kagome nodded her head at the teacher and looked around for an empty seat. The boy named Tamaki, who spoke earlier, waved his hand high in the air practically begging her to sit next to him. Kagome shook her head as she smiled before sitting down in the chair next him. As she walked towards him, some of the girls began to sigh heavily as she passed.

About fifteen minutes into class, Tamaki passed her a note placing it on top of her desk. Their teacher had returned to his lecture and was going through a slide show with his back turned to his class.

You cannot be serious. Kagome thought before she opened the note. She quickly glanced at Tamaki; he was grinning at her with possibly the goofiest smile she had ever seen. He looked as though he really wanted her to read it. She turned from him towards the piece of paper and began to read.

Hi! I am Tamaki Suoh! It is nice to meet you, Higurashi-san. So you are in a second year class when you are just a first year? I am really impressed!

Kagome assumed he was older than her even though the way he acted made him come off as very childish; his behavior reminded her slightly of Shippo. He seemed nice enough and she did not want to blow him off by not replying, even though listening to their sensei was much more important now. Taking out a pen, Kagome quickly jotted down a message underneath Tamaki's.

It's nice to meet you, Suoh-senpai. Thank you for getting sensei's attention earlier. It was pretty awkward just standing there like that.

She slid the folded note back to Tamaki when the teacher was not looking. Tamaki looked like a kid at Christmas when he received what he had wanted for what seemed like ages. After reading Kagome's message, he scribbled down a reply and passed the note back.

It's no problem! ^_^ Oh and you can spare the formalities with me, Kagome. Just call me Tamaki!

Kagome wanted to laugh. This was a much more entertaining class period than she expected. Throughout the next hour, Tamaki and Kagome passed notes back in forth conversing with each other without being spotted by their teacher or classmates. Throughout the written conversation, Kagome quickly came to the conclusion that Tamaki was a genuinely good person with some strange personality traits. He was theatrical, loud even in his writing, optimistic, extremely weird, kind, and slightly supercilious and full of himself. It didn't bother her though. Kagome liked him; he was certainly entertaining and they were only passing notes back and forth. She had not even formally held a real conversation with him and she was actually looking forward to it.

After school ended, Sesshomaru phoned Kagome and said he would be running late from a meeting and wouldn't be able to pick her up on time. Kagome did not mind and passed the time wandering around the school's grounds. As she came to the southern building passing through the hallway, she heard a huge crash coming from the third music room.

What just happened? She thought curiously.

Her curiosity got the best of her and Kagome walked towards the door and opened it. Peeking inside, she saw someone leaning over a stand reaching for something. She looked toward the ground and saw a broken and possibly expensive vase. Two ginger haired twins joined the boy leaning over the broken porcelain carefully picking up the shattered pieces.

"That vase was supposed to be the feature for the upcoming school auction."

"What will we do? We were going to start the bidding at eight million yen."

"Eight million yen!" the small boy cried out in surprise and Kagome was speechless. That much for a vase?

"Who's that?" the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, asked together when they spotted Kagome standing in the opened doorway.

"Kagome!" Tamaki exclaimed happily, "You're here!" He parted the group of surrounding boys and headed towards her a top speed. Kagome smiled while rolling her eyes as he ranted about how happy he was to see 'him'.

"Hello, Senpai," Kagome greeted him. Tamaki's eyes glistened as she reached up and affectionately patted his head as if he were a little child.

"I-I'll pay it back," the small boy, known as the scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka, stuttered.

"Can you? You can't even buy your own uniform," Hikaru asked.

"And what is with those lame clothes you're wearing?" Kaoru added.

"What should we do, Tamaki?" a boy wearing glasses, Kyoya, inquired.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you can't pay with money, you can pay with your body," Tamaki stated haughtily and sat down in a plush red chair, "From today on, you are the Host Club's dog." Haruhi blanched and started to have a mental breakdown; Kagome knew it so she had to intervene.

"Is that really necessary?" she asked crossing her arms in front of her chest raising an eyebrow at this Host Club, "Just leave the boy alone."

"What do you expect we do then?" Hikaru asked.

"I will pay for the vase," Kagome suggested proudly.

Haruhi was shocked. "Oh no, you don't have to go through all of that trouble. I will pay for it."

Kyoya rapidly came up with an idea. "If you insist on helping him so badly, why not join the club and help him pay his debt back faster, Kagome?"

They think she's a boy? Kagome thought wondering why they were referring to Haruhi as a boy. She could tell that he was really a she; any idiot could figure it out. She chose not question to them about it. She could have some fun with that information later.

