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She stared down at her hands, they were still clean and fresh but the memory was there. It was just beneath the surface- like some horror film. She looked again and the red stains were there. Blood... so much blood. Her eyes looked up from her hands to the stone-faced man with black waves of hair with tears in her eyes.

"Saya..." He whispered as she buried her face in his shirt "it was not your fault"

Her head snapped up and her sparkling tears burst from her eyes in a small spray of glitter in the morning sunlight. "Why, Hagi?" She looks for some sort of emotion in his face, and finds none. She stares away once again. "If I were not alive, they all would be. They'd never have to grieve." Her voice continued, softer now, "They'd never have to fight." Her gaze turned to meet his, cold and hard, "And they'd never have to die!"

"Saya, stop" He commanded, lifting her chin gently. "The world is full of grief." Haji picked her up, and carried her through the snow.

Tears fell from her face unchecked. All her grief poured out anew and she leaned into his embrace, searching for comfort, for solace, for anything solid to ground her and to ease the pain. She barely gave a thought to where her companion was taking her. She knew that as her protector, wherever they were going, it would be a safe place.

As Saya nestled deeper into his arms, Haji grasped her trembling body tighter. "I must get her inside" He thought, desperately trying to find a place. He settled on an old abandoned house. Gently laying her down on the old moth eaten bed, He built a fire and climbed in next to her. Unable to do anything more, he held her while she wept.

Saya drifted to sleep in his arms, shivering against him. With time, she was still and her breathing evened out in a rhythm of sound sleep. It was what she needed- sleep. The other-food, could wait.

Haji watched as Say drifted off, knowing she needed to feed. It could wait, however. He wrapped the blanket around her still form just a little bit tighter. Cradling the woman he loved, Haji leaned back against the headboard and began the wait.

Time passed around them, something the stoic chevalier was accustomed to. The long waits during her long sleep and during the night as her body recovered. He never could tire of watching her this way- not in her long sleep, just sleeping. She will awaken with the sunrise.

As Saya opened her eyes to the rising sun, she felt his familiar hands around her. Snuggling deeper into the wonderful feeling, she was distracted by the intense need to feed from him. Feeling ever-so guilty, she pierced his supple flesh with her fangs.

He held back the surprise of her fangs penetrating his flesh and the feel of her taking strong pulls of his life force. A small hint of a smile etched his face as he relished in the thought that he was providing for his queen. She'd never know as her face was still buried in his strong neck.

Saya Just couldn't seem to get enough. Even has Haji's arm fought her, she gripped him with all her might, relishing in the sweet taste of his blood. "Saya...you must stop," he pleaded with her. She froze.

He took a deep breath, but he was so very weak. The world began to spin as he looked into her face. Her eyes were fading from a glowing red to the usual brown. A drop of his life-force sat tantalizingly on her lip, but he was too weak to lift his head. His eyes fluttered and then closed as he said, "Saya, you've taken too much." With that, the blackness engulfed him.

Saya stared at Haji. Had he just...fainted? As she heard what he had said, she panicked. "What do I do?" she cried aloud. "Haji! Wake-up"

He didn't move. He was barely breathing. She had taken far too much this time. Saya felt the heat of tears sting the back of her eyes, but she knew she had to act fast. "I have to save him."

Saya opened his coat. Taking out the little jeweled Dagger, she sliced her palm. Taking in a mouthful of her blood, she fed him. Only when his breathing evened out did she relax. Finally, he opened his eyes. "Haji, you must feed." she whispered.

The irony wasn't lost to him, but he knew that he did indeed need to feed. He couldn't feed from his weakened queen, so he rose and stated, "I must go out for a while. I will return soon, Saya." Leaving no room for protest, he disappeared.

Saya watched him go with a heavy heart. She had nearly taken his life...For a second time. When she looked around the little room, she noticed he had left his jacket behind. Tears slipping down her cheeks, she curled up on the bed and wrapped it around herself. She didn't need to sleep but she resigned to wait.

