Just My Luck

Summary: 7 years ago, Ari Haswari murdered Annabelle Todd's big sister, Kate. After the case she resigned from NCIS, and accepted an offer at the FBI. When the decomposed body of a Navy Petty officer is found and taken to the Jeffersonian, her partner Seeley Booth, calls in the NCIS MCRT, without her knowledge. How will Annie react to seeing her old team, and why is one of them not surprised to see her there? – Set I don't know when…Rated T coz I'm paranoid! TIVA (They hid it well…), B&B (Because this is set when B&B are expecting, 7 weeks), MCABBY (towards the end), HODGELLA (Because they are married and have a kid, Michael who is 6 months old!).


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Dr Brennan was looking over a set of remains that had been found whist Angela and Annie, the Senior FBI agent assigned to the Jeffersonian team, were doing the facial reconstruction and running it through any known data base available. Hodgins was looking through the soil samples and Cam was going through all the tissue that had been on the remains, which wasn't much, trying to run a tox screen. 10 minutes after staring intently at her remains, Booth came in and asked Dr Brennan the usual question.

"What have you got for me, Bones?" just as Annie came running in with Angela not far behind.

"Tempe! Booth! We got a hit! And Booth, you're not going to like this." Annie said, catching her breath, as she swiped her access card to come up to the platform. Booth looked at her expectantly. "And neither am I." She said under her breath.

"Booth, meet Petty Officer Stephen Amos. This isn't our jurisdiction, Booth. We need to call NCIS." Annie said motioning to the bones, then sighed and walking down from the platform in the direction of Cam's area.

"Wait, NCIS?" Brennan asked Booth.

"Naval Criminal Investigative Service. They are basically Navy cops." Booth said distastefully. Brennan could tell he thought that these NCIS people were, what was the phrase, push overs? "They deal with navy crimes. Annie's right though. I might be able make it a joint investigation. They will need your expertise. Annie says some of the teams are accommodating." Booth continued, speaking of his FBI partner's former agency. "Annie, I'm going to call Cullen now!" Booth called to his 'senior' agent. He was almost 10 years older than her, but he was the junior agent, but she did have more experience in interrogation and detective work, after doing it all her working life, 7 years, for two agencies, NCIS and FBI.

Meanwhile, Annie was spilling her heart to the only mother figure she had left, while Cam listened quietly, hugging her.

"What if it's them, Cam? I don't think I can cope seeing them yet! What do I do?" Annie cried, burying her face into Cam's neck.

"Don't worry, honey. If it is them, just be professional. They might not even recognise you. You have changed a lot since you got here. You've grown up a lot." Cam said soothingly, calming the 27 year old agent down considerably.

"Thanks Cam. But if it is them…" Annie said, trailing off, and Cam hugged the younger girl again.

~ Meanwhile at the NCIS bullpen ~

"Gear up! Dead Petty Officer." Gibbs said to his team, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Special Agent Timothy McGee and Special Agent Ziva David.

"Where to boss?" asked Tony.

"The Jeffersonian." Gibbs said.

"Wait, the museum?" Tim asked, puzzled, and Ziva's head shot up. She knew what this could mean. She only hoped that her friend was ready for this. "What's a Marine doing in the museum?" He tacked on as an afterthought.

"Decomposed body was found in the woods, near Quantico. It was taken to the Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal lab for ID." Director Leon Vance said coming down the stairs from MTAC. "The FBI normally works on these cases, but since it is a dead Marine, we are conducting a joint operation." He continued, looking pointedly at Gibbs, who he knew wouldn't be terribly happy. Gibbs was the best investigator in the agency, and his team was the best of the best, but Gibbs had a little trouble cooperating with other agencies.

"Is that understood, Gibbs?" Vance asked the Agent, and got a nod of assent. The rest of the team watched as Vance retreated back up the stairs to MTAC.

"Well, what are you all waiting for? Get going. McGee, you're with me." Gibbs said gruffly.

Tony snuck a glance at Gibbs and when he was sure his boss wasn't looking, grinned at Ziva, and she grinned back. Gibbs had a set of rules, and one of his most important rules was rule 12, "Never Date a Co-worker", which Tony and Ziva had secretly breaking for a little over a year. They kept it out of the office and that's how they were able to keep it a secret.

