Deeks quietly walked down the passageway of the ship, very aware of the late hour and not wanting to draw attention to himself. Christmas Eve festivities had ended in the mess hall and the majority of personnel had retired for the night.

Hetty had disappeared wth the Captain for a late night toast dragging Callen reluctantly along. Kensi plead tiredness and retired to her quarters earlier in the evening. When she left, Deeks had seen the sadness in her eyes that she had tried to hide. He knew Christmas was a tough holiday for her and being at sea made it just a little harder.

He readjusted the case over his shoulder and the grip he had on the bags he carried. Christmas on a carrier in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a few thousand military men and women, was not quite the Christmas he had envisioned. He laughed softly to himself as he thought about his daydreams of snowcovered mountains and spending non-work, off-duty time with his favorite partner.

Seems like how it always works- he finally takes a leap and lands flat on his face, he thought shaking his head. Being Deeks though, meant he gets up, dusts himself off and comes up with a plan B. He smiles to himself as he found the door he was looking for and knocked softly. A few moments of silence and restless rustling later the door finally cracked open and a pair of beautiful mismatched brown eyes stared out at him.

"Deeks," she hissed her eyes wide with surprise, "Its late what are you doing here? This is the women's wing- nonfraternization, remember?" She looked up and down the passageway before she quickly yanked him into her room.

"Miss me?" he asked laughting softly down at her upturned face. His eyes travelled over her long chestnut hair and gray USMC t-shirt and shorts she wore, taking in the makeup that still adorned her face. "Not expecting anyone, were you?" he asked only half in jest as his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Deeks.." she started warningly with an eyeroll. "Why are you up here? Couldn't find a playdate for the night?" she shot back.

"Jealous?" he accused with his eyebrow lifted questioningly.

"Ha, I'm not the one who gave myself a concussion earlier," she lightly teased reaching up and gently touching the lump on his forehead.

"Funny girl," he returned dryly as he reached up and grabbed her hand. They both stopped and stared intently at each other before Deeks broke eye contact and walked towards the bed. "Fit for a queen. A bit cramped in here but we can make it work," he said looking around.

"We're not making anything "work" Deeks," she said exasperatedly.

"What a dirty mind you have, Kens," he teased as he began opening the case he brought in.

"I was trying to go to bed," she said huffily.

"Please don't let me stop you," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at her playfully. He pulled out his laptop and began plugging it in on top of the nightstand he had repositioned in front of the nightstand.

"Pervert," she responded as she watched him move around the small room. "I'm not watching porn with you."

"Definitely a dirty mind," he said laughing. A few moments later he turned around and looked both proud and slightly hesitant that he may have overstepped his bounds.

"Well, Fern. I brought Christmas Eve to you," he started shyly. "Ice cream cups, courtesy of the mess hall and beer, well rootbeer that is, since we're here." He pulled out the treats and began laying them out half expecting a punch in the arm.

"Deeks?" she started her voice cracking slightly.

"So, Miracle on 34th St. or Its a Wonderful Life?" he asked holding up two DVDs as he finally met her eyes.

She gazed at him softly, her eyes slightly shiny before she finally answered with a shaky smile, "Its a Wonderful Life, definitely."

Deeks sat down and positioned a pillow behind his back before he leaned against the wall and apped the spot next to him. She slipped off her shoes and sat beside him, their sides touching on the single bed. He reached over and started the movie grabbing the sweet treats and handing them to Kensi with a smile as they began to watch the holiday classic.

Sometime later in the night he felt a slight shiver against his side. He reached down and grabbed the blanket that sat on the end of the bed and covered them. He felt her wiggle as she repositioned herself comfortably against him. He looked down tenderly at the woman who was now tucked tightly against him, her head on his chest and hand tightly grasping his t-shirt.

"Thank you" she murmured softly in the darkness.

"Merry Christmas," he said softly as he wrapped his arms around her and lightly kissed her on top of her head. He felt her smile against his chest as he drifted off to sleep.

"Oh, my." Hetty said quietly as she opened the door to the stateroom she was to share with her younger female agent. Her eyes drifted to one of the beds where her youngest team members were sleeping peacefully in what she could only describe as a lovers embrace, the tenderness undeniable. She quickly smirked to herself and stepped out of the room. Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Callen would mind a bunkmate for the night, she thought to herself in amusement. A ship shape Christmas, indeed.

This was going to be a one-shot but a part two is tempting. Christmas Day? Any thoughts?