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Four months later:

"Harry, pass me my belt would you?" Harry looked around for a black belt and handed it to Severus.

"Don't forget your long robe." Harry produced said robe and helped his dad slip it on. His father was a nervous wreck right now, and he had good reason to be. Today was his and Hermione's wedding day, but while Harry had tried and tried to get Severus to relax he just couldn't do it. The man was so nervous he was shaking like an earthquake.

"Do I look alright? Is my hair clean enough? What about my teeth?"

"DAD!" Severus stopped and turned to Harry. "You look fine; we've gone over this ten or fifteen times already. Remember Lucius was the one who took you out to get cleaned up and I'm the one to offer moral support?"

"I know Harry, I just can't help it. This is my second wedding to the girl I love and I don't want to look a mess."

"You don't, but you will if you don't stop worrying so much. C'mon now even Ron told me Hermione's calmer than you and why? Because she loves you and wants to spend the next fifty years with you if not more; you don't look a day over thirty dad and you know since you were first a siren's mate you're going to be young for a long while. You and Hermione will be fine together, and I know mum would be happy for you."

"You really think so?" Severus turned around.

"Of course, because you have a second chance to start a new life and she'd want you to be happy. Now will you please stop fussing so much, you only have fifteen minutes before we start?" Severus sighed, and then wrapped his arms around Harry.

"Thank you son, that helps me a good bit. Also…" he pulled back. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, you needed me and I just…"

"Dad, none of that was your fault; let the past remain in the past and let's move on towards the present because I doubt mum would want us living in her memory, the bad ones at least."

"Alright, here comb out your hair it's getting ruffled." Harry pulled out a comb and started out on his hair. Severus had on blue and black robes for his wedding, and Harry had on some green and blue robes that were comfortable, especially since his weight wasn't fully back from the pregnancy. He had been eating and exercising better to lose it, but often times he would crave sweets though Lucius made him cut down since he'd eat so many it'd make him sick. Ron was the same way, but he leveled himself down to two sweets a day.

Speaking of Ron, the lucky redhead was helping Hermione get ready for her big day and from the connection he and Harry shared Hermione really was calm. While she was sad her parents weren't here to share the day with her, she had enough support from Fleur and Astrina who were her maid of honor and her bridesmaid along with Pansy. Molly had fully recovered at last, and she helped Hermione pick out the dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, but she'd also let Hermione make the decisions since it was her day.

Lucius and the other boys were out helping the guests get settled, and the majority of the guests were the Amadahys and their mates, Marius and Ocarina, some of the other teachers from Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus, some friends from school including Dean who was now dating Parvarti Patil, and even the rest of the Weasley clan plus Muriel. Kingsley of course was performing the ceremony, and even some aurors came just for the hell of it.

"Who's got the kids again?"

"You know Molly and Arthur do, the kids will be up front with Lucius so they'll get to see their grandpa get married." The triplets and twins were now four months old, and they were all dressed in little white outfits for the wedding although they did have blue thrown in for the boys and pink for the girls. All five babies were healthy and happy, though Ocarina had sent Harry and Ron a message saying that there was a possible chance not all the babies were sirens considering that Harry and Ron weren't full sirens, but they wrote back saying that they didn't care if their children were born squibs, they would love them all no matter what. Right now they didn't know, but in the next month they would be able to tell if any of the kids got the mark; which was strange since most though siren children had marks at birth, but according to Ocarina the children born sirens wouldn't have their powers slowly growing inside until five months after birth.

"Alright, I think we'd best take our places." Harry of course was chosen as best man, so he would be walking Fleur down the aisle and behind him would be Anthony escorting his four-month pregnant wife down the aisle. Pansy was expecting a little boy, and her family was thrilled to have a grandchild coming fast with the Amadahys. Aurea had helped Pansy set up the nursery and even went shopping with Mrs. Parkinson and Pansy for clothes and other items needed.