Tony and Ziva followed Gibbs and McGee out of the bullpen and into the elevator. They rode it down to the underground car park, and Gibbs and McGee went one way towards a navy blue Dodge Cruiser, and Tony and Ziva went the other way to a black Cadillac Escalade.

Gibbs and McGee sped out of the parking lot with Tony and Ziva right on their tail.

It only took 20 minutes to reach the Jeffersonian with Gibbs' and Ziva's driving skills and as they pulled into the parking lot, they noticed someone walking over to the two NCIS cars.

"NCIS?" The man, who looked distinctly FBI said. He was wearing a black suit with the only colour in the whole outfit being the red 'cocky' belt buckle attached to his belt.

"Yes. You are?" Gibbs answered.

"Special Agent Seeley Booth, FBI." Ziva chuckled quietly, but sent a soft glare in his direction that only Booth saw and understood.

"Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS." Gibbs replied, and beckoned everyone else forward to introduce themselves.

"Special Agent Tony DiNozzo." Tony said holding his hand out to Booth. The latter shook it.

"Special Agent Timothy McGee" Tim said extending a hand. Booth shook his as well.

"Special Agent Ziva David" Ziva added her own name, also extending her hand. Another handshake from Booth.

"Follow me. You'll all need security clearance to get into the lab. We have them sorted we just need you to sign some papers. " Booth said as he started to walk towards the entrance of the lab. The NCIS team followed, and Tony was glancing around the parking lot, wondering who owned the silver Ferrari and the midnight blue Aston Martin.

The group walked in and signed all the papers that granted access to the lab. The NCIS team were granted temporary access passes to any area of the Medico-Legal lab and followed Booth as he lead them towards a group of women, two of them discussing and seemingly reporting to the youngest member of that group. In unison, as the NCIS group approached, two of the group turned. One was pretty Asian-American woman, with chocolate brown eyes and a kind smile, and the other women looked a lot younger, mid 20's maybe, with crystal blue eyes and chocolate brown hair. Tony thought she looked vaguely familiar. McGee was also trying to place her face and Gibbs was staring like he had seen a ghost.

The younger girl's eyes widened and then hardened. Tears welled up in her eyes before she could stop them and she was suddenly glaring at Booth.

"Booth! How could you!? " She screamed and ran off towards one of the offices that Booth had motioned to before. Another woman from one of the other work areas ran after her. Ziva looked after the woman, not knowing what to do. The woman was her best friend but she couldn't just run after her, not with Gibbs and especially Tony watching her every move. The other woman who hadn't turned around when the other two had now did, and looked inquiringly at the stunned NCIS group, as if nothing had happened.

"Dr Temperance Brennan, you must be the NCIS team Booth called in?" the woman was reasonably tall with auburn hair and green eyes.

"I'm Agent Gibbs. This is Agent McGee, Agent DiNozzo and Agent David." Gibbs said motioning to his team in turn. The woman with Dr Brennan gasped and whispered something to her friend, whose eyes widened a fraction, and introduced herself briefly.

"Angela Montenegro-Hodgins, Forensic Artist. Excuse me." She too followed the girl who had made her abrupt exit not even two minutes earlier.

"Seeley Booth, I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully! And you know I will not leave any physical evidence behind!" Came the voice that yelled at Booth earlier. Ziva let out small chuckle that went unnoticed by everyone but Booth.

"You let your junior agent speak to you like that?" McGee said surprised, Gibbs would never let him, Ziva or even Tony talk to him like that. They would all cop a head slap.

"She's not my junior agent. She is my senior agent." Booth said, sheepishly. Tony laughed outright, McGee chuckled and Ziva smiled knowingly.

"Just my luck, Cam! It is them! Why did it have to be them! I can't be professional, they were like my family. And now they're here and I don't know what to do! And…"

Annie was sobbing into Cam's arms when Angela came in. She had never seen the woman who she thought of as a little sister as upset as she was now, except when her mother-figure died a few years ago. She walked over to the girl and wrapped the younger woman in a tight embrace. Cam smiled gratefully and shifted, she thought of Annie as a daughter and she hated to see her upset.

