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~Case One: UnderCover~

It was a calm day for the BAU; there were no cases, for once, and the members were taking full advantage of it, in their own ways. Morgan was chatting with Prentiss about something they had both seen on television the other night. JJ was on the phone, talking to Will about their son, most likely. Reid could be seen working furiously on the suspiciously tall stack of files on his desk. Garcia was probably in her cave of wonders with Kevin Lynch. Hotch was… somewhere, and Rossi was watching all this from his office.

He wanted nothing more than to go back to his house and relax in his living room, but Strauss had been insistent that the BAU finish a full day in the office. Sighing, he cracked his knuckles, and opened his laptop, opening a Microsoft Word document. He was determined to finish a chapter for the draft of his newest book. He was trying to remember where he last left off when he heard a commotion in the bullpen. Pausing, he raised his eyes to the window of his office.

Hotch had walked out of the elevator, and was making an announcement of some sort. The BAU members turned towards him, stopping everything they'd been doing before. Shutting off his laptop, Rossi left his office.

"Hotch, what's going on?" He asked, noting the agitation in the younger man's face.

"I just got a call from the CIA. It appears they want you and me to join them for a questioning of an undercover agent of theirs. They said it's extremely urgent," Hotch replied, his eyes landing on every team member. "They're coming up right now; apparently it's related to the mafia." Rossi's eyebrows rose. The mafia? Something big is going to go down.

Hotch continued on. "They've asked that only you and I interview the man, Rossi. However, I want you all to be aware of their presence, but to act normal. They may require assistance with something; if so, you know what to do." He had barely finished his sentence when Reid interrupted, the excitement in his voice evident.

"What would they want with the BAU? Surely they're able to handle whatever this involves on their own?"

Hotch sighed. "I haven't been completely informed on what's going on, but from what I can tell, something important is going to happen soon, and they want our opinion on how to proceed. They'll be coming any minute, according to Strauss, so I want you prepared," he finished, turning to meet the gaze of the other agent. Rossi nodded, adrenaline leaking into his veins. This is going to be good.

About ten minutes later, the elevator opened, and four men walked out.

At first glance, they seemed fairly ordinary. They were of varying sizes and statures, wearing bland suits and sporting combed dark hair. The one in back, however, had a strange look to him. Locks of hair fell in his face, but his eyes were narrowed and shifty. He seemed jumpy and, in all honesty, could easily have been mistaken as a criminal in the eyes of the BAU.

Hotch approached them, looking professional as always. "Hello, I'm SSA Aaron Hotchner, and this is SSA David Rossi. The conference room is right this way."

The man in front, large and intimidating, nodded solemnly. "Thank you, agents. We appreciate your assistance on such short notice." He and the three men behind him followed Hotch and Rossi to one of the further away meeting rooms, leaving the rest of the BAU in utter confusion.

The six men were seated in the conference room, BAU agents on one side, CIA agents on the other. The supposed lead agent cleared his throat.

"I'm Agent Parkman, this is Agent Wilson, Agent Brock, and Agent Caruso. I'm sure you're aware of the recent rise in crime around the country." The BAU agents nodded. "The CIA had reason to believe it was the work of the American mafia, La Cosa Nostra. It decided to try to gain inside information.

"Seven months ago, Agent Caruso successfully infiltrated one of the New York families of La Cosa Nostra. He managed to gain the trust of certain influential people, and has the status of the underboss in the family. Caruso has been providing us with information regularly, but has recently uncovered something that we require your assistance with." Parkman finished, and nodded towards Caruso to speak.

The young man scratched his head, and spoke. "Well, like Parkman said, I've been working under my don for a while now, and while I'm respected, I'm not privy to all information that the don has access to. But," and at this the man leaned across the table, his face grave, "A week ago, I was told that I'll be taking temporary charge of the family while the don attends a meeting."

The room seemed devoid of sound, the men in it were dead silent, except for Caruso. "This meeting will be only for the dons of certain families, as well as their consiglieres. However, I have learned that someone else will be attending the meeting, a person of extremely high standing." The man seemed frightened at this point, his face stiffening.

"I don't know who this person is, but they're in control of the mafia. … The entire mafia. I don't mean just a few families, or just the American branch. I mean every mafia of Italian or Sicilian roots. This guy controls everyone, and he's coming to this meeting."

Rossi's mind was stuck. A single person controlling every mafia family there is? How is that even possible? There's no way there could be someone so powerful. He turned to look at his co-worker, who was frowning slightly.

"How reliable is this information, agent? And what do you require our assistance with?" Hotch's voice was low and Rossi could tell he was unnerved at the thought of one person in control of an entire crime world.

Caruso seemed to be of the same opinion. "I've heard from all the capos that the don goes out once every few years for similar meetings, so that much is true. As for the rest, I was told of it by the boss himself. He trusts me completely, and that's why I've come to you for help."

The man put his hands palm down on the table, and spoke with deadly conviction.

"Agent Rossi, we need you to go undercover as a consigliere to this meeting."


AN #2: Okay, here's my current knowledge of the mafia. Also, give me a break; I'm a Canadian with no Italian heritage, I'm Googling this stuff.

First off, the mafia in America is sometimes referred to as La Cosa Nostra, because of an interpretation error on behalf of the government. It just means 'our thing', it was actually used to refer to the mafia lifestyle.

The only other thing you need to know here is the basic hierarchy of La Cosa Nostra families. 1) A family is a group of mafia members, not always related, that work together in an area. 2) The family has a boss/don, who makes all the big decisions. 3)Below the boss is the underboss, who's purpose is as an heir or underling of the boss. 3) Underneath him are the capos, who're like lieutenants. They want to make money. 4) Underneath them are the soldiers, the lowest rank. 5) Associates do the grunt work i.e. dealing drugs, doing construction, etc. 6) There's a consigliere in each family, who essentially advises the boss on what to do in situations. He's a trusted member of the family, and is usually elected by the members of the family, rather than appointed by the boss himself. However, sometimes he is appointed, creating a bias in situations.