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"Bring him down," the chief then ordered to his men.

Almost that exact second, a black figure swung down from what looked like a line of wire. The figure hit the Joker square in the side, knocking him over.

At the same time, the alley way burst into movement. The armed thugs the Joker brought with him started shooting as did the law officers, two or three of them on each side going down within the first couple seconds. Screams broke out from the crowd that had come to watch the arrest of the drug dealers.

The Joker grinned widely from the black concrete ground that was being lit up with reds and blues like a dance floor. He brought himself up and leaned his upper have, looking at the figure that had knocked him down, bullets seemingly just missing him by inches, though he didn't even flinch.

Now in the light of sirens, the figure was revealed as none other than the Dark Knight. He wore the same serious look that he always had.

The Joker looked up and down at him, smiling.

"Well, look at you!" He greeted in his usual high pitched voice. He then frowned, although he was hard to tell because a constant grin was painted on his face in bright red.

"I have to say I'm quite disappointed in you. It almost took me shooting some boy scouts to get you to step in." The Joker spoke in a nonchalant voice, "I don't know if I can forgive you." There was a pause and then he shrugged.

"Eh, I'll give you another chance." He grinned, pointing the gun at Batman and pulling the trigger.

Rounds of bullets shot through the air as the Joker let out hysterical laughter.

Batman ducked and dodged, pulling out his grappling look with fast reflexes and shot it out to the top of a shadowy building.

The Joker continued to laugh as he held his machine gun with one hand, shooting the bullets upward in a random direction. His laugh echoed off the walls has the bullet shells fell around him like rain.

Over the thudding of guns firing, the roar of more police sirens coming to the actions, and the blinding lights, was a slight hum of metal cutting through the air.

Suddenly a small circle stuck in the ground stuck in front of the giggling clown. The second it hit the cement, the gadget burst into a small explosion. The Joker was thrown back on impact and landed on his stomach, his gun skidding to a stop a couple inches from his ragged body.

A small high pitched laugh broke out from the smoky alley way. It echoed all around the Joker, who was being blocked off from all other connections with the other people in the alley.

The madman pushed himself up, smiling to himself.

"Looks like I have a new playmate." He told himself before grabbing his weapon and jumped up, standing with both hands behind his back. His eyes glanced around him, keeping his smile. The gray smoke from the toy that was thrown at him now engulfed him into a small clearing. All the madness from the alley was unseen but not unheard. The red and blue lights gave off a strange pattern on the smoke, lighting up different parts of the dark clouds.

Suddenly the Joker bent in upper body, in something like a bow. Just as he did, two batarangs cut over his head and landed not too far from him. He then stood up all the way again in the same position he was in before with a patient look on his face. His ears listened carefully for any sound of a little bird landing.

Robin landed carefully and silently behind the Joker. He slipped his two staffs from the safety of his belt and snuck up behind the clown.

The Joker was looking around the smoky clearing in front of him. He suddenly whipped around and fired his machine gun. A wide smile curved on his face, when suddenly he realized no one was there. He stopped firing and looked right, then left. The Joker was then struck in the back of the head and stumbled forward. He whipped around yet again only to be greeted by an empty clearing. He broke into a shrill laugh.

"I have to admit I've missed playing with you, 'Boy Wonderful'." The Joker grinned and looked around to the smoke that was starting to clear more. He cupped his hands around his mouth.

"Do you like the nickname I made for you? You know, I was going to go for 'Boy Blunder' or 'Bird Boy', but I feel like I've used those too much." The Joker paused and put a hand to his chin, pretending like he was thinking. He then glanced up at the smoke and grinned.

"But it's all about what you want, kid. I'm fine with anything." He said with fake modesty. The green haired man looked around to find the smoke now clearing completely. He hadn't even noticed how the gun shots have stopped since he was so focused in on hearing the masked sidekick. However, once the Joker glanced around, he knew he had been set up.

Police officers and the S.W.A.T. team were all circling the clearing which only the Joker stood in. His groupies were all handcuffed and lined up against the flashing red and blue brick building.

The Dark Knight was standing with his cape dropped over his shoulders, hiding his body in a dark cloak. The chief of the police officers was standing next to him with a pleased smirk.

Robin landed in a light crouch in front of some of the police cars, not too far from the Joker. He had a mischievous smirk on his face as he stood up, flipping his com off.

The Joker glanced around at the armed crowd that was around him before flashing the Boy Wonder and grin. He then broke out into a giddy laugh.

"Looks like you got me, Bird Boy!" He cried out in his regular shrill voice. His laughing continued as several police officers tackled the madman and handcuffed him.