He couldn't let her see what he was about to do. He had been surviving the decades this way and he knew his queen was opposed to taking blood from humans. He found his first victim, but he didn't kill him. He only took what was needed until he could find another victim. The person would awaken and find a small cut on their arm, never knowing it came from his dagger.

Saya sat up. Haji had been gone so long, and she was tired of lying down. She walked to the bathroom and found a claw-tub, not unlike the one she used at the zoo. Drawing herself a bath, she relaxed into the water to enjoy a nice long soak...

Hagi returned and heard her in the tub. Deciding to make her a meal, he began to prep the food he had brought back. He would make her eat this time- even if he had to disobey. He didn't want to frighten her like that again. When she finally came out of the tub, he had the meal prepared and waiting for her.

Saya stepped out of the tub, and wrapped a towel around her. Sensing that Haji had returned, she walked out into the room where she sensed his presence. She stopped when she saw the meal on the table. "Haji..." she stated to say. He stopped her. "You must eat." He could see she was about to refuse.

"Saya, please," he begged, "you must eat to keep going. I do not wish for you to endure another situation like the one earlier." His face remained completely expressionless, but his eyes betrayed him. He was worried.

"No, Haji" She said. "Then you leave me no choice, Saya" With those words, Haji grabbed Saya, and held fast. Before she could break free, he withdrew a hypodermic he had stolen while he was out. "Forgive me, Saya" Plunging the needle into her arm, He watched as Saya was overcome by the effects of the drug.

Hagi pushed her into the chair gently and pulled one up in front of her. He began to feed the food to her as her brows furrowed. He informed her, "Saya, I am sorry that it had to come to this, but you must eat. Blood is not enough at this point since you have gone so long without it. The injection paralyzes the arms and legs, but not the other muscles." He looks down briefly, hiding the pained expression from her, "I hate seeing you this way."

Haji sighed as he fed Saya the last bite. "The drug should be almost gone by now, Saya" he looked at her. "If you hadn't insisted on starving yourself, it wouldn't have been necessary." Saya didn't reply. Gathering her into his arms, he let a single tear trickle down his cheek. "Please forgive me."

Saya finally felt the tingling sensation in her arms and legs disappear and her outrage resurfaced. She reached back and struck him, leaving the telltale red hand print across his face.

Startled when she hit him, Haji dropped her. He stared at her, the anger showing black in his eyes. "It is your own fault, Saya." With that, he let his wings explode from his back and took off through window. Saya watched him go.

She shook her head in disbelief. She stood from the floor and looked out the broken window to the now fully sunlit forest. The mid-day sunlight reflected off the snow, causing sparkles on its almost blue surface. Tears ran down her face as she realized what she had done. She breathed, "Oh no, Hagi!" She sunk to the floor and began to cry. Why can't I seem to do anything right by him? "I always seem to mess things up between us."

Haji flew over the sunlit forest, calming down. He was furious. "Why?" he wondered, "Why do I bother?" It was the first time she had actually struck him, but he diddisobey. He shook his head and started back toward the little abandoned cottage, all the while trying to rein in his emotions.

She lay in the bed on her belly, clutching the pillow. Will she ever get this right? "Hagi," she sighed as she drew small circles with her finger, "I don't blame you if you never come back. I am so selfish and stubborn. All this time... all you have ever done is look out for me. I wish- I wish I could stop making thing worse between us. I wish I could say what I really feel."

"I forgive you, Saya" she heard. Turning sharply she saw Haji standing there, framed by the door frame and the golden rays of the sun's light. He walked over to her and sat on the bed. "Forgive me, Saya, for being disobedient."

Her hands cupped his face as she looked at him, eyes glistening with sincerity, "Hagi, you don't need my forgiveness. I don't blame you. You are always there for me, but I never consider what you feel." Her eyes find the floor as her hands drop by her side. She admits, "I haven't been a very good friend."

