My first chapter to my first Lucius/Harry fic; I have been a fan of this couple I just didn't find the time to write a fic on it until someone sent in a request for me to do so.

Shout out to animefanreader402, the one who gave me the idea and helped give me a few hints.

Anyway, here's the full, actual summary:

Harry's life has been a lie, he was only a pawn in the war for Dumbledore. His parents aren't who he thought, and some of his friends aren't who he thought either. His mother Lily, was a Siren, a powerful magical creature stronger than a dragon but beautiful and alluring like a Veela. Harry has Siren blood in his veins, and this blood calls out to his mate who happens to be the recently freed Lucius Malfoy. His father is Severus Snape, whom was forbidden from seeing his son, but thanks to the help of Harry's godfathers he finds out the truth and vows to protect his son from the greedy hands of Dumbledore and his allies.

Warnings: slash, violence, language not viewable for someone under 17.

Bashing: Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Astoria Greengrass, Molly, Ginny, Percy Weasley.

Pairings: SSxHG, LMxHP, DMxRWxBZ, RLxSB past SSxLE

Now this is just the prologue, an introduction of how everything went down right up until where Remus and Sirius go to get Harry and take him to talk to Snape.

I don't own Harry Potter.


October 31, 1981:

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" with a jet of green light from Voldemort's wand, Lily Potter, wife of James Potter and mother of Harry James Potter collapsed dead to the floor. The Dark Lord had been hunting them for months and thanks to a little rat he had finally found them.

Voldemort slowly approached the crib, and pointed his wand at the crying infant, green eyes full of tears for his mother. The boy would join his mother soon, and no one would dare cross the Heir of Slytherin's path again. He watched the child for a few seconds, and then raised his wand over the crib.

"Avada Kedavra!" the light shot from the wand's tip, but the light deflected against the baby boy and rebounded onto the dark wizard. In a rush of light the wizard was no more, his body vanished along with his wand and everything that could leave trace of him. The boy started crying, screaming as the house began to crack around him, but just as the walls were about to fall upon him a shield was placed over the crib.

"Harry!" another man entered the room, the boy's godfather Sirius Black. "Lily! Oh Merlin no…!" Sirius's heart broke at the sight of his friend, but he let it go when he heard Harry crying. "Harry, hang on pup I've got you, I've got you." He wrapped the baby boy in a blanket and hoisted him out of the crib.

"Mama!" he cried reaching for Lily's body.

"No, no Harry. It's ok, I'm going to take you away from here." He bounced the boy and carried him downstairs, over the body of James Potter and out the front door. Sirius was about to climb onto his bike when a loud crack stopped him.

"That's not wise Sirius." The voice of Albus Dumbledore, the supposed greatest wizard of all time, made Sirius turn around seeing the man smiling and walking as if he owned the area.

"You monster…how dare you show your face here!" Sirius held Harry tight, and Harry kept sniffling.

"Why Sirius, why would you be so harsh to me?"

"You know why! You betrayed Lily and James! They trusted you!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sirius growled at him.

"You imperiused me, and you made me switch with Pettigrew! You knew he was a coward and you made me switch with him!" the old man chuckled.

"Now Sirius let's not point fingers here, just give me Harry and we can talk this over." Sirius backed up and pulled out his wand.

"You stay away from him!"

"He needs to go to his relatives; he'll be much safer there. Just give him here."

"You know those people won't take him, I won't let you have him."

"Sirius please be reasonable, surely you can understand."

"I will never let you near him, I promised Lily and James if anything ever happened to them I would protect Harry from you!" he snarled.

"Sirius I'm warning you…"

"No, you won't use him he's just a child."

"He's the only one…"

"Only because you made him that way! You faked that prophecy, I know you did!" Dumbledore sighed, reached into his robes and pulled out his wand.

"I'm sorry Sirius, but you've left me no choice. Harry is the only one who can defeat the Dark Lord when he returns, so I must take him."

"No!" Sirius went to climb onto his bike but a hard curse struck him in the back. He fell to his knees, still holding Harry who started screaming again. Dumbledore hit him with another curse, and Sirius fell on his back.

"Sorry Sirius, but this boy is now mine." The old man took Harry out of Sirius' arms. "He's a part of my plan, and you will not interfere."

"B-Bastard…" Dumbledore pointed his wand at Sirius.

"Obliviate." Sirius' eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell into a small sleep while Dumbledore disappeared with Harry.