The officers weren't exactly gentle as the yanked him up and dragged him to the high tech S.W.A.T. van. Three more S.W.A.T. team officers circled the thug with loaded guns, just in case he tried anything.

Batman padded lightly over to Robin, seemingly floating to his young ward. His gaze unknowingly to anyone else was shifting to the Joker as he was pulled into the police van. He knew that the insane man wouldn't be in Arkham for long until we figured out a way to escape. That's what he always did. But why would the Joker come to a simple drug bust? Coming here just to spill blood was something the Joker would do. But he would never think of a plan that gets him caught so easily. Batman gave off an inward sigh. This would mean more hours in the Batcave.

Robin was standing with crossed arms, watching as the Joker was strapped into the back, laughing while all this went on and staring right at the caped sidekick. The Boy Wonder, stared evenly back, a slight smirk on his face.

"Good job, son." said a gruff voice from behind the ebony-haired hero. The chief of the West Side of Gotham was now standing next to him, looking with a small smile.

Robin could tell he was feeling a lot more excited about capturing the Joker, but was trying to look cool in front of the young hero. Robin glanced at him and the two shared a smirk.

"When Batman told me his plan, I didn't think that it would work," The chief said truthfully, "but it seems I was wrong." He finished as the Joker was being read his rights, although Robin doubted he could hear them over his insane laughing.

"It didn't." broke in a much deeper voice. Batman had suddenly appeared on the other side of Robin, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"We still need to find out why he would show up here. See if there's any connection to the Riddler."

The chief scratched the side of his face and exhaled loudly.

"And I'm afraid we have no leads on where the Riddler could possibly be." He glanced at the Caped Crusader only to find he already disappeared with his young ward.

"All clear here. I'm heading back to Mount Justice. Call me if you find any leads on the Riddler." A boy's voice spoke.

"Keep your eye out for anything on your way out." Spoke an older man's voice. He was deep and scratchy.

"Got it." before the beep of the boy switching his com off was heard.

Then the beep of the man turning off his com was heard.

Across the city the Joker was laughing hysterically. He sat in his usual cell that was all dark gray concrete with no bars, no window, and only one door that held a small slit where they gave him his food. There was only a toilet in the room, fearing if he had a bed he would be more likely to slip out.

He wore a bright orange jumpsuit that looked dark and almost sickly like in the dim light of the room. All his weapons had been taken out of his coat and pockets. However they neglected one small thing. His hair.

The Joker reached up with his cuffed hands and pulled out a small radio like device. The quiet beep from when those two strangers turned off their com was still going on although the Joker didn't care. He already knew what he was going to do next.

"So," He spoke with a menacing voice, his painted grin still on his face, "the Boy Wonderful has a new little team, hmm?" he asked himself, standing up from his slumped position. He then waltzed over to the toilet and stepped on top of the lid.

"Well maybe I should give him a little… house warming present." The clown joked before bursting into some hysterical laughter and falling to a sitting position on the toilet. He rocked back and forth with his laugh as it echoed through the room and into the halls, were other inmates of the prison glanced over at the door, wondering exactly what the Joker was doing in there.

A crack of lightning followed by the slight rumble of thunder was heard. The rain poured down on a quiet neighborhood in Central City. Nestled on the street was the house of the West Family.

Wally West sat at a crowded desk in his room. He had an empty piece of paper in front of him with only the title, the date, and his name. His tired eyes glanced at the digital clock on his desk. The red numbers almost blinded his eyes. 4:22 A.M it read. Luckily it was the weekend so he didn't have to worry about the time as much as he did about finishing this assignment. It was due yesterday but he was able to get his teacher to give him until Monday.

But Wally had just wasted a whole day on doing nothing and now he only had tomorrow to finish the paper. But he was exhausted and as concerned as he was to finish his assignment on time, his brain had shut off long ago and now told him he was done.

Wally flipped his lamp off and turned to his bed, collapsing onto it. Lightning lit up the dimly lighted room for a moment before letting the darkness take over again. He crawled to his pillow and grabbed his dark green blankets before something caught his eye. A small shaped object was on his side table, a blue light coming from the screen.

For a moment, he thought that Robin had texted him about his mission and if he was going to be back tomorrow. But then he remembered he had plugged his phone in before he came into his room and he slumped his head back down into his pillow.

He exhaled loudly. He had a paper due on Monday on something he had no idea about, his best friend will probably be out for days, roaming around with Batman, and this storm was going to keep him up. Just as he thought things couldn't get any worse, a loud crack of thunder was heard and the dim lamp that sat next to him went out.

"Oh c'mon!" Wally shouted angrily, his face still pressed in his pillow.

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