I've had this idea for a while. SO wanted to get it out on paper before i forget it.


Closer- Kings Of Leon

Sex on fire- Kings Of Leon

Not enough room in this elevator.

Breath Christian, take a god damn breath. I'm in control.

I'm the puppeteer. I'm the host, I own the show.

I risk a glance at her, and regret it.

There she stands in all her glory, eyes hooded, lips parted, and chest rising slowly. She's ready, almost as ready as I am.

One look at her I know she's toxic, dark.

But I can't stop the need in me the want, the urgency I feel next to her.

I know she's no angle, but it's perfect. Nether am I.

I'm the blackness coaxing her own darkness.

I'm twisted, I'm a sadist, I'm venomous. The perfect match.

The elevator opens, I'm free. One more second in there would have been torture indeed. I was about to break, I was lost in the flood of desire she entailed.

I take out my key.

She bites her lip.

I inhale and swallow.

She bites down even harder.

I fumble with the key in the door.

She rubs her leg up her thigh.

I pray for the door to open.

She licks her lip.

I'm about to give in until.

Click. The door opens.

I waste no time in pulling her to me, removing the articles of clothing.






"You bit me?" I cover the mark with my hand, shocked.

"I never said I wouldn't." She's breathless, nothing hiding her body but her panties, stockings and heels.

I grunt and continue my assault on her lips.

I grasp her hands in mine pushing her to the wall while attaching her to the cuffs.

She looks up surprised, before glancing back at me.

Eyes dark, blacker than ever, smiling with a sense of evilness.

"No more surprises." I whisper to her.

I move up to her, bodies' barely touching, breaths heavy, sweat laced on our skins.

My hands move to either side of the wall keeping my balance as I lean in to tug on her ear.

Moan. The pull of the restraints, rattle of chains.

"You're enjoying this." I whisper, smirk playing on my lips.

"How much?" I ask again, tongue trailing up to her cheek bone.

"There's no words to explain good sex. However there are not enough words to explain bad sex. This is just the opening act, I'll tell you how I feel after the main event."

She's breathless. She likes it.

A chuckle just barley escapes my lips making me run my nose and lips over her head, past her lips.

She's panting.

"Well then prepare to be speechless."

There it is, that seductive mouth watering laugh. Her legs wrap around me merging out bodys close together.

She's quick, I note.

My arms go to her legs holding them in place, I smile against her neck.

Her face rolls over so she's facing me.

"I like your laugh." I say staring at her lips, small smirk daring to show.

She returns the look, leering at my lips.

Teeth graze her lips, tongue coats her upper lip.

"That's not all you'll like about me."

My eye's flicker up to her.

Grip on her legs gets tighter.

Erection gets higher.

Breathing accelerates.

I can almost hear how wet she is.

Very nice.

"I'm sure it's not." I reply, head cocked, eyes squinted, I bite my lip.

It has the same affect I see.

Good to know.

Unlocking her legs from me, I drop to my knees.

Lace black panties hide me from my prize.

I want my prize.

I draw I a breath, smelling my affect on her.

This is what I do to you… Me.

Sucking lightly on her thigh, I tug lightly on her skin.

She gasps.


I kiss upwards, aware of her weighted breathing.

Here we are, my destination.

Tease her, make her wanting, needy.

With a quick suck I linger on her sex, satisfied with the moans I get.

This isn't even the half of it. We've only just started.

I trail my finger along the rim of her underwear. This color fits her.

I pull gently reveling yet another surprise.

This woman is full of them, I see.

In black script is a tattoo saying

In your dreams…

She senses I've stopped and looks down at me.

I get a grin in return.

"This is your dream come true." She says seductively.

Yet again the tables have turns.

I'm panting. I'm wanting. I'm needy.

I haul the lace off of her, and get to work on turning the tables once again.

I need complete and utter control. I will make you weak once again.

Her hips sway, legs buckle, bones rattle.

This is how it's meant to be.

Her legs are lifted on to my shoulders, locked around my neck.

This is Christian Grey, at his best.

With every lick, with every tug, with every suck only the most desirable, captivating noises escape her mouth.

I try tuning her out, and focus on the task at hand.

It's no use; my dick is going to a point of no return.

I no longer want, but need, must be inside her.

The little vixen is so tempting. She's stolen the power, she's in control.

I dash up unlocking her cuffs, and taking her in my arms.

She's manipulating me with nothing but a sound.

She doesn't even know she's doing it.

She's taking the show.

My oh my, Grey isn't in control once again.


I stare into her eyes, what is it I'm missing?

What is it about you?

And there it is in the mist of desire and lust.

She knows, she knows what she's doing to me.

Little bitch.

She unwraps herself from me and walks to the other side of the room.

She sways her hips, embraces her body.

She knows she's a woman, and she knows the power she entails.

Fuck she's got me right by the balls.

She runs her fingers along the whips and floggers.

My dick thumping. It's beating.

She places her foot on the bench, un-strapping her heels.

My dick jumps.

She hooks her fingers in the stockings bringing them down agonizingly slow.

I take a step forward, she shakes her index finger.

Well why the fuck not?!

She's teasing Grey!

I stop in my tracks.

The only one who's going to pleasure you today is yourself, the voice in my head reminds me.

Fuck, it's true.

Taking my manhood in my hands I move slowly, savoring the sight of her.

Her lips lock in her teeth, her finger elongate her nipples.

Her head is back, mouth open.

She's entering her bliss, she's in her frenzy.

Without me.

By now I'm taking it out on my dick.

Each movement is laced with anger and want.

Her fingers trail to her entrance, as she pleasures herself.

She took my prize, she's enjoying it.

I'm waiting in vain.

She's bringing herself to her high, taking over my job.

I can feel my dominance floating away.

Quickly I glide to her pulling her fingers out of herself.

She's shocked, point for Grey.

Taking her fingers I take them in my mouth, sucking slowly, savoring.

"My job." I whisper to her.

With a quick tug on her lip, I pick her up and lay her on my awaiting friend.

It took long enough, but we got there.

With each thrust I enter this trance, this ecstasy.

My bones are chilled, she feels like none under.

Can it be? I'm the one who's at lost for words?

Her hands are clawing at my skin.

My hands tracing her curves.

Hands in hair, hands down there.

Lips on my neck, my dick is stiffening.

My lips on her breasts, she's convulsing around me.

Her teeth bites at my jaw, I come right behind her.

We've entered this euphoria together.

Her head lolled back, my mouth taking in as much of her as I can get.

Sounds of pure pleasure intensifies our highs.

We both still, it's happen. It was amazing.

"Speechless." She whispers into my neck.

I couldn't of said it better myself.