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Burning rays of the sun shine through the window and take its raft on me. My eyes hurt, my head is pounding, and my body aches.

What the fuck happened last night?

Peeking open my eyes I try to get used to the light, but it's too harsh on my fragile eyes.

I move my hand around in search of something to shield me from the attack of the light. I finally latch my hand on a pillow and hold it up blocking the sun from my view.

I blink a couple of time to adjust my eyes to my surroundings.

Where am I?

The last thing I recall was me and Kate going out for a couple of drinks now I am in a big place, laying on a couch, with what I'm pretty sure is a hangover, even though I've never had one.

Moving the pillow a bit I look around some more and find a very drunk man on the floor. Looking back down to me, I see I am in nothing but a big shirt.

Shit, shit, shit.

I quickly dash up, not minding my headache and throw a pillow at the man. With a grunt he looks up at me and sits up clutching his head on his hands.

"Fuck! I haven't has a hangover since I was a teenager." His looks don't faze me right now, since my mind is flustered on whether or not I'm a virgin and why I can't remember.

"No time for this Charlie." His head shoots up and his jaw tightens.

"It's Christian, Anastasia." He says my name hinting at least he remember my name. Big woop, who gives a shit right now.

"I could care less right now. All I know is I am in what I think is your shirt, and I'm in what I think is your house, with a shirtless you and we both have hangovers." I say exasperated.

He runs his hands through his hair, and I catch sight of his ring finger, which has a ring on it.

"Great, and your fucking married. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

His eyes widen in shock as he checks his ring finger. He suddenly stands up right and looks between me and the ring with utter disbelief.

"I'm Not…" he fades off still in shock.

"Oh yea your not married. It's pretty damn late to lie now." I say annoyed.

I mirror his acting by running my hand through my hair, only to feel something cold rub against my forehead and hair.

Curiosity takes over as I check my hand. My mouth hanging slightly, my lungs begging for air, my eyes widen with shock.

I stare at the two rings on my fingers.

"Ch-Christian." I say cautiously.

His eyes dart to me quickly than to my hand, and his eyes widen even more.

"What the fuck did we do last night?" I say breathlessly.