The wedding has started. I have always loved watching weddings. They are so beautiful, with the bride's flowing white gown, the groom in his black suit, and everyone looking nice. There are so many big events in Yorlondris that weddings are rarely shown so I'm excited that the dream network has chosen to show us this one.

I can hear the wedding song start. The same one starts to play each time the bride has started down the aisle. This is the best time to look at the man who will be married soon. The way he looks at the bride while she walks down the aisle towards him shows that he loves her. He always has a huge smile that tells you how much he can't wait until she reaches him.

I have never seen this couple before but they obviously have money because they are practically glowing with their fancy outfits. Although I am not looking at the bride the light is on her so I can see her from the corner of my eye. As she walks down the aisle she sparkles. The Groom stands tall in black, the classic groom color, but even he manages to sparkle. His suit, jet-black, looks shiny like glass.

As much as I love watching weddings they do take a long time and at times they can be kind of boring. The vows are fun to listen to but there are so many things that go into a wedding and not all of them are interesting. I look around and everyone looks so happy, the same as everyone from Yorlondris always look… perfect. With perfect skin and perfect clothes. They never look like they have a care in the world. Everything is just given to them; they don't have to work for anything. I wish I could live there. You have to work for everything here in Vaesus. It is not fair. But also there is nothing that I can do about it. I am poor and they are rich and such polar opposites cannot live together in peace.

A long time ago we did live together and instead of just a lower class and an upper class there was also a middle class. Soon the middle class and the lower class mixed and got so poor that they were all living together in the streets. They thought that the upper class was taking their money so they made a plan to riot but someone told the upper class about their plans. The upper class had already thought of moving away because the poor people were making the earth dirty. So they had already made a city that they could go to for safety. The walls of the city were unbreakable and the poor people just gave up.

Now we are Yorlondris and Vaesus. The only connection we have to Yorlondris is the dream network. Whenever a baby is born here someone trained comes from Yorlondris and puts a little piece of metal into there brain so that when we sleep we see events that happened or is happening in Yorlondris. It is a constant reminder of what we will never have.

I notice a young family moving around because everyone else sits still in his or her seat. Two, little, twin girls, playing around are being quieted down by their parents. The whole family is dressed in light colors, the father is in light green and the girls and the mother are in light pink. After seeing such light colors it surprises me to see dark brown on a boy sitting right next to them. He looks two or three years older than me, so 16 or 17.

This boy has been in my dreams before and I always wake up around a minute after seeing him. He is very handsome. He has short, bleached, brown hair, hair and he stands tall. His shoulders are broad and his muscles are huge but his expression makes him look like he thinks he is the best.

My mind focuses on him. It zooms in on him and catches every small detail. I wonder why the dream network always shows him to me, and forces me to look at only him. He never acknowledges that I am here though; but why would he, I am watching him through a dream. Suddenly he turns and he looks directly at me and we make eye contact. But that's not possible since I am dreaming. I don't really know exactly what's happening but it feels like he is staring right into my eyes and I am staring right back into his.

Finally I open my eyes and look around my room; I know I am awake now. My room is tiny compared to the rooms that I see in my dreams and there are only three things in it; my bed, which only consists of a bunch of blankets on the floor, and a small stool with a book on it. The book's called Romeo and Juliet. It is my favorite book.

I used to go to the library everyday after I found out you could read books there for free. Our library has a fair number of books, at least more books than I have ever seen. I read Romeo and Juliet eleven times at the library so my mother saved up a lot of money and bought it for me on my thirteenth birthday, which was exactly a year and three months ago. Now it's the only book I ever want to read. Some day I hope that I will find someone who loves me as much as Romeo loved Juliet, I just hope my love story doesn't end like theirs.

I remember that I have to meet my two best friends soon so I get off my bed. As I stand up I notice the smell of something delicious. People who live in Vaesus are lucky to get breakfast so I put on my only clothes that fit me right now and run into our kitchen, if you can even call it a kitchen. It has a pump for water, a fireplace for cooking and warmth and a table with just enough space to fit me my two siblings and my parents.

I walk into the room and my mom is sitting at the table and there is bread in front of her, still steaming and hot.

"Would you like some bread?" asks my Mother.

