December Twenty Sixth

Tea Party

The day after Christmas is always a bit of a boring day, because everything's closed and the day can't even compare to excitement on Christmas.

The only activity going on in Beck's aunt's house are the loud shrieks from the smaller cousins, playing with their toy trains and teddy bears that they received the day before.

Jade and Beck just finished breakfast and are walking through the living room.

"Beck!" two small cousins from the floor shout. They're two little girls, having a tea party with their new plastic fake food set and a circle of new stuffed animals.

"Hey Julie," Beck greets, giving a smile, shaking his leg gently to remove the small girl from his jeans.

"Can you and Jane join our tea party!?"The girl offers sweetly.

"Jade," Jade cuts in, a bit rudely.

"Jade c'mon let's join their tea party!" Beck teases playfully, grinning to his girlfriend.

Jade groans, sitting down in the stuffed animal circle reluctantly.

"Do you guys want pizza, or an egg roll, or a taco, or pasta!?" Another small girl lists, staring at the new bin of plastic food.

Jade glances at the fake food. "Tacos," She demands.

The two girls hand her the plastic taco excitedly.

"Eat it! Eat it!" They chant happily, clapping their hands.

"Agrrumpphh," Jade says, pretending to chomp down on the taco, throwing it over her shoulder.

"Yay! Did you like it!?" Jade lets out a small smile. "Sure," She offers.

"Good! Now will you play Mack with Mr. Bear?" The girl, Julie, asks.

Jade frowns. "I am not playing a dumb handgame with a bea-"

"Jade," Beck says in a warning tone. He doesn't want her to disappoint his beloved small cousins.

Jade groans. "Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack," She chants, tapping the paws of the stuffed build a bear. "All dressed in black black black, she has a knife knife knife, stuck in her back back back. She cannot breathe breathe breathe! She cannot cry cry cry! That's why she begs begs begs! She begs to die di-"

"No! That's not how it goes!" The small girl shrieks, her face slightly horrified, while the younger one looks like she might cry.

"Well that's how I learned it," Jade says defiantly.

"Umm, how about we don't play handgames?" Beck suggests, shooting Jade a glare above the children's heads.

"Fine!" She girl, called Julie allows. "I'm going to go get Mr. Fuffle Wuffle. Be right back. She and the other girl stand, rushing away.

"Nice job Jade," Beck says, sarcasm oozing with his words.

Jade laughed, rolling he eyes. "If you tell anyone at school that I'm playing tea party with your two cousins..."

"You'd deserve it! You just traumatized them with a nursery rhyme!" Beck remarks. "Besides, you're not playing 'tea party' very well anyway."

"Hey I've never played it before! Don't judge!" Jade defends, and Beck laughs, flashing a smile.

He doesn't think he's ever played 'tea party' either.