Haji considered this. "Saya, I have always considered you to be more than a friend." He paused, wondering if this was the right time. "I...I have been with you for a very long time, Saya."

She furrowed her brow, wondering where this was going. Certainly they were more than friends. Maybe friends was really not an adequate description of them. He grew up with her and they spanned more than a century together. There was something more to his words, but Saya couldn't place it.

He continued, "Saya, I have ...I am in love with you." With these words, Haji bowed his head. He waited, but when no words came from Saya. He looked up, Saya was just...staring at him. It was one of her 'I can't believe it' stares. He looked down again.

Her breath caught in her chest as she stared into his steel blue eyes. Ever since she found out why Joel had- had… She gulped at her own thought… purchased Hagi, she had been so uncomfortable around him. But this... this was utterly shocking. He was in love with her?

Haji looked forsaken. "Forgive me, Saya, I am out of line." Against his will, a single tear left his eye, the only token of the apparent pain she had caused.

She snapped out of it in horror. She had hurt him. "No Hagi," she cried as she grabbed his hand. Her voice softened, "You weren't out of line." Her brows furrowed and she explained, "I'm not sure what I feel for you right now. I never gave myself a chance to think about you and I. I-I do know it's deeper than friendship- maybe..." She thought and then finished, "I- it's complicated, but I know there's something there."

Haji took a deep breath. It had been month since she had awoken in Okinawa, and he had thought... "Saya, you have no idea how that makes me feel," was all he could choke out. Then suddenly, against his will, he was crying. Tears rained down from his eyes, and he let out just the tiniest of whimpers.

Saya was stunned, Hagi never showed emotion before. "Wow, this is so much to take in at once," she thought. She pulled him to her and soothed, "Please, don't cry. Hagi...I" She didn't know what to say. What could she say to soothe him? Why was he crying anyway? Was it too much? She told him the truth, she was confused. The way he looked was so pained, so hurt... like that day he fell from the cliff.

Haji struggled against his emotions. He knew he was scaring her. It was just so...painful. Never before had he suffered so much at once. Actually, there was. It had happened the day Saya had asked him to get her a lily for Joel's birthday. He had fallen from the cliff, and later found out that he had crushed his skull, broken his spine, and shattered his pelvis... That had hurt more than this.

Saya recalled watching him falling and the terrified look on his face as he fell 70 feet to the hard ground below. She thought she had lost him. She thought he had died. Oh, how she cried inside! Tears streaked her face as she screamed his name when the debris- no that was the Met. 6 words rang out in her mind as she threaded her hands in his raven hair. I will always love you, Saya. Memories rushed in with a deafening roar. He loves her- she kissed him! Saya gasped,"Haji...the Met..." Her breath came in short gasps.

Haji looked up; she was finally starting to remember. He looked into her eyes. "Saya," he sighed. After she had woken, it had become clear she had no memory of the Met. It had been so hard to reign in the once free feeling...

Saya fell into his arms and wept aloud. "I thought you were dead!" she shouted. Her eyes met his as her knuckles brushed lightly over his jaw. "I..." she whispered as her eyes moved to his mouth.

Haji grunted with the weight of Saya. "Shhh...I am here" he whispered into her hair. "I am so sorry" Saya's eyes roved his face. Taking a chance, Haji moved closer. As her arms tightened around his neck, he closed the distance.

She welcomed his warm lips on her mouth. Her body sang with the electricity that ran through her. He loved her and she was realizing that he almost died, again. She realized she couldn't live without him. This sweet kiss, oh. Just like the Met, before Amshel and the bombs. This kiss, his scent! She could feel his body tremble against her.

Haji shook with the effort of restraint. He wanted this moment to last. The look of pain on her face while he had been begging Kai to get her out, tortured his thoughts over the years she was in hibernation. He shut out the thought. Oh how sweet she tasted. He let his hands dip below the hem of her shirt.

