A/N: So yeah.. Short Christmas themed badeilicious drabbles that I hope you find amusing, fluffy, or whatever...

31 for every day of December

December First

My Christmas Miracle

It's December first when the nine month long nightmare ends. They both lean in at the same time, their lips meeting on stage in front of Hollywood Arts.

They aren't even sure what's happening, but they fit so perfectly together. She fits in his arms so nicely, and their voices blend together in beauty.

Once the singing, and kissing is over, they probably break at least twenty speeding laws to get back to Beck's RV.

Who can blame them though? It's been nine whole months since they've felt so... So free.

Free, of pain, worry, and sadness.

Few words are said, they have their actions to communicate with, and they speak much louder.

They arrive at Beck's RV, stepping out into the Californian air side by side.

A cool wind blows past them, sweeping Jade's hair of her moonlit shoulders.

The slightly chilled air(At least, chilled in the Californian sense of the word) reminds Jade what day it is.

The first of December, the day when Jade allows herself to think of Christmas. The day when hearing a Christmas carol on the radio doesn't make her cringe.

Of course, she won't be thinking much about Christmas tonight.

But, as she stares at the olive hand encasing her own for the first time in months, she can't help but wonder if he's a sign. A sign that this will be the best Christmas season ever.

But, Jade West finds that thought incredible stupid and cheesy, and pushes it away.

Nevertheless, she couldn't be happier than the way she feels right now, as he leads her into his RV, pulling her lips to his again and again.

He's mine, she thinks, savoring his kiss. Just thinking those words brings a rush of pride and beauty to her heart. She hasn't thought them in months.

It's really a miracle to Jade, she's missed him desperately of course, but she's surprised to find he's missed her too.

It's without a doubt going to be the best Christmas gift she gets this Christmas season.

"My Christmas miracle," She whispers, ever-so-quietly, in between a heated kiss, now taking place on Beck's small (too small, in Jade's opinion) twin-sized bed.

He's not supposed to hear it, but then again, Jade's pretty high off Beck right now, so she's not thinking clearly.

He just laughs, kissing her nose.

"Jade!" He reprehends jokingly. "Be politically correct. It's 'My Holiday Miracle'" He gives her a warm smile, followed by a laugh as a hint of blush appears on Jade's pale cheeks.

She just accidentally said something sweet, and Jade West doesn't do sweet.

He can't get over how cute she looks.

But then, other things happen, which I shall not go into, because I want this story to keep it's K+ rating.

Let's just say when that night was over, Beck's not thinking Jade's cute, the word he's thinking is just plain sexy.

A/N: So yeah.. Sorry if stuff like this already exist. But it's Christmas time and I love bade, so this was born.

Also, about the rating.. Most of the drabbles will be less... innuendo-ish. so, yeah.