It was 3:00 in the morning; and Weird Girl still couldn't get to sleep.

It had been three days since her beloved cat and only friend Mr. Whiskers had passed away, and she felt terrible for letting him die.

"I didn't want this to happen," she whispered to one of her dolls "I didn't mean to kill him!" she began to cry into her pillow as she thought about her poor dead cat. "If only I could bring him back!" She began to cry harder.

Just then she got an idea. "Wait a minute," she said "Maybe I can bring him back." It worked for Victor; why wouldn't it work for her?

But then she remembered. Mr. Whiskers was now a monster. If she brought him back he'd probably kill someone, or more likely; everyone. But he'd still be her cat, wouldn't he? Maybe she could train him not to try to bite everyone… No, it wouldn't work, would it? "Oh, Mr. Whiskers," she sobbed "I just want you back!"

Suddenly she spotted a transparent blob in the corner of her room. As the shape began to get clearer, it took on the form of a fluffy white cat. Her cat! "Mr. Whiskers?" she whispered. The cat looked up, then half walked and half floated toward her.

"Oh; Mr. Whiskers you're really back!" she cried; as she hugged the ghost cat, her arms going right through him.

Mr. Whiskers purred and began to lick his paw. "I'm so sorry Mr. Whiskers," said Weird Girl, "You know that I never ever wanted to kill you, right? I hope you can forgive me, my sweet kitty." Mr. Whiskers stopped cleaning his paw and meowed. Weird Girl hugged him again. Then he floated over to the end of the bed, curled up, and seemed to go to sleep, like he'd always done when he was alive.

"Good night Mr. Whiskers," said Weird Girl, "Sweet dreams."