Saya looked over at the reddened skin on her smaller son's leg. His face was covered in tears as Hagi tried to lift the infant and soothe him. "We both need to get to Julia," Saya informed him. Hagi's raised eyebrow caused her to explain, "I have it too- you know, where the incision was." Hagi lifted the other baby and without a word, followed Saya down the stairs as she grabbed the diaper bag from the table.

They raced to the hospital where Julia worked. She took one look at Saya's haggard appearance and the baby's wound and rushed them to the nearest room. She drew blood from them both and hooked them both to I.V's filled with fluids. Saya nursed the babies as Julia ran the tests. She looked over at Hagi, concern wrinkled his brow. Once Akihko had fallen asleep, Hagi picked him up and put him the hospital cot. Julia came rushing in with two nurses, who immediately began to attach additional bags to the I.V poles. "It's a staph infection," She informed them.

Hagi glared at the doctor before turning his attention to his son. He knew Julia should have done the c-section. If she had, Akihko would not have been cut and he wouldn't be ill right now. The baby was sleeping peacefully as she inserted the needle full of antibiotic into the IV and then returned to Saya before she injected another needle into Saya's drip. She then said, "Saya, now that you are on antibiotics and ill with this infection, it would be best for the babies for you to stop nursing them. I will have some formula and bottles brought over for you." With that, the doctor left the room and gave a long sigh as soon as she was out of view. Hagi's dark gaze burned her with guilt. She was certain of one thing and knew it just may redeem her from this- there was just enough blood left from the tests to perform one last test. She just needed some of Hagi's blood.

Saya turned to stare at Hagi. "He must be furious," she thought as she studied his expression. she let herself fall against the pillows as the exhaustion of the last week and the infection took their toll. Saya groaned as she sunk into the comfortable bed. She closed her eyes and was asleep within minutes. Hagi held Naoya as he watched his wife and Akihiko. Julia came in, and insisted on giving the boy antibiotics as well, just to be safe. Hagi reluctantly allowed her to insert an I.V shunt, and watched as she gave him an antibiotic drip. Concerned about Saya, Hagi placed the baby with his brother, watching as their fingers touched instinctively. He smiled and turned to his wife.

Saya could feel his concern, even in her exhausted state. She murmured something he couldn't understand as he brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face, pushing it behind her ear as she He was now alone in a room with his sleeping family. The thought that he could lose them all pierced his heart. He sank into the chair by Saya's bed and placed his face in his hands, letting tears fall silently. It was a while that he stayed this way before he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. He turned to see the spiky haired young man- Saya's brother.

Kai gripped Hagi's shoulder, trying to convey everything he felt through to the other man. He went and stood by the isolate that now held both of his nephews, both with long I.V's attached to their tiny arms. " How are they doing?" He asked, turning to look at Saya. Hagi glanced up from where his face still rested in his hands. Softly, he said " Naoya is only receiving the antibiotics as a precaution, Akihiko was in a lot of pain, but they sedated him to give the antibiotics a chance to work. Saya is in the most danger. She was cut in such a large area when they made the incision, that her body received a larger dose of bacteria." Hagi paused, and Kai saw tears glistening in his eyes as he said, " She may not make it through the night."

"Jeez!" Kai exclaimed quietly. He ran his hand through his red spikes roughly. "You mean we could lose..." He was stopped from finishing the comment as he realized how truly frightened Hagi seemed to be. Placing a hand on Hagi's shoulder, Kai reassured, "Look, I'm not really good at this stuff. I'm sure Saya will be just fine. She's tough- your boys are tough." He watched in concern as Hagi's jaw tensed and he nodded, but his steel-blue eyes never left Saya as tears glistened in his eyes.

Kai stayed with Hagi, until he had to return to his hotel and care for Aiko. Hagi nodded his thanks to the other man, and moved his chair so that it rested next to Saya's bed. He gripped her hand, and was silently letting the tears fall when Julia walked into the room, holding two miniature transfusion bags, followed by a nurse who dragged an I.V stand, complete with two full size bags. Hagi nodded at Julia, and rolled his own sleeve up as Julia hooked up two bags to the babies. Hagi thanked the nurse when she was done hooking him up to a line, and leaned back as he felt his energy slowly return.

"I know you're worried, Hagi," Julia informed quietly as Saya slept soundly, "but Saya and the babies will be fine. We just need them to finish their course of antibiotics and they should start feeling better in a couple of days." Hagi nodded in response. He was still not happy with the good doctor. She had refused to be the one to open Saya. Some doctor neither of them knew had done it and Julia argued to let him do it! He let an angry, bitter tear slide down his cheek as his hand clenched into a fist beneath his chin. He took a deep breath and calmed his anger.

Two hours passed, and neither of the babies nor Saya stirred. Hagi had started to grow worried. Saya needed to eat, and to feed. He knew that transfused blood would only keep her for so long. Without truly meaning to, he started listening to her heart. Reassured by it's steady beat, he turned to his boys. Placing a hand on each of their heads, Hagi stood, and listened to three steady beats of his family.