"Kagome-san really doesn't have to do that," Haruhi insisted, but Kagome wouldn't hear of it.

"I'll join," Kagome answered causing Tamaki to cheer and Kyoya to grin.

The next day...

Ah! Young piglet!" Tamaki called to Haruhi. "I see you have come back from your errand. Did you get the correct items?"

"P-Piglet?" Haruhi repeated the word and sighed. After a few moments, Haruhi pulled out a plastic container of coffee.

"What's this?" He asked, looking at the container slightly confused.

"What does it look like? Its coffee." Kagome said as she came next to Haruhi.

"I've never seen this maker before." He confessed. "Is this the kind that's already ground?"

"No, it's the instant kind." Kagome added.

"Instant?" Two women sitting across from them spoke at the same time, tilting their heads. "Kagome you have drank this before?"

She nodded. "Yes, before I lived with Sesshomaru, I lived at a shrine with my family. We did not have much money so we use to make this. It is cheaper and faster for me."

"So it's true then. Poor people don't even have enough time to grind their own coffee beans."

"Commoner's wisdom, I see." Kyoya spoke beside her.

"100 grams for 300 yen?" Hikaru mumbled.

"That's a lot less then what we usually pay." Kaoru added.

"We'll go back and get something else." Haruhi told them. "Excuse me for not buying you guys' expensive coffee…"

"No wait! I'll try this!" He shot up into standing position, a determined look on his face. "I will drink this coffee!" He proclaimed, holding the container high into the air. "Alright Haruhi." He called to her. Get over here and make some of this 'commoner's coffee'." He ordered.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Oh Tamaki." It was then Kagome noticed the woman who was left sitting on the couch. "Now you're taking the joke too far. There's no way that your palate we'll be able to stomach that crap. You don't have to drink it just because he bought it…" She turned towards them, a fake smile on her face. "Sorry, I was talking to myself."

"Umm…" Haruhi was about to say something until Tamaki called her over. Haruhi left.

Kagome did not like that girl. She was going to keep a close eye on her. Several minutes later, the Host Club were entertaining their own groups of girls. Kagome and Haruhi watched from the sidelines; they didn't know how to take all of this in.

"Where will you take me in the summer, Tamaki?" one of the girls him surrounding asked.

"Anywhere you want," he answered suavely.

"What is your favorite music Tamaki?"

"Whatever you favor."

"I baked a cake today. Would you please eat some?"

"If you feed me."

"Oh my, Tamaki-kun!"

Both girls looked across the room and spotted the twins entertained their guests. Haruhi watched with a slightly sickened appearance.

"Hikaru that's—!" Kaoru yelled to his twin, but he continued with his story.

"And he panicked and cried to me," Hikaru told his guests causing them to giggle.

"Hikaru, you are cruel!" Kaoru cried, "Saying that in front of everyone..."

"Kaoru, I am so sorry. You were just so cute at the time." Hikaru gently grasped his brother's chin and moved closer to his face.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru breathed with a slight blush on his face. The girls were squealing as they witnessed their display of 'brotherly love'.

Kyoya walked over to a disturbed Haruhi and Kagome as they watched their fellow club members in action.

"Don't look too surprised," Kyoya commented, "As you can see, our motto is to make use of our characteristics to answer our customer's needs. Tamaki is our best and most requested host."

"What? That guy is number one!" Kagome exclaimed unknowingly voicing Haruhi's thoughts.

"He is," Kyoya answered before turning to Haruhi wearing a smile that seemed a bit too friendly, "You will be taking care of the menial chores for our club. Run away if you want; however, I have an excellent police staff at home. By the way, do you have a passport? I wouldn't recommend leaving the country." Haruhi gulped before leaving for the market; the club needed more coffee for their guests.

Kagome turned to Kyoya wearing a frown. "You know I am Sesshomaru Tashio's heir, right?"

Kyoya looked over at Kagome with surprised look on his face but nodded.

"I don't appreciate how you're treating my friend. I am going to ask politely for you to back off!" Kagome growled, "My guardian wouldn't appreciate it."

"As you wish," he replied curtly. Kagome nodded and walked away from him. As she left, Kyoya jotted down a few notes in his notebook. Kagome Higurashi was a mystery indeed

Kagome had to turn away before, well before she fainted from shock. "Where are the others?" she wondered. According to her memory, there were two other members of this club. "Hey Honey, hey Mori," a guest greeted the hosts who walked in. Shifting her eyes over to the guests, she saw both hosts. One was Honey – Senpai, she actually recognized him from the combat training that Sesshomaru instructed. Mori was not that stuff either, she knew him because he hung out with Honey – Senpai all of the time.