She was too lost in the moment to be shy. Her hands tangled into his soft hair and pressed his mouth against hers in a deeper kiss. As he pressed his tongue into her mouth she thought, "He tasted so divine!"

Haji groaned. Oh, how he never thought he'd get to experience this. He slid his hands up till he found the clasp of her bra. Undoing it, he slid it down, and moaned and he drank in her beautiful body. Pulling her close, He kissed her again.

She was dazed, drunk on passion and primal desire. They broke the kiss as he began to take off his jacket. As his hands came to the buttons, she stilled him and began to slowly open each button for him as she heard him let out a low moan.

Haji shuddered. She was touching him in ways he'd only ever dreamed of...Oh how heavenly it felt. As her hands splayed against his now bare flesh, he groaned into her hair. "Saya..."

Emboldened by his reaction, Saya's hand moved to the buckle of his belt. She turned her gaze to his beautiful steel blue eyes. She briefly thought of how handsome he was as his slacks pooled on the floor around his ankles. Now he was standing before her naked. She felt her face flush crimson as she looked upon an unclothed Hagi. She was embarrassed, but she also felt heat radiating from deep inside- a heat she never felt before.

Haji shivered as the cool air enveloped him. As Saya stared at his now naked flesh, He wondered at the beauty of what was occurring. Breath coming in short, rapid gasps; He removed the last traces of Saya's Clothing. Taking her mouth once again, He lifted her into his arms.

Saya moaned as his mouth found hers again. She felt the mattress cradle her as he laid her down and stretched his tall body next to hers. She felt the blanket being pulled over them both as his hand nervously cup her breast, his steel blue eyes meeting hers.

Haji paused, as though waiting for permission. Her groan of pleasure told him to keep it up. As he ravaged at her mouth, he leisurely caressed her breasts. As though she couldn't stand it, Saya gasped, "More."

"Oh," She cried as her back arched, pushing her firm breasts into his palms. She reached around and grasped his butt firmly, giving it a squeeze. It delighted her when he pressed against her, digging his menacing erection into her hip. "How long has he been waiting for this?" she briefly wondered.

All thought was shrouded when Haji le his hands trail down her belly. He cupped her mound gently, and the pushed one long, slender finger into her. She gasped. Haji smiled when she began to grind against his hand, as though begging for him to take her.

The feeling was so intense! She thrust her hips, grinding her sex against his hand as she moaned. Her eyes met his as she felt her body tensing and all her emotion- all her love, all her hate, all her sorrow- it all pooled down deep in her, where his finger stroked. She arched off the bed, shakily, and cried her explosive climax.

Haji shuddered as he watched Saya's climax explode across her face. Soothing her with gentle hands he kneeded her quivering thighs apart. "Saya," he rasped, "are you sure?" She nodded and bit her lower lip, eyes pleading with him. Entering her with one swift thrust, Haji broke down her barrier. As the swift wave of pain flashed in her eyes, he silenced her cry with a kiss. Moving slowly, he began to stroke her with his hard length.

She stared at him, opened mouthed, as she felt the stinging push and pull inside her. The feeling was so new and it hurt. She groaned as the feeling went from painful to so pleasurable. She could feel his muscles contracting and relaxing in his back with the movement rocking them back and forth slowly and gently. Her hand began to roam over his back as her mouth found his.

Haji shuddered. Her hands felt so good. They roamed his back, rubbing small little circles into his quivering flesh. As he moved within her, he could feel the tightening of muscles, and heard the breaths she was taking go from shallow, to gasps. He moved just a little bit faster, thrusting deeply into her welcoming warmth. Saya matched his pace, the sudden upward tilt of her pelvis allowed him to go just a bit deeper.