Julia headed back to the laboratory where the blood vials of all three of them were sitting. She had tested them and found that one of the boys did indeed have the same infection as Saya. Julia had taken a bit from each of the boys samples and one from a sample she got from Hagi. His test was negative for the infection, but she had taken a sample, just to be sure. They did not have the proper DNA mapping equipment here, so she had sent them off to a lab that could do the test. It would be at least a couple of days before she heard back from them. The doctor sighed as she resisted the urge to sneak out a moment for a relaxing smoke. Hagi was still really upset with her and it was taking all her courage just to come into the room and face his anger.

Hagi started when he heard a sound come from Saya's bed. He carefully withdrew his hands from the boys, and walk swiftly over to his wife. Taking up her hand, He stared at her face, searching for any sign that she was regaining consciousness. His eyes filled with tears as he stared at her slack features. He closed in eyes, and silently pleaded " Please, open your eyes Saya". When she didn't stir, Hagi dropped into chair, put his face in his hands, and cried.

Saya was dreaming in a peaceful state. The world was white and wintery. Snow fell all around. Her voice echoed into the blankness as she shivered with the cold. She couldn't recall what she had said or why she said it as she began to move again. It was getting colder and her mind kept screaming, "Where are you, Hagi?" She was shivering when Julia returned. The woman rushed to her bedside and ran a thermo-scanner over her forehead. With a worried look, Julia turned and explained to the nurse, "Her fever is 104 and climbing. I need ice!"

Hagi's eyes flew open as he heard Saya's scream in his mind. Seconds later, Julia and a nurse came running in, and julia started yelling for ice. Hagi understood immediately. He rushed to his wifes other side and started to quickly strip the bed clothes, and her gown from her trembling body. He helped Julia pack in ice, at her armpits, her groin, and between her shoulders and neck. Julia took another Thermo-Scan, and revealed that Saya's temperature just kept climbing. Hagi slumped against the wall, and prayed to a God he had never believed in.

He let the tears spill down his cheeks, not caring who or what saw him. It didn't matter that the entire room echoed with the shock of seeing the man who never showed emotion was now crying. It didn't matter that he was in a room with people he vaguely knew and a few complete strangers. His life, his world was dying. He finally rushed from the room to find more ice. Julia knew what he was about to do and shouted, "Wait, Hagi! we have plenty of ice. You need to get her to come back to us." She then instructed, "Take her hands and talk to her. Convince her to fight like you did in the war. It's her life that hangs in the balance."

Hagi did as he was told. He gripped his wife's hands, and kissed her cheek. A sudden thought dawned on him. Reaching into his inner jacket pocket, He pulled out a small dagger. He sliced his palm, Causing the room to collectively gasp as he pulled the blood into his own mouth. Leaning down, he kissed Saya, and fed her his blood. placing his cheek against hers, he whispered, "Saya, you must fight now."

Saya was mulling through the thick snow in her dreamscape. She was so cold... so very cold. It was so lonely and she knew she shouldn't be alone. Hagi was always there- always. Where was he? Tears froze to her face as she trudged on and the winds whipped her flushed face. Suddenly, her hands felt warm and she felt hot tears falling on her arm. A warm mouth pressed to hers as she felt her body suddenly flush with a warm, wonderful feeling of her Hagi's blood filling her mouth. The words he constantly told her during the war rang out in her mind: Saya, you must fight now.

Hagi let his tears flow, and closed his eyes. It still felt as though a part of his soul was being ripped away from him. He sliced his palm yet again, and was about to feed Saya another mouthful of his life force, when his worst nightmare came to pass. Saya's heart sped up frantically, and then ceased to beat all together. Hagi let out a soul shattering cry, and everyone in the room froze. Seconds passed, and suddenly Hagi was on the floor, his soul torn in two. Julia and her team sprang into action.

Hagi watched absently as he found the dagger still in his hand. He turned the blade toward himself and tears spilled. He was stilled by a hand. His steel-blue gaze fell on a stern looking red-haired man. Kai growled, "Oh no you don't." He pulled the blade from the shocked chevalier. "You are not leaving me alone to raise three children." He waited until Hagi composed himself before he continued. Kai stood in strong defiance against the stoic chevalier's actions and said, "Now get your ass back over there next to Saya and you pull her through. I'm not letting you take the coward's way out of this."

Hagi lifted his steel eyes to his brother-in-law. nodding silently, He stood and went to Saya's side. The medical team were frantically trying to restore a heartbeat, all to no avail. he bent down, and after kissing Saya's cheek, he whispered, "Saya, I have stood by you, I have cared for you. I love you. For me, and our children, you must not give up now." Hagi drew in a deep breath, and, with a warning glance at Julia, he said aloud, "Saya, you MUST fight now." The medical team resumed its frantic ministrations, as Hagi backed away from the bed, and felt something thrust into his hand, Hagi turned to find Kai, holding his cello.