"Where did you get that?" I cry. "How did you get that?" I run over and slice a piece for myself.

"Yorlondris decided to give a loaf of bread to each family here today. Weird right! No one knows why but know one is questioning them because almost none of us have had bread in years."

"That's strange!" my mouth is full of bread. "I told Kalea and Blake that I would meet them at the apple tree but I will be back to help Jackie pick out a pretty outfit like I promised." Jackie is my younger sister, the youngest in the family. The boy across the street asked her to come over today so she wants to look great. I think she likes him more than she says.

"Sounds good, honey! Would you like some bread for a snack?"

"No, thank you. You should split the rest of the bread between you, father, Jackie, and Walter."

"Alright. Bye!" mother says as I walk out the door.

There is one apple tree that gives apples to Vaesus each year. This tree has become a regular place for my friends, Kalea and Blake, and me to hang out at. It is where we met a couple years ago when the tree produced the most amount of apples that it ever has. I remember there was this one apple that was bigger than all the rest and we all reached for it at the same time. You would think that we would get in a fight over it but we ended up splitting it between the three of us. Since that day we have been the best of friends.

The tree is not a long walk from my house but I never enjoy it because I have to walk by the four poorest families in Vaesus. Today it is even more depressing to walk by because yesterday a baby from one of the families died of starvation. I can hear crying from inside one of the houses. They are so poor that their houses are built with only mud and straw.

Even I am not that poor, and that says a lot because my house is only made of wood; most people have houses made of brick, which is what Kalea has, and the richest people have houses made of cement, like Blake. Of course this is only in Vaesus where none of us are actually rich. People in Yorlondris have houses made of glass and other fancy materials. I am so close to passing the houses that I begin to walk fast and eventually start to run.

Finally I see my two friends, waiting there, sitting under the tree talking. Kalea has kind of a long face and she is really thin. She has brown and wavy hair and she is also tall. Blake is also very tall but he has such blonde hair and it frames his face perfectly and he is very strong.

"Hey guys!" I yell making them jump.

"Harper! You're late." jokes Blake.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Blake! Did you guys get bread this morning?" I sit down next to Kalea.

"Yes!" says Kalea. "It was the best thing I have ever tasted. I don't understand why they gave it to us though?"

"Does anybody? But who cares; as long as it is not poisoned, I am okay. They can give me bread when ever they want." Blake doesn't like Yorlondris at all. He often talks about ideas he has come up with about how he could burn the whole city down, but I know that could never happen not even if the whole town of Vaesus got to together to try.

"Did you see the wedding last night?" asks Kalea. "The bride's dress was the prettiest I have ever seen!"

"I didn't get to see her dress because guess who was at the wedding!" I say in an annoyed tone. Whenever there is a wedding Kalea and I always talk about the bride's dress but this time we can't because of this person who keeps interrupting the news.

"Oh no!" Blake says sarcastically. "Was it the boy again?" He asks with a sigh.

"Yes! When I noticed him my mind focused only on him again and then I woke up. This is like the 8th time that I have seen him. But the weird thing was that we made eye contact this time! He actually looked at me!"

"First of all, that's not possible. Second of all, I think you are thinking way too much about this. It is probably nothing; just a guy that goes to every event there is in Yorlondris."

"That is focused on each time she sees him," says Kalea. "It can't be just a coincidence Blake!" then she turns to me, "But maybe if you wait you will be shown why you have been seeing him so much?"

"I guess so… but if I don't get any new information soon I'm going to do something about this"

"What can you do, though?" asks Kalea. "There is nothing that you can do!"

"I could help you if you want to figure something out. I am good at coming up with things that will cause problems in Yorlondris."

"Please, Blake, you have come up with ideas but you haven't actually done any of them." Kalea shakes her head.

"This would be the perfect opportunity to try one!"

"I may have to take you up on that offer," I say as I stand up, "I have to go, guys. My sister is going to a play date with the boy, Ty, from across the street and she wants me to help her get dressed! But I will let you know tomorrow if I see him again in my dreams tonight."

"Ooooo she has a date." laughs Kalea. "Is it disappointing to you that she has a boyfriend before you and she is five years younger then you?" I laugh and wave goodbye as I start my walk back to the house to help my sister.