End memory.

A very distraught and shocked Severus Snape yanked his head out of the Pensieve and stared at the two men in his home at Spinner's End.

"This cannot be true." Remus Lupin stepped forward.

"Believe me I'm as shocked as you Severus, but this memory is completely legit. I broke the spell on Sirius and he showed it to me." Remus and Sirius had showed up at his home saying they had recovered some evidence that meant Dumbledore was truly a bastard who'd fooled them since day one.

"Dumbledore…how could he do this?"

"You should know why, all that garbage about protecting Harry from the truth was just to keep us from digging any further. He forced me to switch with Peter, he knew Voldemort would go to him and betray Lily and James and he used that to kill them and put Harry in that home." Sirius rubbed his head.

"But…but Harry was never…"

"Physically abused, but he was mentally. Petunia might not have been bad but Vernon and that brat of his were, always putting Harry down, calling him names, making him work, letting that sister of his verbally attack him and his parents…it's only a miracle that he's moved out of there."

"Where is he now?"

"He's with Hermione, her parents offered to let him stay even though the Weasleys nearly begged him to."

"The Weasleys?" were they like Dumbledore?

"They consider him family, but Ginny…she's obsessed with him. You can tell he doesn't like her like that."

"But that's not all." Remus pulled out some envelopes from his pocket. "Lily sent me these years ago, but I had to hide them, one's to you and one's to us." He took the two and opened the first one to him.


If you're reading this it means that James and I are gone. I gave this to Remus because I knew if Dumbledore found out about this letter he would try and get to you like he tried to get to me and James before.

You know I loved you, and I still do until my last breath. James and I both are sorry we had to leave like that, but it was for the safety of our son, mine and yours, Harry. You know I would never keep such a secret from you, when I told you I was pregnant you knew the baby would be in danger. You remember the plan we made, I wanted to marry you but you know Dumbledore would've killed us both before he let it happen. He tried to get James to slip me a potion, but James told me the truth. You know what happened after that.

I know that once you get this letter, if you get it, it will be because the war is over and Harry is alive. Severus if Dumbledore survived the war you must protect our son, he will never be free or safe as long as that man has him under his control. If he said anything to you to about keeping you away from Harry to protect him then he's a liar, he just wanted to make you Harry's enemy so he would never know the truth.

Harry needs you now more than ever, Dumbledore has had his life planned out since the day he was born. I knew the prophecy was about Harry the moment we were told, so we had to disappear. I wanted to call you every day but I couldn't. Severus you are the only man I've ever loved, I ask you this one last request, please protect our son from Dumbledore and free him from the horrors he's suffered.

I love you, and please tell Harry that I love him too.

Yours only,


Severus felt tears leave his eyes as he finished the letter, his Lily's last confession of love and request tore his heart to pieces. Dumbledore had lied and kept his son from him for over a decade, and now he finds out that he planned all of this on purpose.

"There's more, the one she sent to me has more details." Remus stepped forward. "You remember why neither of us could understand why Lily loved you? Well there was a reason…and a damn good one."

"It's in the letter?" Remus nodded and Severus opened the other letter.


I know you and Sirius never understood why I fell in love with Severus, but it's more than love at first sight as I put it before.

I'm a Siren Remus, a magical creature of the sea, a daughter of Poseidon. I'm not a pure siren, because yes I am Muggleborn, but my ancestor was a siren and his/her blood was passed into my generation.

I'm sure you know about Sirens, what we are and what we're capable of, but only the pure sirens are truly powerful. I'm part Siren, so I'm sure that Harry is as well. The reason I fell in love with Severus was because he answered my call. The Siren's call, our song that finds our mate but also lures in dogs that want us for our beauty and magic.

Harry has the blood, and he will have a mate when he turns seventeen. Regardless of whom they are you must understand that neither you, Severus, Sirius, or anyone else can interfere with it otherwise you will hurt Harry in the process. Sirens and their mates are blood bound, but since I'm only part siren my bond with Severus isn't as strong but still powerful. Harry's may be stronger since he's a boy, and you must do everything you can to make sure he finds his mate before Dumbledore tries to set him up with another.

Sirens who live with another who isn't their true mate, they slowly wither and die at a young age. Harry will know who his mate is, but you must keep him away from Dumbledore. I'm begging you Remus don't let my boy get hurt anymore, if Severus is alive by the time the war ends you must make sure Harry knows the truth, otherwise his entire life will fade.