"Yeah, let's get going." Harry and Severus left the main bedroom room of the Amadahy summer home, and made their way outside to the beach. Hermione had wanted a beach wedding, and it was going to take place near the shore but not to where the waves could touch her feet.

Once the two men made it outside Severus took his spot at the altar covered in white lilies and lavenders while Harry waited for the girls to come out. A long white carpet covered with pink rose petals was laid out to walk on, and all the guests sat in white chairs. He saw Lucius winking at him from the first row, and Harry just smiled. Kingsley stood at the front wearing a set of blue robes like the ocean, and there was a light breeze with the sunny weather, it was a perfect day for a wedding.

Soon enough the music began, and Harry took Fleur's arm just as they walked down the aisle. The bridesmaids were wearing lovely lavender dresses that were short to their knees, and in their hair they wore purple flower clips and their shoes were light silver but flat so their heels wouldn't dig into the sand as they walked.

"You look lovely Fleur." He whispered.

"And you look handsome Harry." She smiled, and Harry could see she was glowing from her pregnancy but at least her dress was long enough to cover her belly. About halfway through Anthony and Pansy walked behind them, but once the groomsmen and bridesmaids were in place, Hermione started down the aisle.

She looked absolutely breathtaking; her dress was sleeveless and short to her knees in the front but had a long train in the back that flowed as the breeze blew. Her hair was pinned up with a white crystal flower clip borrowed from Draco that belonged to his mother, borrowed and old at least since it also belonged to his great-grandmother. Her new item was a diamond necklace as a wedding present from Maris, and her blue was the sapphire bracelet she wore on her right wrist that was her mother's. Harry saw tears in his dad's eyes, happy that Hermione was going to be his wife and Hermione had the same look in her own eyes.

'Damn, dad's a very lucky man.' It was true, Severus had been alone too long and now he was going to share his life with the second woman he loved. Harry saw his babies with their daddy and his godfathers, and of course Ron and his family were on the bride's side with their twins and they all had the same expressions, content and happy.

"We are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony this man, Severus Tobias Snape, and this woman, Hermione Jean Granger. Now before we begin the vows, does anyone object to these two being married? Speak now or forever hold your peace." A few brief moments passed, and no one said a word. "Alright, Severus if you will please turn to Hermione and repeat after me…I Severus Snape…" Severus turned to Hermione and took her hand.

"I Severus Snape…"

"Take you Hermione Granger…"

"Take you Hermione Granger…"

"To have and to hold…"

"To have and to hold…"

"For better or for worse…"

"For better or for worse…"

"For richer or poorer…"

"For richer or poorer…"

"In sickness and in health…"

"In sickness and in health…"

"For as long as we both shall live."

"For as long as we both shall live." Hermione smiled as he spoke, and then she repeated the same vows back to him. Once that was done, next came the big question.

"Now, do you Severus take Hermione to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." The smile returned.

"And do you Hermione take Severus to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"May we have the rings please?" Harry pulled the wedding rings from his robe pocket and handed them to Kingsley. "Severus, take this ring and place it on Hermione's finger." He did so. "Hermione, take this ring and put it on Severus' finger." Hermione did the same.

'If this doesn't pick up soon I think I'll start crying.' Harry wiped his eyes quickly.

"By the power vested in me, by the magic and peace of our world I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Severus took Hermione into his arms and kissed her lips while everyone stood and applauded the couple. "May I present to you all, Mr. and Mrs. Snape, may your lives be filled with happiness and love forever." Severus and Hermione turned before slowly walking back down the aisle. Harry and Fleur soon followed, and then Pansy and Anthony. Everyone applauded and began to leave the seats, but once they reached the spot for the reception Harry went up to Sirius and took his youngest son into his arms.

"Are my babies happy?" Sebastian and Ethan gave two tiny smiles, but Alanna was asleep in her daddy's arms.

