His knees were shaking, his body was having shivers in weird waves that started from his groin and moved to his head and his toes. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up as the rest of his skin broke out in tiny tingling goosebumps. A moan stayed dormant in the back of his throat as he held it in. Now was a bad time to moan, a highly illogical and inappropriate time to be moaning like he was getting turned on by the current situation he was in. He was turned on but that was not the point, the point was he was stuck in a tiny little hiding place pressed all up in Derek's business like there was no tomorrow, and if that moan were to slip from his lips then the possibility of there being no tomorrow for him.

He could feel Derek's breath on the back of his neck as the Alpha growled in frustration. Each time he moved to try to get comfortable his body would grind ever so closely to him, getting that hidden moan a little closer to exposing its self like a flasher in a trench coat. Stiles bit his lower lip and tried the force the sound back down but Derek was making that difficult moving around as much as he was and breathing down his neck. "Stiles will you please calm the fuck down!You're heart beat is driving me insane!" Derek growled right into his ear. Stiles would have made some sort of sarcastic comment to irritate the wolf even more but at the current moment he was afraid if he were to open his mouth that damn moan would escape.

Stiles couldn't even recall the events that lead him being trapped in a confined space with Derek, he didn't remember if there was something after them that they were hiding from, but that didn't seem right, him hiding made sense but Derek hiding in a tiny closet (if this even was a closet) with him now that was just plain strange. Honestly this whole situation made no sense like this was even reality. Derek moved again, his groin pressed against Stiles' backside. The moan finally got what it wanted, it finally gained its freedom and flew from his lips like a bird from cage. He quickly covered his mouth and prayed to god that Derek hadn't heard the noise but if Derek could hear his heartbeat then there was no possible way he missed that damn blasted moan.

The tiny closet went completely silent. "Stiles what the hell was that?" Derek growled in his ear and it was a good thing Stiles had his mouth covered because the second moan came without warning, it just came out right into his hand muffling the sound. Derek's hand suddenly moved to the front and grabbed the front of his pants. This time the moan was loud enough for him to hear despite his hand muffling the sound. "So this is what the problem is. No wonder you've been so silent Stiles." He said and rubbed him there roughly, sending wonderful sensations up his spine from the friction.

He kept moaning there was no way he could keep from making the sounds now. He rolled his hips into Derek's hand trying to get more of that feeling. It was driving him insane. "Mnn more." He finally gasped after feeling like it would be safe enough to do so. Derek unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down and slid his hand inside. He moaned even louder and bucked his hips into his hand. "Faster!" He cried out and dug his fingers into the wall. Derek's hand felt amazing, better then anything he's ever been able to do on his own. Derek moved his hand faster and the other pulled down Stiles pants, getting them around his knees.

Derek licked his fingers and pressed them at Stiles' hole. Stiles arched slightly at the invasion and he moaned. He clenched his fist and pressed against the wall moaning loudly as the fingers started to move. It hurt at fist but as he relax and his body got used to it, it began to feel strange and wonderful and weird all at the same time. "How long have you craved for this, how long have you thought about me fucking you, you want me inside you right now don't you." Derek said biting the back of his neck roughly, not breaking skin, but buried.

Stiles moaned loudly and clung to the edge of his desk in Economics. His classmates stared at him, silently laughing so they wouldn't wake him. Coach Finstock stood next to him debating on waking his student from his dream and letting him suffer the embarrassment of having a wet dream in front of everyone or letting him sleep and let him get even more embarrassed when the dream finally reached its approaching climax. "Stilinski! Hey Stilinski wake up!" He said and kicked at his chair, he didn't really want to touch him while he was moaning and twitching like he was.

Stiles didn't wake up right away. It took a few more kicks at his chair and desk before he jumped making a awkward gasping moan sound as he woke. He looked around and felt his heart stop, he wasn't stuck in a closet with Derek about to do him, he was trapped in the middle of class with everyone looking at him. Everyone was just staring but they were shaking from trying not to laugh, some of them weren't as nice and were laughing so hard they were struggling to breathe. Coach Finstock wasn't much help either. "Stilinski I'm sorry to wake you from your sweet little dream but I'm trying to teach a class so could you please wait until you're in the privacy of your own home. Before you continue."

Stiles had been embarrassed before in his life but nothing in the past could compare to the amount of embarrassment he felt right then. A part of him wanted to run from the room, but his current erection would have made that difficult and he didn't want to embarrass himself any further. He hunched over his desk and did every trick he knew to get rid of his boner.

After school he went straight home, skipping practice and he avoiding Scott (which wasn't hard to do because he was to focus on Allison). Stiles came though the door to find his dad getting ready for another long night at work. "Hey." He said and helped his dad get around. Once he had the house to himself he went upstairs to the privacy of his room. He set out his homework on the floor and sat in front of all his text books. He couldn't focus on school, all he could think about was that dream with Derek. It wasn't the first and Stiles knew it wouldn't be the last. They started after him and Scott turned him into the police for the murder of his sister and he questioned him from inside his dad's car.

The dreams started out normal enough, nothing romantic or sexual. The dreams have only just started taking a turn towards normal to smoking hot. It was making life for him difficult, especially when Scott ran off to go do something (and ended up getting distracted and making out with Allison) and leaving him with Derek for long periods of time alone. He could barely even look at the man now. He face planted into the books and grunted.

He finally forced himself to do his homework. It took much longer then normal and he yawned as he put everything back into his bag. He went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and took a shower before returning to his bedroom to get something on and go to bed. Derek was standing there, the window to his bedroom was open even though he could have sworn he locked it just to keep from intrusions such as this. "Where's Scott?"