She was close, really close. His deeper penetration was her undoing. She felt like she was soaring high in the sky as star bursts scattered before her eyes and her body exploded in an amazing and powerful orgasm. He was moving against that wonderful spot deep inside, causing her to cry out over and over while she continually came apart.

Haji's restraint broke the instant Saya cried out his name. He thrust harder, and faster. Each time he rubbed against that spot deep inside her, she let out a small cry. Haji bent and took her mouth. He swallowed her frantic cries as he pounded within her. Haji stiffened and saw stars as his climax exploded through him. He held himself still as he spilled his seed deep within her.

Saya watched in amazement as he cried out her name. She felt him become rigid against her as a rush of heat filled her and spilled out against her thighs. They were both covered in a sheen of sweat as he fell against her, panting against her neck in hot breaths. She combed her hand through his damp hair as her breathing slowed.

As his heart rate decreased, Haji moved so that he was lying next to Saya. He wrapped her in his arms and drew close. Both still panting, he held her still trembling body against his own.

She finally came down from her post orgasmic high and snuggled deeper into his chest. "That was amazing," she murmured and then wondered how he felt, if she was good enough. Surely this was not his first time. After all, he was a man and a very attractive man at that. Her finger drew circles on his chest as she asked shyly, "How do you feel?"

Haji just smiled at her as he stroked her hair. "It was wonderful, Saya," he said.

She smiled, contented and more relaxed than she'd ever felt before. A small frown etched her features as she thought of the previous issue. He was in love with her and she was confused by her feelings. Was she in live with him? After all that has happened, all they went through, he has been right there by her side. It proves he loves her, but what has she done to prove what she feels? It was time to put him out of his misery and end the wait. She looked up into his steel blue eyes and informed him, "I think I'm in love."

Haji's heart soared at her words. Oh! How long he had been waiting to hear that. It was as though, at that, moment the world shifted. "Saya..." he dared breathe, "Do you mean it?"

Her brows furrowed, "After all we've been through, you stayed by my side. I never allowed myself to think of my feelings, but now... now... I get it." She looked at him earnestly and repeated his question, "Do I mean it?" She breathed, "Of course I mean it, Hagi." She closed her eyes half way and asked, "I just can't believe that of all the women out there, you want me?"

Haji sat up quickly. "Don't move," he said sternly. Naked, he walked to his cello case and opened the secret compartment. Pulling out the ring, he walks back over to the bed and got down on one knee. Looking up at her shocked face, he started talking. "Saya, I have been carrying this around for 30 years." He placed the sparkling pink diamond on her finger. "Will you be mine- for eternity?"

She was frightened at first. He rose so quickly that Saya thought a rogue chiropteran was near. It was hard to focus on the fight that would ensue with Hagi and her naked like this. Seeing him hunched over the cello case, wearing nothing was... well, hot! As he came back to her, he was holding a small box and her world began to move in slow motion. Her breath caught as she saw the ring. All she could manage was to squeak, "Yes."

Haji beamed, triumphant. He gathered Saya up into his arms. "I love you so much" he whispered.

"I love you, too." He gaze turned to a movement outside the bedroom window. Saya blushed madly and found her voice as she looked out the window above the bed. "Umm, Hagi... you... um... may want to put me down." She motioned at the window.

Haji glanced over at the window. There, staring at them was an enormous black bear. Incredulity filled him, as he started laughing.

Saya stared at him wide-eyed as her hands instinctively grabbed the sheets to cover their naked bodies. Her shocked expression went from her new fiancé to the oblivious bear that was simply foraging for berries and then back. Hagi's light- hearted chuckle seemed out of place to her. She asked, "Why are you laughing? He can see us... and... We're NAKED!"

Haji just kept on laughing. His chuckle turned into hysterical laughter. "There's… a black bear...outside the window!"

Saya was clearly confused. How is this funny? She looked at the bear, who was simply foraging around the house and didn't seem to care one bit about the naked couple in the house. "Hagi, really, how is this funny?"