Kagome proceeded over towards them. "Hi Honey, Hi Mori."

"Hmmm…" Mori answered by giving her a nuggie.

Kagome could not help but laugh as she swatted his hand away from her hair. "Stop that."

"Hi Kagome! We missed you at the last meeting. How is Sesshomaru?"

Kagome shrugged. "Fine I guess, but I did not know you guys were in a host club."

"Yeah, sorry."

Kagome smiled. Wonderful day. "I will be back, I have to make a quick phone call.

After she returned, Tamaki was saying something again. She did not care though.

"Aw man, I wish I could remember that word."

"What up?"

"I am trying to find a word that subscribes him."

"It may be unnecessary with your looks, but let me pass unto you my elegant techniques." Out of nowhere he pulled out a glass. "When you put down a glass cup, you must always use your pinky as a cushion first." He demonstrated by gently placing his pink on the table first. "That way there won't be a loud sound. Doesn't it look classer this way?"

"Troublesome?" Kagome offered.

"A gentleman should not make ungraceful sounds." He stated.

"A pain in the neck?" Haruhi suggested.

"And I love to see my reflection in the glass." He grinned.

"There's something that sits him perfectly…"

"And above all else Haruhi…A glance from a lower angle is very effective."

"Ah~! I got it!" Kagome gently pound her hand onto her other one, showing she finally found the word.

"Did your heart pump a little faster-"


Haruhi's eyes went big. "That's right!"

"Ah-!" All blood drained from his body as the look of horror showed on his face. He then appeared into the nearest corner and sulked.


The sounds of the twin's laughter fell into her ears and she watched as they appeared out of nowhere and patted haruhi and Kagome on the head in praise. "You two are heros after all." They spoke at the same time.

"I'm sorry." Haruhi apologized."Actually, I was very touched by your lesson."

"Then let me teach you more techniques!"

"Boss?" Hikaru questioned.

"Call me king!"

"Even if you taught him the basics of being a host-" Kaoru started to speak again, but Hikaru finished his sentence.

"He's not going to get very far with the ladies if he doesn't look the part, you know?" Hikaru then walked around Haruhi till he was standing in front of her. "He's not exactly host club material, but-" He then reached out and started to pull off her glasses. "Maybe if we took off his glasses it will help-" The twin's eyes widened in surprise.

"Hey, I need those!" She objected. "I use to have contacts but I lost them…"

Suddenly everyone was around them, and they all stared at her in disbelieve- A loud rumble made the whole room tremble in a small quake as Tamaki charged towards her. He then forcefully shoved the two stunned twins apart, making room for him to see.

"Hikaru, Kaoru!" He called for them.

"Got it!" They already understood what he wanted, and grabbed Haruhi arms, dragging her away.

"Hey-!" She tried to persist "What are you-!" Kagome went after them. two seconds later, they were thrown out with Kagome following them. A few minutes later, everyone was waiting inside the prep room, while Haruhi finished getting dressed behind a wall of curtains-

"Umm, Senpai?" Haruhi's unsure voice flowed from beyond the curtain.

"Yes?" He asked. "You finished putting it on?" He asked curiously.

"Is it okay for me to take this?" She asked.

"You look just like a girl!"

"Haru-chan, you're so cute!" .

"If we would have known that's how you really looked-" Hikaru started to speak.

"We would have helped you out sooner." Kaoru finished for him.

"Who knows, maybe he will draw in some customers?" Kyoya stated.

"Yes, just as I predicted!" Tamaki held his finger in the air, as if he knew it the whole time. "Our errand boy is moving up the ranks! Starting today, you're an official member of the Host Club!" He announced, pointing his finger at Haruhi. "I'll personally train you into a first-class host. If you gather a hundred customers to request your service, we will completely forget about your debt." He spoke with a grin.

"A host?" Haruhi sighed.

"Kagome, you-" Tamaki turned to find Kagome gone. However on the other side of the room, on a couch Kagome slept with her head in a girl's lap. Her guest sighing.

Finally, things had calmed down and the newest hosts were officially introduced to the club. Each boy was given his own table to entertain his guests; Haruhi had three people visiting her while Kagome had six girls stationed around her slightly larger table giggling merrily.

"Hello, girls. It is lovely to see you all here," Kagome greeted his guests with his pearly white smile lighting up his face. " I am sorry I fell asleep. I hope it did not cause trouble."

"No it was okay!"