"She fell asleep through the vows." Lucius laughed. "So did the twins." Harry could see Ron and Blaise rocking the twins with Draco watching. When the reception started Hermione and Severus cut the cake and sipped the wine, although Hermione shoved part of her piece in Severus' face and he did the same to her.

Everyone just watched as the newly wedded couple danced and talked to each other. Others began to join in as the dancing continued, and even Harry and Lucius joined in when Molly offered to watch the triplets.

"I'm very happy for my dad."

"I am too; I almost thought he'd never find love again." Lucius and Harry watched the other two as they danced, but stopped when they stopped. Harry approached Hermione and hugged her and his dad, and then Molly came over to do the same.

"I'm very happy for you both; I don't think I've ever seen a pair as happy as you both." Hermione kissed Molly's cheek.

"Thank you Molly, I'm glad you could be here." Molly felt horrible about all that happened, even if she couldn't remember she still felt as if she'd missed out on so much. When the babies came she acted a little distant, but when Harry and Ron said it was okay she could see and hold them she warmed up. She made booties for the babies, each with their names sewn into the feet and they had charms on to keep them from wearing out or fading in time.

"I'm glad you have each other, really glad."

"Thanks Harry." Harry was going to share all the love he could because the couple would soon be going off to Hawaii for their honeymoon for a week and a half. Once they returned Hermione would be looking for a job at the Ministry while Severus would return as headmaster of Hogwarts. They would have their own private quarters, but if by chance Hermione became pregnant they'd likely have to move to a home near the school. Either way they had a plan.

"Alright, now let's enjoy the rest of the day, because once it's over we're taking our kids home to eat and bathe before their bedtime, and then Harry and I are going to have a little party of our own." Harry smacked Lucius' arm.

"Hush you." The group laughed.

"Alright you two, enjoy the rest of the reception." Molly went back to Arthur and Harry just danced with Lucius a while longer and spent some time with Ron and his family before they decided to leave. Everyone was happy now, things were finally at peace and the nightmares were over.

Six years later:

"Papa, are we going to see Ronnie, Dray, and Blaze today?" six year old Alanna asked her father as he was busy preparing the birthday present for the party they were about to attend.

"Yes honey we are, you know we are. Where are your brothers?"

"They upstairs with Daddy and Jaime." She smiled and twirled in her pretty blue dress. "Do I look pretty?"

"You look very pretty princess, now let Papa finish wrapping this gift alright? Go tell Daddy I'm almost done."

"Okay!" the little ball of energy took off in a rush down the hall. Harry just laughed and went back to wrapping the birthday present for Hermione.

Six years had passed since the wedding, and everything was still as peaceful as before. Or at least as peaceful as it could be with three six year olds and soon enough two more to join them. Harry's triplets had grown nicely and healthily, but as it turned out Ocarina was right. Only Alanna was the siren born, she had the mark of a water siren on her neck, but Ethan and Sebastian were both wizards. All three had their names down for Hogwarts, and in the next five years they would be attending with Ron's twins, and both of them were wizards as well. Pansy and Anthony's son Antonio Liam was also a siren, but his element was fire, though he was a few months younger than the triplets and he would start a year after them.

Alanna and Antonio weren't the only ones, Fred and Astrina's two year old daughter Clarissa Jane was an earthly siren like her uncle, but Julian and George's three year old twins Jasmine Aurea and Josie Maris were only witches. Camillus and Charlie had a son named Arthur Martinis, but he was five and air siren. They lived in Romania but often visited every other weekend for family dinners at the Burrow or Malfoy Manor. Bill and Fleur's daughter Victoire spent a lot of time with her cousins, but soon enough she would have a baby brother in three months.

Severus and Hermione had also been blessed, a year after they wed they gave Harry a baby sister named Isabelle Rayne Snape. She was as beautiful as can be, she had her mother and father's intelligence, but she had her dad's thick black hair though she looked like Hermione. Harry spent as much time with her as possible, and she loved playing with him and the triplets. Hermione was expecting another in four months, and this time it was a boy they were going to name Jonas Severus.