Protect him, free him, love him, give him everything you can to save him. Watch over my son, help Severus look after him.

Your dear friend,


"Did you know?" Sirius asked Severus as he finished the letter.

"Yes." Severus looked at them. "I knew Lily was a siren, but I didn't know Harry had the blood otherwise I would've gone through hell to get him away from Dumbledore."

"Do you think Dumbledore knows?" Remus.

"No, Lily was very discreet about her blood. She made everyone believe she was muggleborn and nothing else, so when she met me she knew we were mates. If Dumbledore had known he would've found some reason to expel me and make her love James."

"But you and James came up with that marriage plot, make everyone think they were married when she was really yours." Severus nodded. He and Lily knew Dumbledore was after something so they had to pretend she and James were married when she was legally married to Severus. James of course didn't object, and he agreed to help since Lily was his good friend.

"We had to, and when I found out she was pregnant I wanted to be there but being a marked death eater…it gave me no other option." He wasn't here when Harry was born, but Lily sent him a picture which he kept close wherever he went.

"Well Harry needs you now, and now that I think about Harry always had a distinguishing feature that made him different from everyone else. Not the scar, but his appearance. It always seemed different."

'Harry, my son the siren.' He had been so horrible to Harry, but Dumbledore had made him that way. He wanted to tell Harry the minute he saw him in his classroom in his first year, but he had to hold back.

"Harry's forgiven you for everything, you know that don't you?" Sirius.

"Yes but…"

"He'll understand, we just need to explain everything to him carefully." Sirius and Severus only pretended to be enemies, and now that the war was done they could actually show their true colors.

"We'll go to Hermione's, Ron's there too so I assume they'll be eager to hear as well."

"I say we go now, he deserves to know as soon as possible." Severus rushed to the door.

"Hold on, I'll apparate us I know the address." Remus held onto him and Sirius and they ended up straight in front of the Granger home. They approached the door and Sirius knocked; a woman answered, one who looked almost like Hermione.

"Can I help you?"

"Hello Mrs. Granger I'm Sirius Black and this is Remus Lupin and Severus Snape. We're here to see Harry and Hermione are they in?"

"Yes but who are you to them?"

"I'm Harry's godfather, you can ask him." She smiled and turned for a moment.

"Harry, Hermione there's some men here to see you." In a mere few seconds Hermione and Harry showed up at the door.

"Sirius!" Harry jumped into his arms.

"Hey pup, how are you?" Harry hugged Remus but shook hands with Severus.

"Fine, where've you been?" the three men exchanged looks.

"We've been busy, can we come in?" Mrs. Granger stepped aside and Hermione led them to the living room.

"Would you like some tea?"

"No thank you Mrs. Granger, but could we have a moment alone with Hermione and Harry?" she nodded and left to go upstairs. "Where's Ron?"

"He went home for a bit, said his dad needed help. Is anything wrong?" Sirius sighed.

"Harry, Remus, Severus and I have something to tell you, and I'm not sure if you'll take it well."

"What is it?" Sirius looked at Remus.

"Harry, your life has been set up for you since the day you were born. You…your family, your childhood, some friends, all of which were taken from you by one man."

"Voldemort." Sirius shook his head.

"Voldemort was only part of the problem, Harry we just found out some news. First though, you need to know that James and Lily…well…"

"What about them?" Sirius looked back at Severus.

"Pot…Harry, James Potter wasn't your father." Harry and Hermione's eyes widened.

"What do you mean he wasn't my father…Sirius and Remus you said…?" Remus held up a hand.

"Harry, please let us explain. James Potter wasn't your biological father, but in a way he was your stepfather. Your mother…she was in love with someone else and she had to fake a marriage with James to protect you."

"Protect me from whom? How can you say James Potter wasn't my father, you've told me numerous times that I look like him?" Harry seemed to be getting antsy.

"Harry let them talk." Hermione touched his shoulder.

"It's sort of complicated Harry, look the reason we didn't say anything sooner is because if we did the your life would've been in more danger and so would have your real dad's."


"Because if people knew the truth they could've used him to get to you, but now that the war is over we can tell you." Harry stood up from his seat slowly.

"Then who is my real dad? Who is he?" Severus stood up, and walked just a bit closer to Harry.

"It's me Harry, I'm your father."

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