The Doctor poked his head into Bree's dark room. Through the gloom he saw Bree wrapped up in the comforter, scrunched into a ball. He gave a low, throaty chuckle before slipping into the room as quietly as he could. Pausing when Bree moaned lowly, rolling over on to her back; the comforter sliding down to her waist as she kicked in her sleep, he resumed his walk to the side of Bree's bed. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, he carefully sung his legs up on to the bed to sit with the sleeping girl.

The last time he had stayed with her was when she had that bad dream; he could still see the haunted look on her face when she had described it to him. But that was a while ago; long time ago. Now it was December 20, well; for Bree's timeline it was, and not too far from Christmas. He wasn't particularly happy that he would be celebrating it without Amy and Rory; but at least he had Bree to keep him company. The Doctor was rather excited to see the look on Bree's face on Christmas morning when she would open his present. With help from River and the old girl, he managed to pick out the perfect gift for the little writer.

As he thought of all this; he watched the sleeping girl. It wasn't that he was trying to be creepy; it was just that since he never got too much sleep himself because he did not need it as badly, it was just interesting to watch. While Bree slept on under the watchful of eye of the Time Lord. She was paler than usual while she slept; the only real color was her pink lip, appearing fuller than usual as well. The Doctor had figured out quickly with Bree around that she looked very different when she first wakes up or when she's asleep compared to how she looks throughout the day. And even in her TARDIS blue tank top and grey sweat pants, the Doctor thought she still looked lovely.

Lovely in a sad way though. she hadn't much during the day, and little of what she did say usually involved her getting closer to him; or wishing for tomorrow to never come. The Doctor had assured Bree that even though December 21 was supposedly doomsday, nothing would happen. But Bree had insisted that it wasn't the supposed doomsday that was bothering her; and Bree being Bree, (well, not really Bree because it wasn't her real name) refused to reveal what was wrong.

As the Doctor thought more; he finally realized that the way Bree had been acting around him today was as though she was afraid he himself would disappear into thin air in front of her. What was she afraid of the Doctor wondered; and with questions swirling in his head, got up off the bed. Leaning over Bree, he kissed her on her pale forehead, mentally sending her sweet dreams and warm, tender thoughts; because what Bree had said to him many times before, they were family. And as the Doctor left the room, thinking he was glad to have Bree for family, he never saw the silent, sleepy tears slide down Bree's cheeks as she smiled sadly amidst her dreams.