Haji tried to settle, "Saya...It's just so..." he laughed. "It's just that you just agreed to be my wife, and the first person to know .a BEAR." He erupted into laughter again.

She looked at the bear and the corners of her mouth turned up as her shoulders shook. Finally, she began to laugh out long and hard. She was laughing so hard that she actually snorted. She covered her mouth with an embarrassed expression before she erupted into even more laughter, tears squeezing from her eyes. She noticed the look of joyful amazement in his eyes, something she hadn't seen in a long time. She caught him by surprise as she put her hands on his cheeks and pulled his mouth to hers.

Haji ravaged Saya's mouth. When they finally broke apart, he laughed again. The look of amazement still on his face he asked, "Now what?"

"Hmm," she smiled as she thought about it. She began placing small kisses against his neck. When she reached his collar bone, she looked up and suggested, "Well, we could head back and break the news to everyone." When she noticed his expression fall slightly in disappointment she added, "Or... we could stay here a while longer..."

Haji looked down, his expression suddenly serious. "What would you like to do, Saya?" he asked in his monotone voice.

Her smile fell. She had hoped that when he disobeyed at the Met that he had begun to start making some decisions on his own. The proposal was evidence of that. She curled an errant lock of his ebony hair over her finger and said, "Hagi, I want you to be my equal. I don't want you to blindly obey anymore. I want you to tell me what you want to do." Her eyes met his and she became lost in the depth of those eyes and the love they held for her.

He smiled, "It is habit, Saya; you will have to give me some time to get used to it." He pulled Saya close and nibbled her ear. "I would like to stay here..."

She smiled slyly, "Oh? And what exactly would you like to do?" She smiled innocently as she felt his hands begin to roam over her body.

He grunted as her hands trailed down his stomach. "What do you think?" he whispered.

As if her stomach knew what was happening, it decided to voice its own ideas. She smiled as her face flushed pink and then shrugged. She asked, "Maybe we could continue after I eat something." His heated smile gave her the answer.

Haji giggled. "Maybe, we should just head back," he suggested. Saya's stomach rumbled. "After all, we were gone all night..."

Saya groaned, "Kai's going to give me the third degree! We better not let him know what we just did in this bed- he'll really lose it and then he won't let you come near me." She gathered her clothes and began dressing as she watched him dressing out of the corner of her eye. Her face burned as she thought, "Wow! He really is hot!"

Haji turned to Saya staring at him. "Saya, there is no shame," he said with a sly grin on his face. "I wish Kai good luck, at keeping me away from you." Haji grinned when she blushed, just as he finished buttoning up his shirt. "This will be interesting," he thought to himself.

"I think Kai will be happy about us getting married," she mused. At his confused look she explained, "He was willing punch you to get you to admit you're in love with me- that means he wanted you and I to be together." Her face flushed as she looked down and added, "That doesn't mean he wouldn't lose it if he heard we just..." She felt his hand grip hers and she turned to see him smile at her sweetly.

"Saya, I love you." he said quietly. Finished dressing, he turned to pack up the things they had brought. "Saya, the sheets," he groaned. Turning to look, Saya saw that they were stained crimson..."Oops"

They had to do something. Sure the house was abandoned, but they couldn't just leave the place like this. "Well, you want to see if there's another sheet somewhere and I'll take this one to the bathroom and wash it in the sink?" she asked.

Haji shook his head. "I will bring it back clean." He said as he started stripping the bed.

She stilled him and argued, "It'll still be wet Hagi." She searched the closet and found another sheet. It was dusty and faded, but it was dry. She watched Hagi walk to restroom with the stained sheet and wished he would have left off the jacket so she could admire the view.

Haji sighed as he walked into the bathroom. He turned on the water and started scrubbing the sheet in the cool water. The water ran crimson as the blood was rinsed from the sheets. "Why am I waiting for the other shoe to drop," he wondered as he wrung out the now clean sheet. He walked back into the main room, to find Saya missing.