"Damn it Derek how the hell should I know, do I look like his mother. And you do know my dad isn't home right, you could have used the front door like a normal person instead of the window like some sort of creeper. God damn who do you think you are Edward Cullen or something. Do you know how bad that would look if someone saw you crawling though my window, in my room, at night, when my dad is gone. God what if someone did see you, like a neighbor or something, that would be a wonderful little talk with my dad." Stiles said clinging to the towel around his waist. Derek glared at him in frustration.

"He's you're best friend." Derek said interrupting him in order to keep him from complaining further. and Stiles rolled his eyes and walked over to his dresser and pulled out some pajama pants. Stiles glared over at him but Derek did not move.

"Really dude some privacy would be nice. Why don't you go find Scott on your own, in case you couldn't tell but its night time and normal humans, like myself, sleep at night. Speaking of sleep do you ever do that. It just seems like your every where no matter the time, day or night your creep'n in peoples windows." Stiles complained and when Derek still didn't move and he just stood with his hands in his pockets, scowling, Stiles returned to the bathroom to get the pants on. He hoped the Derek would be gone when he returned to his room.

He wasn't. Stiles grumbled, why did he have to be here, he didn't want to have to deal with him tonight. He ignored the werewolf in his room and got into bed. "Stiles get up, your going to help me find Scott." Derek told him, Stiles pulled a pillow and held it over his head. No matter what, he just couldn't get a moments peace. He had been to afraid to even masturbate, he could lock the window and his door but creepers always a way inside.

"No! I'm going to go to sleep and go to school. Find him yourself if its so damn important." Stiles snapped which he had to admit wasn't very bright on his part. He heard a snarl come from Derek and his skin broke out in goosebumps. Derek grabbed the blankets and pulled them from the bed. Stiles curled up into a ball and grumbled even louder. "Nuuuuuuu."

Derek growled again even louder in response. "I wasn't asking! Now get out of that bed before I drag you out by my teeth." He said threateningly. Stiles was tired, he had a long day, he had a awkward sex dream about this guy in front of everyone, he didn't want to be near him. It was too much sexually frustration for one day, he couldn't handle it.

"Go a head! Try it." Stiles said underneath the pillow, taking a big risk. This could go one of two ways, Derek killed him, or Derek would actually pull him from the bed but there would be no teeth involved. Derek tore the blanket away from his face, he could feel his breath on his neck. He closed his eyes, maybe he was wrong maybe there would be teeth, he gripped the sheets and waited.

Derek's teeth brushed along the nape of his neck and he growled in his ear. "Get up now!" He growled but still Stiles pushed even further and refused. Derek bit down on the back of his neck, not hard, just enough to let him know that he wasn't playing. Stiles buried his face into the sheets, he could feel his skin getting hot and his heart beat started to get quick. "You're scared." Derek growled.

"I'm not scared." He said back at him. Derek was about to call him out on being a liar but when he listened he heard truth. Stiles wasn't scared. He growled and bit the back of his neck a little rougher, he was being careful not to brake skin, he knew it would only piss Scott off if he were to accidentally turn his best friend.

Stiles could feel the start of a moan forming withing his throat. It was a lot harder to fight back then it was in his dream. His blood began to move south and now he was determined to stay belly down on that bed. He gripped the sheets even tighter and squeezed his eye lids together. "Why must you be so difficult!" He snarled in his ear and grabbed him yanking him out of the bed and tossing him were the blankets sat. Stiles quickly tried to cover his front but he knew it was to late. Derek had seen it, he knew it. His life was over.

Derek stared at him before grabbing the blanket and pulling it back. "Well that explains your heartbeat." He said as he stood above him, his hands no longer in his pockets. Stiles gulped he was terrified, he really thought that Derek was going to kill him. Kill him and leave nothing left all because he got aroused by him biting his neck. This wasn't how he wanted to go. Derek got in his face and there was a silent rumbling growl in the back of his throat, Stiles closed his eyes, Derek's teeth brushed along the side of his neck and he nipped his ear, his stubble scratching his face as he did so. Stiles couldn't help it, he couldn't hold it in, he moaned loudly and actually tiled his neck so Derek could get at more of his skin.

Stiles covered his mouth and quickly shoved Derek back. "I can explain! This...this isn't what it looks like." Stiles said and tried to think of any other reason why he would have a boner and why he just allowed Derek to bite his neck and ear. He just sat there speechless. Derek pushed him back down into the blankets and kissed him. Biting his lip and sliding his tongue into his mouth. Stiles eyes went wide and his whole body gave a shiver.

Derek moved to his waist and licked up his stomach and chest. Stiles moaned and closed his eyes. He pinched his arm to see if this was a dream or not. Derek kissed him again and this time he was able to kiss back. He tasted him on his tongue and he took the time to enjoy each little area of Derek's mouth. Derek quickly parted from him and moved to the window. "Your father is home. He's coming up the stairs right now." He said. Stiles quickly turned to the door grabbing his blankets and quickly tried to get back into bed. He pretended to be asleep when his dad opened the door to check on him.

Once the door closed again Stiles flew out of his bed and ran to the window. He stuck his head out it and whispered Derek's name under his breath but the Alpha wolf was gone. Stiles grumbled and closed the window, locking it even though he knew it did him no good. After he fixed the little problem that formed in his pants he went back to bed now with one goal in his mind. He was going to sleep with Derek Hale.


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