Hagi turned to Kai, grateful that he had thought of it. The taller man sat on the chair and situated the cello between his legs before he drew the bow across the strings. As the medical team began to shock Saya's heart, Hagi began to play the somber melody she had taught him all those years ago. Back when they had no cares, no worries. Before Diva came into their world, shattering the rose-colored glass they seemed to see things through. Now another dark shadow loomed. He hoped he could bring Saya back.

Saya felt odd. she was floating, adrift in a white sea of noises. she couldn't seem to make out what any of them were saying. " Help me!" she cried in her mind. Out of the cacophony, a ghost of the familiar melody made its way to her. She paused, and listened. It was the somber cello sonata she had taught to Hagi all those years ago. It was as if he was calling to her. she blinked, and bright lights began to burst into her dreamscape. She screamed " Hagi!"

For the first time that day, Hagi felt a genuine smile creep to his lips. He could sense Saya being drawn to him. Her presence was a joy in his heart that made him want to leap for happiness. He let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding when the heart monitor began to pulse in time with the rhythm that emanated from her chest. He breathed again in a deep sigh of relief, but he knew the illness wasn't over yet. His eyes turned to the bed where Saya lay. Julia was hooking up various tubes and giving his bride oxygen. Her eyes were still shut.

Hagi continued to play. As he played, he could feel his wife returning to him. His fingers danced across the strings, and his soul began to mend itself as he filled the quiet hospital room with his music. He didn't falter, didn't pause, never missed a single note as he drew his beloved back to him. Hagi glanced around, and saw that every eye in the room was on him. He poured his heart out into the song, and stopped only once, when Saya groaned and turned her head toward her husband. Then, and only then, Hagi stood and approached her bed.

"Saya!" he gasped as he came to her side, letting the cello rest against the chair he rose from. His hand grasped hers as she groggily opened her eyes. They were a dull brown from her illness. Hagi smiled in gratitude as he silently gave his thanks to the God that had

answered his prayers. He could see the reflection of the relief on his face in her eyes as she gave him a look of confusion. "You nearly died, Saya," he informed her.

Hagi frowned, that didn't sound right. He corrected himself. " Saya, we..we lost you." He stopped and took a long breath. "You scared me," he said, running his long fingers down her cheek. Saya just stared at her husband. Hagi watched as the nurse hooked Saya's I.V up to a transfusion and more antibiotics. He gave a slight nod at Julia, who asked, "Saya, How are you feeling?" as she took the woman's vitals.

Saya thought a second as she took inventory of how she felt and whether or not there was any pain and answered, "No, I feel good. Just a little tired and worried. How are the boys?" Her eyes turned to see the boys. It ripped her heart to have to look at them behind the glass. They looked so fragile. Her hand went to her mouth as a painful sob escaped. "My poor babies," she whispered through a choked sob. Her gaze turned to see Hagi looking at them as well. The pain in his expression was just as heart-wrenching as her own. Her hand carefully went to his cheek, minding the IV in her arm. She felt him lean into her touch as silent tears spilled into her hand. "Hagi," she whimpered, "they will be alright. Please don't be sad."

Hagi couldn't answer her. It was more than he could hope with- the boys and Saya would all be okay. He looked at his wife, and saw how fragile she was, how weak she was. She needed to feed. He felt his instincts click, deep inside. The ones he had fought long and hard to suppress. He turned to stare at Julia. "Saya needs to feed," he told the other woman. Julia nodded, and ushered everyone out of the room. Julia wheeled the isolete towards Saya, and said, "I am taking the boys with me to the NICU. You need your rest." Saya just nodded faintly.

Hagi watched as the isolete wheeled past them and the room was cleared. He reached for the dagger in his pocket, but his hand stilled as Saya lifted her head to the crook of his neck. He hissed as he felt her mouth brushed his skin just below his jaw. The prick of her small fangs on his neck was immensely pleasurable. Instead of being quiet and showing little to no emotion as he usually did, Hagi moaned and wrapped his arms around her. His shoulders shook as he released his emotions. He chuckled as he thought of how happy he was they were still alive.

Saya took strong pulls of his blood as he clung to her. Her own breath came in ragged gasps as she drank his life force. Finally, she stopped, and licked over the wound to help seal it. She leaned heavily against Hagi, Allowing him to cradle her in his warm embrace. It was a long time before either of them could move, and the only movement made was Hagi shifting to her side, wrapping his long arms around her. Saya snuggled in and was soon fast asleep.

Julia stood by the isolete taking notes when she noticed that one of the boys was looking a bit flushed and thrashing a bit. She checked on his temperature and called out, "I need some help in here!" She hurriedly opened the isolete and began to work on saving the infant's life. She shout out, "I need Hagi in here... now!"