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The windows of the carriage rattled as the train moved. There was noise and there were some slight bumps of the carriage on the rails.

Gray was sat by the window, arms crossed, feet planted firmly on the floorboard and his jaw clenched. His eyes weren't visible due to his bangs covering them but he had his head tilted slightly to the window, which meant that he might be looking through it. On his left side was Lucy, sitting and staring forward, hands clenched on her lap.

The figures residing on the seat opposite them caught both Gray and Lucy's attention, though.

Natsu – or the person they thought was Natsu – was lying on the cushy seat, still unconscious but the group had previously joked (albeit very tensely) that at least there would be no groans due to the motion sickness.

Happy was by Natsu's side, lying down for the moment.

No-one had said a word since the train had started moving but the silence was heavy – one could cut it with a knife.

So, as the landscape outside the window quickly faded as it was engulfed by night's greedy fingers, the three friends began to relax – just a tiny bit. The strain was getting to be too much for their bodies. Before they knew it, they were asleep.

Gray started, blinking and looking around. It was dark, too dark since there should be some lights in the carriage.

Feeling himself being gripped by an unexplainable anxiety Gray slowly closed his hand around Lucy's shoulder but frowned when she didn't react when he gave it a little shake. He shook it harder and gasped when her body slipped from the seat and fell heavily to the ground.

"Lucy…" he said breathlessly. Then he turned to Happy who was curler around by Natsu's head. He touched him and noticed that the little furry body was cold. "Hey, Happy!" He grabbed the blue cat and placed him on his side and tried to shake him awake, but it was all for naught.

A muffled groan brought him from his musings, making the ice mage turn to its source – which was Natsu.

"N-Natsu? Are you awake- are you okay?"

There was a reply that was muffled by the cushion but it turned into laughter which became more and more clear as Natsu straightened and sat up.

Eyes that were completely white stared at Gray from his friend's face. He was still laughing as blood started running down his face.

Shock locked Gray's muscles making him unable to move and condemning him to watch as his friend's body started to fall apart before his own eyes.

"It's scary, isn't it?" asked a familiar voice from the train's aisle.

Gray's head turned sharply in that direction. What he saw made his mouth fall. It was… another Natsu – a translucent Natsu – who was standing on the aisle, hand poised on the back of the seat where broken-Natsu was still laughing, now shrilly.

Mayhem exploded around Gray. There was a blast somewhere in his surroundings and blood started flowing, reaching Lucy's body on the wooden floor at the same time that some splattered Happy's fur and hit Gray's face and chest. It burned but not even that was able to turn Gray's attention from the figure he knew was the Salamander. He seemed so uncharacteristically sad, gazing at the unfortunate mess that was happening to his body. When he turned his eyes towards Gray, the latter could feel anguish well in the most deep recesses of his being. Natsu had never looked so desolate, in all the time they had known each other. It broke Gray's heart.

When the fire mage's lips moved, the words intoned were filled with the same sadness portrayed by the translucent body.

"It seems that I'm lost." His eyes descended to look at the gory mess on the seat, before focusing on Gray again. "Will you find me?"

Before Gray could say anything, the floor shook violently and broke, sending a cloud of smoke to the world.

Gray started, blinking and looking around. Darkness had descended upon the carriage but small lamps lit the space at regular intervals.

Things were the same as before he had fallen asleep.

The ice mage heaved a relieved sigh. It had all been a dream. Just a dream.

Seconds after he had thought that, Happy and Lucy jolted awake and tried to regain their breaths.

"Are you okay?" Gray asked.

"Let me… just, let me…" Lucy gasped out, holding her shirt. "I just had a terrible nightmare."

"Aye, so did I," said Happy, flying to lie on the small space between the two mages' tights. His fur was raised.

"You… did?" Gray mumbled, surprised.

"Yes! It was Natsu-"

"And chaos was everywhere! All around us-"

"He was sad-"

"Natsu told me he was lost…" Gray stated in a hollow tone.

"Yes!" Lucy and Happy all but shouted in unison, mindless of the other passengers on the carriage. Some annoyed "Shut up, will you?" followed the outburst.

Guiltily, Lucy continued, now in a low voice.

"Natsu wanted us to find him."

"He didn't seem himself," Happy interjected. "I never saw Natsu that sad."

The three nodded and looked at the unconscious body in front of them.

"I hope it doesn't take long before we reach the place…" Gray said, finally.

And he really couldn't. His hand was already reaching unconsciously towards his pocket and his blood was singing his need.

Damn it! He needed a smoke – again. But that need was being overpowered by a huge bad feeling at what might happen if he let this Natsu out of his sight.

Leaning his forehead against the cool glass of the window, Gray breathed deeply and urged the train to go faster, at the same time that his fingers tapped restlessly against his leg.

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