Rossi never expected his Italian heritage to qualify him as a spy. It's just his luck that he has to go undercover to meet the ruler of the mafia.

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I know this is late but, let us have a minute of silence for the 20 young children, and 6 adults who died plus the friends and family of the victims in the Connecticut Shooting. Hope they all went to heaven.

Notes: I got a couple of questions. How is Romano in 2 places? and Is Feli the boss? Please re-read the nation's meeting you will get it then. There is a hint. or just read this.

~Case Eight:Reason~

Lovino Vargas, the head of the Vargas famiglia, and the boss of all the mafia famiglia was silently laughing when he was back to his bed room. A couple of people are around him wondering why he was laughing like he was playing a fun game.

Feliciano Vargas, Lovino's younger brother only ve'ed. He wasn't wearing the full mask like he was a minute ago, and took of the jacket from the white suit he was forced to wear by Lovi, and Germany; which was an interesting combination, but deadly once together.

Lovi sat down in a chair where 5 other people was sitting too. Tsunayoshi Sawada, more commonly known as Cielo was sitting down next to him reading a book in Japanese. Next to him was Reborn, a famous hitman who is known for a 100 percent success rate in every mission. Spain was also sitting down smiling making Reborn have a slight frown painted on his face. The final person was Germany, he didn't have his hair gel so he had to leave his hair down.

Everyone turned to him when he sat down. Tsunayoshi was the first to talk. "I noticed you weren't in the boss seat, but your younger brother. But instead you sat next to me."

Lovino smirked and started to explain. "Recently I have felt that there was a spy from another country trying to find my identity and noticed he was in the meeting. It could be any one... but i have a feeling who it is... and is playing a little game with him. Don't be surprised, and play along like today."

"Hai!" Tsuna replied and Reborn only nodded while drinking his espresso.

Germany aka human name Ludwig looked in a file of papers as always. "Who do you think this spy is?" He asked. "Is it the new consigliere for the Wilson famiglia named David Rossi?"

Feliciano jumped into the meeting. He changed into a t-shirt and shirts with pasta printed all over the shirt. Feli sat down next to Germany, after he tried to sit on his lap which failed. "Si! Fratello told me before the meeting started! Ve~"

"Feli!" South Italy smacked his brother who spat out the answer to quickly without explanation. Reborn brow rose slightly in wondering. "I had a feeling it was him because he felt to out of place when I first saw him."

The Decimo for the Vongola Famiglia wondered on how Romano had a feeling about it.

"His aura, his facial expressions, his actions, and his emotions gave me a warning sign, even if i wasn't a nation I would have found out he was a spy." Lovino added to his explanation. He remembered how Rossi acted around him. It was different from what he was used to. Mafia members rarely find the door, or even open it. It doesn't appeal to them, so they mostly ignore it as any other door. But Rossi found it quickly and found him in a snap. "His aura, it felt to much of an American cop or something... When he read the papers we handed out, it looked like he never heard of those problems... which is very odd..."

When Rossi was reading some of the problems of the mafia, his face cringed, and he made a small frown, trying to cover up his expressions.

The cover said. "The Damn Fucking Problems you Mafia Makes in 2012" Rossi laughed softly at the offending title.

On the first inside page about the killing in Georgia, he already heard about it, about the killing. Rossi knew it was a very sad day, and was glad the cops found most of the people who killed all those innocent people around them. Only 3 of the killers remained.

When he flipped the page his jaw almost, almost dropped. Gxo235. In the description it said it was some type of new drug made by 2 scientist from America and England. Rossi never heard about this drug, maybe because it was more known in Asia? He wasn't sure, but Rossi took a mental note of this drug. The pill was a round circle, with suspicious sparkles inside of it. On the pill had the letters Gxo235, it's name and a small imprint of a leaf.

A Maple leaf? No it wasn't. It looked like one, but Rossi was sure maple leaves do not have that many corners.

On the fourth page Rossi got sick. He was in many ugly cases, but that never meant he was used to the things he saw and heard. It somewhat large print said, Shooting in Connecticut to kill the (Insert A Random Famiglia Name) don's child. It succeeded, but with a casualty of twenty young children, and six adults.

Rossi wanted to cry. He knew the feeling of losing a child, a friend, and a loved one. He was angry that some other family killed off over twenty innocent people, for one innocent child. If he was there, he would have punched the person senseless.

He paused reading, and looked at the speaker, who called himself Cielo. An italian word meaning Sky. It strangely matched the person. Rossi went back to reading when Cielo went back down to his seat.

Flipping two more pages, Rossi almost ripped the pages into two neat pieces. Kidnapping of a child around 13. Lambo Bovino, from the Vongola famiglia was kidnapped for 2 days before the famiglia found him and killed the enemy famiglia. So this Cielo was a very protective person, he could see it by his actions.

There was still more pages, but the meeting for today was going to end soon. Rossi silently closed his papers, and put it in his bag.