Legends of Minecraftia

Summary: Lee Paul Wadey is a Bounty Hunter of very high skill and has served the Tia Royal Family, loyally, for five years. However a great evil has returned and monsters are beginning to haunt the night once more. Herobine, Black King and Lord of Beasts, has returned from his thousand year exile in the Nether Realm. With the Kingdom being slowly swallowed by shadows, Lee must gather a group of unlikely warriors and take the fight to Herobine.

But they must first defeat the Acolytes of Darkness if they are to find a way to kill a Immortal.

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Race: (Human, Dwarf or Elf and oddly enough a Enderman, though I will only accept one Enderman )


Equipment: ( If Enderman ignore)

Occupation: (What Job they have) (If Enderman Ignore)



Home Country: (This can be made up as Minecraftia is in-measurable)


Name: Lee Paul Wadey

Age: 26

Race: Human

Personality: A man that loves the thrill of the hunt and the taste of diamond, gold and silver. Lee is also a honourable man and will see a contract through to the end and if the job benefit's a entire community in need or a poor family, he will only take a quarter of the original Price. Lee enjoys Elf literature and music but likes Dwarf ale a tad bit too much, though it generally brings out the more fun nature of the usually serious Bounty Hunter. He is rather smitten with Princess Agatha Tia.

Equipment: Leather Cap, Leather Armour, Enchanted Iron Axe, Elvin Longbow and Leather Shoes.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (1st class License that allows him to hunt criminals in the Human Kingdoms Capital)

Skills: Archery, Close Combat, Persuasion and Tracking

History: Lee was always a child with remarkable skill with the Bow and Axe, soon he was briefly drafted into the Legions but soon left as he did not like the ritualistic army life. At eighteen he decided to become a Bounty Hunter and joined the Heeper Creeper Bounty Lodge, located in the city of Azatul. At 21 he became one of the best in the business and is one of only six people to gain a 1st Class Licence to hunt the scum of the Holy Capital of Paradiso. It was during this time that he stumbled a plot to kill the Princess Agatha so the Noble families could slowly take over the throne when the King died. It was Lee's first encounter with the Cult of Herobine, led by a possessed Baron Zarazel. Thankfully Lee stopped the Plot and killed Zarazel but was warned that the Black King would return. Lee now works as the Palaces personal Bounty Hunter, where he has slowly fell for the charms of Agatha. However soon this brief happiness will give way to darker days as Herobine returns from exile.


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