The all year annual charity event of the year, the event no one really gives a shit about yet we waste are money on to get a good look. We've got the dicks, the gold diggers, the escorts, the fakes, the braggers, the ones who actually care, and then the ones who have nothing better to do. That would be me.

A glance around I can already tell the host is one who'd fit in with the braggers. Glass sculptures lay upon every table, diamond curtains grace every entry way here. Layers of mahogany lay upon the wall, masking in the dimmed glow of the chandeliers.

Ivory ash trays sit on every table, filled with the ash of the Zino Platinum crown cigars. I bring it to my lips and inhale letting the smoke calm my senses. My lips numb, my mind relaxed, my senses slowed yet alert.

I sit back and observe my surroundings. The men around me, three of the wealthiest men no doubt, yet they put up these facades that they think will hide their true identities but it's nothing more than a see through curtain.

It's nothing for Christian Grey. I'm the master of clothing my emotions. I watch them the, observe them, analyze them. My competition, still they don't faze me. They laugh, they smoke, they drink, and they flirt. None of them are true icons, as they are seen as in the public eye. They are in no way worthy of their fortune. Yet neither am I, I am nothing but a sadist.

I bring the cigar up to my lips, there a little dry from the impact of the smoke. Of course my mother would be admonishing me right now, yet who gives a fuck right? We are all bound to die sometime.

With a quick lick of my lips I inhale and hold the smoke in for a bit. Close my eyes, blow out, and lay back.

Janet is out for a week, my back up sub Brittany is also of no use to me at the moment. These cigars are the only thing subduing my horniness at the moment. My body has gotten to a numb state, a state I relish in.

The numbness cradles me, possessing my body. Instead of feeling, Instead of acknowledging, instead of thinking, I ignore it all.

A thick coat of cold wind brushes past my skin making my lips once more dried out. My eyes dart open as I lick my lips again and lay the cigar on the ash tray.

Shifting my head towards the door I can see it now; the party has only just begun.

In she walks black silk dress clinging on her body, hugging her curves, enhancing her beauty. How I'd wish to be that dress.

Line slit down the leg, exposing pale, sleek, velvety skin. Her skin glows in the dimmed lights, glistening, calling me, longing to be touched.

Raven, Jet black hair, overflowing down her back. Black, thick locks glistening over her shoulder shielding her face from me.

Shapley curves fill in the dress, two full breasts, and one plump ass. Oh please turn and look at me. Another gust of wind passes by revealing her face at last.

With a quick flip she pushes the hair out of her face, and gives me a look over her shoulder.

To say her face was seductive would have to be an understatement. Her eyes a possessive, scorching black, coated with a full sheet of eyelashes.

Fine, sharp eyebrows enhance her face making her look all the more engulfing. I'm afraid to admit, me Christian Grey got a taste of his own medicine. For a moment or maybe longer I was caught in the trap that was this woman.

Her beauty mark lies just above the end of her lip, giving her all the more a sexy appeal. Plus with the faint smile she gave me I could have sworn I saw a hint of dimples.

With a tug on her lush lips, I can almost feel the sexual pull towards her. Her aroma screams confidence, mystery, seduction… sex.

Yet there is a hint of innocence that is hard to ignore.

From the minute she walked in, I noticed I'm not the only one whose attention she's stolen. She took the show, all eyes lay on her.

I crave her. I have this overwhelming urge to be inside of her.

Before my mind can catch up with the recent events I am already up and going to her.

Of course by the gleam in her eye and the smile on her lips she is one step ahead of me. She's playing a game with me. I catch her by the elbow, her back facing my front.

"Going so soon are we? But you just arrived?" I say huskily.

It takes a bit for me to register that I am in contact with her skin. Just as I'd imagine it to be, soft, honey like.

"Yes, but I am a smart enough girl to sense when it is time for me to go, and you look like trouble to me." I can't see her face like I desperately want to but I can hear the smirk in her tone.

Two can play, and unfortunately I can play better.

"Just tell me one thing before you go." I say inching closer to her back, holding my grip more firmly, touching my cheek to the side of her head.

"What's that?" She asks almost innocently.

"How loud do you think you're going to scream when I fuck you?"

1..2..3..? What the fuck? No intake of breath, no sign at all of weakness.

Slowly she turns around, grabs me by my tie and brings me closer.

"No. How good do you think it would feel to have me wrap my mouth around you, to have me make you feel like a man, to let you take total and complete dominance over me?" Grey to black and the tables have turned.

My jaw is tight, my muscles clenching, I grab her hand and pry it off of my tie pulling her closer to me.

"You play your cards well, now how about we cut the shit and get straight on to business. I don't know why or how, but ever since you walked in the door the only thing controlling my action is the overwhelming need this force coursing through me telling me to fuck you. Now whether you want to give people a show I suggest we go back to my place."

Then she does something that struck me right in my core, made me harder than ever, made me inhale slowly, and try to remember that I need to exhale.

She laughed.

No not the ordinary laugh or the harmless giggle.

Nothing more than a mouth watering, dick hardening, seductive laugh. A laugh that screamed sexiness, danger, trouble, fun.

"Maybe you might want to reconsider. I'm not the ordinary girl, who pretends to be innocent, when I know I am not. I'm vindictive, possessive, and cruel at times. I sin, I'm a sinner and I own up to those sins. I'm trouble, danger, challenging."

I smirk, and never break eye contact with her. No doubt she is, well ditto.

"Well I'm up for the challenge."

Then as I thought I'd never see it, I saw a hint of break through, weakness. Only for a second though as she quickly cleared it up.

Her head bowed down a bit, as she contemplated. There's my advantage take it and go.

"One night. I want to kiss you. Touch you. Want you. Lick you. Need you. Taste you. Feel you. Eat you. Squeeze you. Fuck you… Slowly. All night long, until you scream out and feel an ecstasy, and roll your head back, and revel in the feel of me bringing you to heights you'd never thought possible. And what's even better is you'll want me to."

There it was again that look of weakness.

Uh- OH somebody isn't so strong, which means Grey's got it back.

Then in the midst of it all, I can hear the word that may have made my day, maybe even my year. Although it was the faintest innocent sound, it was music to my ears.