Just the sight of sincere grin sent all of his guests into a haze with beating hearts in their eyes. Kagome Tashio looked so handsome and mysterious with his sapphire blue eyes and free flowing raven hair highlighted with a natural blue sheen. He looked so dangerous and rugged; the women couldn't help but sigh and flatter him.

"Is it true that you are related to the Sesshomaru Taisho?" one of Kagome's guests asked with curious eyes. She had seen the great Sesshomaru up close and it amazed her that this man was his little brother according to the rumors she heard. Kagome's other five guests looked at the girl with blinking eyes before turning their heads toward Kagome leaning in slightly. They eagerly awaited his answer, as did Haruhi and the rest of the host club.

"Well, we aren't blood related. I was brought into his family about half a year ago after some personal problems that had occurred in the last few months. I have known him for about two years now, but he has known me for much longer. We didn't really get off to the best start, but I think of him as my older brother," Kagome answered with a distant look in his eyes. Haruhi could see that there was a small trace of sadness hidden deep within them.

A guilty expression suddenly spread across the girl who asked the somber question's face. "I am so sorry I brought it up! I need to be more considerate."

Kagome smiled slightly and patted the girl's head affectionately. "There is nothing for a beautiful girl like you to be down about. You did not know and I chose to answer. There is no need to worry. Besides, it is all in the past, right?" Kagome crooked his head to the left and smiled brightly. At the sight of his smile, all the girls blushed and hearts beamed from their eyes once more.

"I can't believe it!" Hikaru whispered from across the room to his twin.

"They both were so easily accepted," Kaoru finished. Both of them shrugged their shoulders in surprise. It was uncommon for the girls to warm up to new hosts at first, but those two had a gift for attracting their guests.

Kagome continued laughing and talking with his guests until his name was being called loudly. His blue eyes turned and he saw Haruhi being spun around by that idiot king of the Host Club. His eyes narrowed instantly; he liked Tamaki well enough, but it was clear he needed to learn to control himself.

He stood to his feet and turned to his guests. "Excuse me for a moment." The girls watched curiously as Kagome stomped over to Tamaki and abruptly knocked the host club's king in the head so Haruhi could jump from his arms. Tamaki cried out in pain and watched as Kagome put his hands on his hips similar to a woman when she scolded any man who had done something totally stupid.

All of the onlookers watched in confusion and shock when Kagome started yelling at Tamaki and the king paled before retreating to his personal corner of woe. Haruhi bowed slightly to Kagome thanking him for saving himself from the king. Kagome smiled in return expressing it was no problem. When both hosts returned to their guests, Kagome sat down and smiled brightly. "I am sorry, ladies. I was needed to help Haruhi."

"No, that is fine," one guest replied, "I think it is wonderful that you help your friends when they need you." She giggled slightly with warmth on her cheeks.

"It is very honorable of you," she finished.

"You really think so?" Kagome questioned with a slight grin, "I thank you for your lovely compliment."

The Host Club was gradually coming to a close, but everything came to a sudden halt when everyone heard a crash from the other side of the room. Kagome's head whipped around to the direction it had come from to see Haruhi on the floor on top of that brunette, Ayanokoji, from earlier.

"Haruhi, leave me alone!" she shouted in a panic, "Haruhi suddenly attacked me! Someone hurry and deal with this commoner!" Kagome was well on his way over, but the twins got there before him and dumped water on the two of them. Kagome quickly helped Haruhi from the floor while Tamaki helped Ayanokoji.

"Do something, Tamaki," she insisted tearfully, "Haruhi just assaulted me." Kagome would have interrupted and corrected the scheming girl, but Tamaki beat him to it. He brushed the wet hair out of her face and spoke in a firm, serious tone. "I am disappointed in you. You were the one who threw his bag in the pond, weren't you?"

"How can you say that?" Ayanokoji protested loudly, "Do you have proof that I did?" Tamaki paid no mind and softly lifted her face with his right hand.

"You know, you are a beautiful girl, but you are not classy enough to be our guest, dear. I will have to ask you to leave." Everyone watched Tamaki intently because it was rare to see him acting so seriously. "If I know one thing, Haruhi is not that kind of man."

Ayanokoji had tears dwelling in her eyes as she instantly ran out of the room crying, "Tamaki, you idiot!" Kagome started laughing at the girl, but his happiness was short lived. Due to this latest debacle, Tamaki increased their quota to 1000 guests each!

Kyoya entered the scene with a reddish pink bag and offered it to Haruhi. "This is the only spare uniform we have. Sorry, but it is still better than a wet one, right?"