Sirius and Remus were also parents themselves, though they only had one and it didn't look like they would have more. They had given Harry a god-brother and named him after Sirius' brother and Remus' father. Regulus John Lupin-Black, an obnoxious little tot but with a good heart, drove his family nuts but kept his tricks at bay.

"Harry love, are you ready?" Lucius came in the room with their two year old daughter Jaime Regina, who too was a witch and not a siren.

"Just about, the kids ready?"

"Hold on, kids get in here!" the triplets came running in all together. "Looks like we are."

"Good, let's get going." Today was Hermione's twenty-fourth birthday, and the whole family was gathering at the Burrow for the party. Argento and Aurea sent a gift, but couldn't make it due to a small crisis in the Siren Nation.

"Into the floo children." Lucius expanded the fireplace and they all stepped inside. Lucius flooed them to the living room of the Burrow and were greeted by Arthur who took the gift from Harry.

"Everyone's outside, Molly needs my help setting up so go on and mingle." Molly was thrilled every time the kids and grandkids came over. She loved each and every one of them, and thanks to Arthur's promotion as head of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, he made more than enough money to buy food for each occasion and even small presents for the children.

"Thanks Arthur." They all went into the backyard and the kids ran off to play while Harry and Lucius went over to talk with the birthday girl and her hubby.

"You look good Mione." Harry kissed her cheek.

"Thanks Harry, this little one has a lot of movement in him." She stroked her belly.

"Harry did the same thing when Lily was pregnant, and I think he broke a rib in the final month."

"I wasn't that bad was I?" Severus just smirked. "Alright…" Leaning back Harry watched as everyone sat around talking, laughing, drinking, almost like a family reunion with the kids running around and playing. Jaime and the younger kids were playing with toys on a blanket, and the older ones were all running around playing with balls and jump ropes Arthur bought in a muggle shop. Sirius and Remus were over talking with Bill and Camillus but Sirius waved to Harry.

"Harry!" a pregnant Ron came over to hug Harry. He was six months pregnant with his and his mates' third child a little boy they were going to name Hugo Draco.

"Hey Ron, wow you look good."

"Thanks, Draco and Blaise are going to take the kids out to the pond later do you want to join?"

"Yeah I will, but first I need some food I'm starving." Ron laughed.

"Alright, well I'll tell them you'll come once everyone eats." Ron hugged him again and Lucius before he waddled away to his mates. Harry sighed and watched the scene unfold again.

"It's really hard to believe isn't it?" Harry whispered to his mate.

"What is?" Lucius whispered back.

"All of this, me and you, Ron and his mates, my dad and best friend, the Weasleys, the Amadahys, our children, their children…to think all of this was meant for us." Lucius put an arm around Harry.

"Perhaps it is, but not to me." he kissed Harry's head. "We have many more years ahead of us now, and I can't imagine anything better." Harry had to agree, everything was fine now. Their home filled with laughter of children, and the love from Harry's family, it was all as if fate herself smiled upon them all. No more darkness, no more fears, and most of all no more wars.

Their lives weren't perfect, but they were damn close.

The End.

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Harry and Lucius: Sebastian Abraxas, Ethan Severus, Alanna Lillian, and Jaime Regina.

Ron, Draco, and Blaise: Aster William, Blair Rose and in Ron's womb Hugo Draco.

Hermione and Severus: Isabelle Rayne and in the womb Jonas Severus.

Anthony and Pansy: Antonio Liam.

Charlie and Camillus: Arthur Martinis.

Julian and George: Jasmine Aurea and Josie Maris.

Fred and Astrina: Clarissa Jane.

Sirius and Remus: Regulus John.

Bill and Fleur: Victoire and in the womb a little brother Louis, if I forgot to mention the name I apologize.

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