Saya was outside snapping the dry sheet in the air to remove the dust. As she finished, she was fascinated by a mother deer and her young one in the distance. The mother was pressing her nose in the layer of snow to find some grass for her young one to graze on. Saya smiled wistfully and briefly pictured her and Hagi playing with small, dark haired little girls. She shook her head, ridding her of the thought. He was her chevalier, her blood; children were impossibility for them.

Haji stared, leaning against the door frame. Saya was just so cute, the way she was snapping the sheet. Suddenly, she froze. Following her gaze, he saw a mother deer and her fawn. Haji sighed. This was the one thing he couldn't give her. He knew she wanted babies, but he was her blood. It was impossible for her to conceive his children.

She leaned into his embrace as she felt his arms slip around her waist. She sighed and commented, "It's a beautiful view here. The snow makes it seem magical." She was hoping to distract him from what she saw. Knowing how well he knew her, he probably figured out her train of thought and she didn't want him to think she was sad. Not now when they had just got engaged. She then asked, "When should we get married?"

Haji stopped at her question. "Hmm, a summer wedding?" he murmured into her neck. When she stiffened he said "Or sooner" He chuckled. "Are you impatient Saya?"

She turned and gave him a serious look and answered, "Of course I am." Her eyes met his as she turned without breaking the embrace. Her eyes were searching his to see if he was as eager as she was. "Don't you want to get married sooner rather than later?"

Haji looked at her. "I have waited for so long, I am content," he stopped at her discontent. "What is wrong, Saya?"

She looked at him incredulously and commented, "So, you are happy with a one night stand." She turned away from him with arms folded and a fake pout on her face commenting, "I never would have figured you for a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' kinda guy." She could hardly contain her laughter as she noticed he was coming up behind her. She thought he'd understood she was joking and didn't realize he had taken her seriously.

Haji cringed sharply when Saya's words hit home. His words came, without bidding, in a rush. He was angry. "Saya," he began in a stiff voice, "I cannot believe you think me capable of that." and with that, Haji flung open the door to the little cottage, only to run headlong into Kai.

"Hey, Hagi," Kai greeted light-heartedly as he noticed Saya's horrified look as she had a hold of Hagi's arm and the look of anger on Hagi's face. He slowly asked, "What's going on here in this abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere between my sister and her chevalier?" Kai's stance became more stern as he noticed the pair suddenly flush in shame. "What did you two do?"

Haji stared at Saya. Saya stared at Haji. Neither said anything. And then, Kai figured it out. "HAJI! YOU DIDN'T! AH, MAN! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU GUYS!?" Haji and Saya just stared at him.

Saya was more concerned with Hagi's reaction to her not so well thought out comment. She was worried that she may have made a very serious mistake and needed to correct it. She put on her saddest face and informed Kai, "Right now I have to speak to Hagi, my fiancé, urgently and I need a little consideration from you. We will only be a moment. She sighed in exasperation at his shocked reaction and showed him the ring. Tears came to her eyes as she noticed the way Hagi's jaw clenched and he turned his steely gaze out the window. "I was only teasing," she whispered.

Haji just stared out of the window. Saya went on, "I didn't mean it, Haji." Haji glanced back at her. She had tears in her eyes and she just looked...sad. He sighed "Saya, I only want to do what's right." He looked at her. "I..." "Fiancé!?" Kai interrupted.

Saya turned her tear filled gaze to Kai and impatiently snapped, "Yes Kai, fiancé! Hagi asked me to marry him." She turned her gaze to Hagi. Her face filled with the emotion of the sincerity of the words she spoke, "I said yes... and I will say yes forever." Hagi wrapped his arms around her, oblivious to Kai's frantic shouts. To the couple it was nothing more than white noise as she begged in a whisper, "Forgive me? I would never accuse you of being a cad. I was teasing and I chose the wrong words."