"Is something wrong?" he asks and I pull myself together.

I shake my head and he reaches to help me out but I have a stubborn moment and say, "I can do it." then I realize that that was kind of rude so I add, "but thanks."

He holds his hands up above his head and turns around, "Just thought you might need a hand."

"How do we know your not lying to us? You have the ability to turn us in and completely ruin our lives." I ask. I know I'm not being the nicest person in the world but when my life is at stake I tend to be a little mean. Not that my life has been at stake before.

He laughs, "If I wanted to turn you in I would have by now."

"Would your friend turn us in?" asks Kalea.

There was a pause in the conversation. "I don't think he would've. He is a good guy."

"This could be a trap. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"But don't you want to find Blake?"

"Yes but we didn't even manage to travel a couple feet with out being seen," I points to Jack.

"Actually, I was sent to help you guys," Jack buts in. "Your friend Blake sent me. I am the guard to his cell so we talked and he knows I am on your side. So he sent me last night to dig under the wall so you guys wouldn't have to do that yourselves. Which is how I got the infraction. I was out after hours.

"Blake was questioned last night and he figured out that you two had one of the papers. That's how he knew you were coming." When he finishes he looks at me. I still haven't determined if he knows that he was in all of my dreams.

"So you really can help us! Harper isn't this great! He is the guard to Blake's cell! He can help us get in!"

"We have to get in and out of the prison and how are we going to manage to get Blake out with us?"

"You are such a downer Harper! That is your name, correct?"

I give him a glare as I nod. I am not sure I like Jack. I don't trust him. I think that Kalea was to quick with trusting him. He could be some sort of spy or something. And he had the nerve to call me a downer! My best friend is in jail and I wasted my entire positive attitude on Kalea. If he is going to help us the least he can do is be more supportive; maybe try and lift my spirits instead of calling me a downer.

"I am sorry. Whose friend is in jail? That's right mine!" I yell, as quietly as I can. I storm away toward a road I see behind the rows of trees that are shielding us from civilization.

"You won't get very far with out my help!" Jack calls after me. "Sooner or later you will become the friend in jail!"

Excuse me! I can't believe he just said that to me! That makes me run as fast as I can to get away from him. As soon as I reach to road I get a little more confidence back but I step out right as a car passes by and I scream and run back and hide behind jack with my hands on his arm. Then I look and realize that Jack is smiling like he enjoyed what he just saw. I let go a little embarrassed.

"Okay so I am going to bring you guys back to my house. It is near the prison since that is where I work. My parents are gone on their yearly get away so no one is home. Do you trust me?"

I start to say no but Kalea elbows me in the ribs and says, "Of course we do!" Then she turns to me and whispers, "What other choice do we have?"

After she says this I finally give in. I sigh and start walking through the trees. And with just me luck Jack says, "Umm Harper. My house is this way." So I turn and follow him. I make sure to stay a ways behind because he is chatting it up with Kalea and the farther away I am from him the less likely he is to capture me.

"So I don't know if you know my name yet?" says Kalea.

"Nope, I don't think I do either," replies Jack.

"I'm Kalea."

"Nice to meet you! Is your friend back there always so mean?" he turns and looks at me.

Kalea looks at me too, "Oh Harper?" Yep that's right. I am still here. Just because I am not talking to a potential threat to our plan doesn't mean I have disappeared. I smile and wave. Then Harper laughs, "No she's not. I think she is just paranoid. She is actually really nice."

"Well I guess she has a reason to be paranoid, considering where you guys came from and where you are now." They both turn back around.

"Is your house much farther? Because my legs are starting to hurt." To be honest my legs are not hurting at all. I actually have very strong legs because I run all of the time and whenever I get the chance I go for a swim in the pond behind my house. I really am just trying to be a pain. I wonder what Jack will to say to this.

"I could carry you. But it really isn't that far," he says. Well that caught me off guard.

"Uh, no that's okay. I can manage."

We walk for a little while longer and eventually reach a huge house made of glass.

"You know I never understood how someone could live in a glass house," I say. "You have no privacy!"

"I totally agree. Which is why if you look at my room," he points to the top of the house where the glass is blue and you can't see through it, "I painted my walls so no one could see in."

"Wow that was smart!" exclaims Kalea as she touches his arm. Oh boy. I know Kalea likes to flirt but she really needs to stick to boys who are on her level. Like Blake! You know what I have noticed… she flirts with everyone but Blake. She tends to get nervous around him. I think it is because he is the one she actually likes.

I hear some footsteps coming up the road, "We need to get inside!" I push Kalea in front of me and we bust through the door and run up the stairs into Jack's room where people outside can't see us. Soon Jack appears at his door and he turns on the lights.

"You all right? They didn't see you right?"

"How should we know? You should have been more careful. We should have raced the whole way here so there was no way we would get caught! You probably wanted us to be seen! That's why you went so slowly."

"Harper! You always seem to find a way to make it look like it was Jack's fault."

"It's fine Kalea. Maybe you guys should get some rest. I know it is early but you guys have had a rough day so I will set up beds for you."

"Alright! Is it okay if we eat in your room?" asks Kalea and I'm glad she does because it's true am very hungry. "We haven't had food all day because we were saving it for when we really needed it."

"That's fine. I can get more food for you guys in a second." Jack goes to his closet and gets some blankets and sets them down for us side by side opposite his bed. Now I actually get a look around his room. It is probably the same size as my whole house. That is not fair.

Jack leaves to go get more food and I go and lie down on my blankets.

"Harper you need to be nicer. The only reason why he would turn us in at this point is because you were being so rude he couldn't take it anymore."

"Oh please."

"I'm serious."

I think now is as good a time as ever to tell her who he is. "He is the boy I have been seeing in my dreams."


I started to repeat myself but she interrupts me, "I know what you said! Why didn't you tell me before? Are you sure?"

"I didn't know when to tell you and when I realized it I was to shocked to do anything."

"So that is why you're being so mean. You annoyed with him for messing your dreams up."

"Yes. But after all of this, saving us from being seen and letting us stay in his house. I think it wasn't a coincidence that I saw what I saw last night. I think he showed it to me."

"How would he do that?"

"I have no idea."

Kalea smiles, "You never mentioned how cute he is!"

I laugh, and she continues, "So you think so to! Well you really should be nicer than because he is not going to like you if you're always being mean to him. I would've thought that you learned from reading that book so many times," she points to my bag that has fallen to the floor and Romeo and Juliet has fallen out. "I can't believe you brought it!"

"I thought maybe we might have time to read. Like now! Also why would I want Jack to like me I don't even know him?"

Kalea throws a pillow at me and it hits me in the face. "Ouch! What was that for?"

"That was for everything that you didn't tell me!" Kalea says as the door opens and Jack walks back in with a plate filled with small sandwiches. I run up and take one. Then I look up at him and he is looking back so I run back to my bed. He walks over and gives Kalea one and then goes to sit on his bed.