"Thank you very much, you guys. I am going to go change." Haruhi said to everyone before leaving. Kagome sighed deeply as she began to walk away from the changing room only to notice out of the corner of his eye that Tamaki had just closed the curtain where Haruhi had been undressing in shock. He had just discovered Haruhi was a girl. Of course, both Kyoya and Kagome knew right from the start while Tamaki had had been the person to discover it last.

"Haruhi?" Tamaki asked stiffly.

"Hai?" she answered from behind the closed curtain.

"You're a girl?"

"Biologically speaking, yeah." Haruhi opened the curtain wearing the female uniform. Tamaki started having a mental malfunction as he tried to process this new information.

"Listen, Senpai," Haruhi began, "it doesn't really matter to me that you guys recognize me as a boy or a girl. In my opinion, it is more important for someone to be recognized for who they are not for their sex."

"This is an interesting development," commented Kyoya.

"It sure is," the twins chorused together. Mori and Honey stood side by side watching from the scene with the twins.

"Still you were pretty cool back there, Senpai," Haruhi commented. Kagome sighed deeply as Tamaki backed up from the girl as if she was infectious with his face turned completely red.

"Well, you guys since this are involved in this interesting development, I'll get going," Kagome stated as she headed for the door, "Sesshomaru is picking me up soon so I will—" As she opened the door, a bucket of forest green paint fell on top of his head and spilled all over his uniform. At once, the twins started laughing loudly.

"I told you it would work!" Kaoru exclaimed.

"You did, you did!" Hikaru nodded in agreement while the two continued laughing. Kagome stiffly turned around eyes glaring at them promising revenge. The twins saw the look of murder in his eyes and immediately shut up and gulped.

"So, this was your stupid idea, Kaoru. Poor, poor thing, I thought better of you and now you might just have to die," Kagome said darkly at the twins. The darkness that surrounded his voice caused everyone in the host club to shiver slightly. They all made a quick mental note not to piss him off any time soon; he was just as bad as Honey-Senpai when his naps were disturbed.

Kyoya quickly stepped in before Kagome could start chasing the twins around the room. He didn't want the room left in pieces once Kagome was done exacting his revenge. Kagome really wished she had the beads of subjugation so she could sit the crap out of the twins, but she didn't know how to make them. Her fists would have to suffice until she learned.

Kyoya pushed his glasses onto his face as he handed him a purple bag. "I am afraid this is your last resort for something to wear. It is a left over costume, but I doubt you want to leave looking like that."

"Whatever," he mumbled and went into the changing room. Tamaki being the nice person he was went to go get more towels for his newest apprentice and friend to clean up with. Apparently, he did not learn his lesson about warning people before entering their space because he opened the curtain and saw Kagome wearing only her chest bindings and underwear.

"Tamaki, you pervert! Get out!" Kagome yelled in anger as she threw her shoe hitting Tamaki in the head. He fell backwards from the sudden impact and the curtain shut. The other members gathered around him to see what was wrong, but it became all clear when they heard Tamaki's mumbles as he lay on the floor with a huge bump in his head and eyes spinning.

"No... He... She... Girl... Everyone... Cross dressers..." He spoke incoherently, but everyone understood what he was trying to express.

The light shadowed in Kyoya's eyes and his pencil snapped in his hand. Mori's eyes were widened. The twins along with Honey had extremely large eyes and their mouths were gapping open to the floor. Haruhi was only slightly confused that other person was mistaken for a boy and was intentionally cross dressing.

Kagome emerged from behind the curtain wearing a royal blue maid's outfit complete with short skirt and lace apron. The members thought she was just as cute as Haruhi wearing girly clothes.

"You know, you think you would have learned your lesson," she said sternly to the host king lying on the floor, "At least give some kind of warning before you barge in on someone." Kagome looked to all of the host club members staring at her intently in various states of shock and sighed.

"I guess you all want an explanation, right?" They nodded vigorously.

"No one asked if I was a boy," Kagome answered with a shrug of her shoulders, "I don't care whether I am or not."

"There's another girl!" Honey said excitedly and jumped up into the air being the first to recover.

"Hnn," was all that was said from Mori but it was clear he was also interested in this additional development.

"Look, Kaoru. Our other toy—" started Hikaru.

"—Is also a girl," Kaoru finished with a grin.

"This could be fun," they said in unison linking arms and standing side by side.

Kyoya was clearly irritated that he was outsmarted by the small female but was determined to find out all he could about the Taisho heir.

Tamaki still hadn't left his spot on the floor and continued murmuring to himself. "What is this world becoming?"