"You need to talk to them at least, Sweetie. One of them recognised you and you know your friend will be upset to see you like this. And this is a joint case, not just NCIS or FBI." Angela said soothingly,

"Booth can do it." Annie mumbled trying to calm herself for the inevitable meeting. It hurt to be near them. It reminded her of why she left them in the first place.

Her sister, Kate was murdered by a rouge Mossad agent, Ari Haswari, 7 years ago, when Annie and Kate were both working at NCIS. Annie had been helping her big sister up after she had been shot in her bullet-proof vest, protecting Gibbs, when a sniper bullet went straight through her head from a Bravo51 or a 'Kate' sniper nest on a nearby rooftop. Annie left NCIS as soon as the team had caught Kate's killer without a word to anyone except to the then Director Jenny Sheppard, her mother figure, and Ziva David, her best friend.

"No. Not all by himself, he can't. You know you're a better interrogator than he is, and you know the right questions to ask. " Angela said, soothingly but firmly.

"She is right you know. As much as I might want to think otherwise, you are better in those areas than Booth is." Dr Brennan said as she walked into the room. Brennan thought that her friend would be like this. Whenever Annie had been stressed out in the past, she would always run to Cam, and then she would cry until she felt better, or until someone talked some sense into her. This was one of the times when Annie needed some sense talked into her.

"But I can't face them. It reminds me too much of my sister. All of them, except Ziva, were there when it happened. And now that they're here, Abby, and Ducky and Palmer will be coming too!" Annie said dejectedly. She knew that she would have to face them sooner or later, so she might as well get it over and done with.

Annie wiped her tears away with the sleeve of her cardigan and stood up, giving each of the women who had talked some sense into her a quick hug, then heaved a sigh.

"Let's get this over and done with." She said and Angela let out a small giggle. That was the Annabelle Todd she knew and loved. Annie linked her arm through Angela's and Brennan's and started dragging her friends out of Angela's office, which Annie had hijacked when she had ran off earlier, with Cam walking behind them.

"Time to face the music." Annie sighed as she released Angela and Temperance from her hold.

"But there is no music to face. It is not even possible to face music, it is a sound." Temperance said puzzled.

"Tempe, it is a saying. It means time to face whatever is coming." Annie said, laughing. Even after working with Tempe for 7 years, it still made her laugh that Tempe had the same grasp on American idioms that Ziva had. Not a very good one and Tempe had lived in America all her life.

The four women walked over to where Booth was filling the NCIS team in on the case so far.

"We won't know more about the victim until we talk to the family." Booth was saying as the girls of the lab, as Angela called them, walked up.

Booth shut up as soon as he saw Annie's expression. She was wearing her 'We'll talk about this soon.' Look.

"NCIS, yes?" Cam said, breaking up the silent conversation between the two FBI agents. "I'm Dr Camille Saroyan, Forensic Pathologist. But you can call me Cam. " She held out her hand to the leader, Gibbs she thought, and smiled.

"Agent Gibbs. This is Agent DiNozzo, Agent McGee, and Agent David." Gibbs made the introductions, again. Seriously, how many more times did they have to introduce themselves. Gibbs looked at the other women with her. Angela, and Dr Brennan, and the girl who looked a lot like an agent that used to be on his team, but she had dropped off the face of the planet 7 years ago. It couldn't be her. He looked over at McGee who looked puzzled, and Tony looked like he was trying to place the woman's face, and Ziva was smiling happily at the girl. The said woman noticed this and grinned.

"Don't you recognise me, Tony? I know it has been 7 years but I can't have changed that much." The woman said, laughing. She walked over to Ziva, and hugged her. Wait what?! How do those two know each other?

"Shalom, Zi. It has been ages!" The woman said, laughing when she saw Gibbs' face.

"It has only been a month." Ziva replied, tucking the girl under her arm.

"Can someone please tell me what is going on?" McGee said, voicing his, and my thoughts.

"You don't recognise me either, Timmy?" The girl pouted, her eyes briefly conveying the hurt she felt at no one recognising her, before shrugging it off. "Special Agent Annabelle Todd, FBI."

Gibbs heard three people gasp and he knew who those gasps belonged to. Tony, McGee and himself. The agent that vanished off the face of the planet 7 years ago, after her sister died, was standing in front of them. It was their Belle.

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