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Fai D. Flourite walked down the streets of a small town a bright smile directed at everyone around him magical and not alike. He weaved his way through the crowd avoiding the groups of people. If he had the time he would have stopped to get a drink and chat with the shop owners but he had to get to the city of Saru before sunset and it was still quite a ways off. If he needed to get a drink there was a river located right outside city limits and he could fill his canteen there. Fai looked up at the sky and when he noticed where the sun was he quickened his pace.

Fai left the town and skipped along the river. He let the hood on his long jacket down so that he could see the sky better than fur lined blue that he had seen in town when he had looked. In his hand he held a large gold staff with light blue gems. Fai looked around at the scenery not really taking much in but he had nothing else to do since he was traveling on his own.

Fai had been traveling with two teenagers, Syaoran and Sakura, but they had reached their home town of Clow a while ago so Fai was back on the road by himself not that he minded. He was a very cheerful, independent person, and it took a lot to ruin that. Both Syaoran and Sakura had begged that he stay with them for some time so that he could rest but Fai had to decline. He had been traveling long enough to know that if you stay someplace too long you tend to want to stay forever. Fai couldn't do that, he had promised himself a long time ago that he would keep moving and not stop.

Fai turned his head at the sound of rushing water. There was a tall waterfall a few yards ahead, Fai grabbed his canteen and walked towards it. Fai kneeled down and dipped the canteen under the water. He glanced at the waterfall and smiled. He jumped back when a large black claw about half as tall of Fai came through the wall of water and swung at him. Fai landed on his feet and tilted his head as he watched more of the creature come out from behind the water. It was a large black dragon with long horns, red eyes, and silver under scales.

"Hello there!" Fai greeted as though the dragon hadn't tried to slice him in half with his claws. The dragon growled and swung his tail as Fai. Fai just jump over it with his smile never falling from his face. Fai landed again and pouted jokingly. "Mr. Dragon is so unsocial you're supposed to say 'hello' back silly" Fai stated.

"Why should I reply to an annoying mage?" The Dragon replied with a deep and slightly ruff voice, from lack of use, Fai supposed. Fai stretched his arms up loosening his muscles; he hadn't had to move like this in a while. Fai pointed at the dragon.

"Ah~ But Mr. Dragon just replied so it seems I don't have to answer that question" Fai smiled up at the dragon and lowered his arm. The Dragon glared at Fai.

"Stop calling me that" The Dragon snarled and swatted his claws at Fai who dodged and ended up back where he had originally been. He shed his coat and set it next to his staff. Since it was thick he was having just the slightest amount of trouble moving around as fast as he needed too and of course he didn't want it to get dirty.

"Well then what would you like me to call you?" Fai asked as he walked closer to the large beast. The dragon watched Fai walk. He had known when the man had kneeled down beside the water that he was a Mage. He could smell the magic and he never liked mages because they were always using they're magic for no one but themselves never helping another even if that person would die. The dragon had watched it happen many times before. Fai got within 10 feet before the dragon growled menacingly causing Fai to stop and look up with a smile.

"If you must call me something before I kill you my name is Kurogane" Kurogane stated and Fai noticed just how proud this creature was. Fai thought about the name before he snapped his fingers and replied.

"Kuro-ryuu then, oh yes I like that it suits you well~" Fai chimed and laughed a little. Kurogane growled and Fai could see his tail swishing angrily. "Well it's nice to meet you Kuro-ryuu my name is Fai D. Flourite but you can just call me Fai" Fai bowed gracefully with a smile still in place.

"Tch! Stupid Mage you won't be around long enough for me to care what your name is" Kurogane lunged at Fai, teeth bared, ready to bite Fai in half. Fai gracefully jumped out of the way and dodged every following slash of claw and tail, smiling the whole time."Stay still puny mage" Kurogane growled as he made another slash at Fai, who jumped over it.

"But if I do that Kuro-ryuu will get me and that's no fun~" Fai replied ducking under Kurogane's tail as it swung at his head. Kurogane glared and lunged forward with his claw aimed to cut Fai across the chest. Fai jumped back but went back too far and ended up landing on the edge of the river back, slipping, and falling into the water. Fai sat up and shook the water from his hands with a smile. Kurogane pushed Fai back with his claws and held him down where his head was the only thing above the water.

"You lose mage" Kurogane smirked when he saw Fai's smile falter slightly. Fai looked up at Kurogane and smiled as brightly as he could manage in his situation. Kurogane snarled and pressed down harder causing Fai to cough under the pressure and weight.

"It seems that way Kuro-ryuu, but what is your prize exactly?" Fai asked once he recovered from the lack of air and the pressure on his chest. Kurogane loosened the pressure on Fai slightly.

"I get to burn you to a crisp" Kurogane replied. Fai nodded but asked another question.

"What if I could offer you a better prize?" Fai smiled up at Kurogane and waited for a reply, trying his best to ignore the trouble he was having breathing. Kurogane thought about it. If he didn't like what the mage offered he could always burn him.

"I'll listen but you're staying there Mage" Kurogane replied and Fai pouted.

"You could at least use my name Kuro-ryuu" Fai complained before explaining. "I couldn't help but notice that the space behind the waterfall is barely big enough for a large dragon like you to live comfortably in," Fai paused to see if he had caught Kurogane's attention and when he saw the small spark of interest he continued. "And I'm sure it must be tough to always be hiding in cramped places from the humans correct?" Kurogane's eyes narrowed slightly. "Well what if you could walk amongst the humans and not be hunted?"

"Get to your point Mage" Kurogane replied strictly. Fai nodded and continued.

"Well I could use my magic and turn you human," Fai coughed when the pressure was increased. "Of course I could turn you back anytime you wanted as well" Fai added and took in a deep breath when the pressure went back to normal. "You'd just have to be around me or the magic would wear off, we could find you a place big and elegant enough for you" Fai may have been sugar coating it a bit but he didn't exactly have much choice now did he?

"How do I know I could even trust you?" Kurogane asked suspiciously. The offer sounded tempting but all the Mages he had seen weren't to be trusted. He had to be cautious.

"Why would I lie to you, Kuro-ryuu?" Fai asked and added, "It could cause me my life after all" Fai waited for Kurogane to reply. Had his hands not been pinned down he probably would be twiddling his thumbs or something, just to show the dragon his boredom.

After a long time of consideration Kurogane lifted his claws up slowly and put it back on the bank. "If you try anything remember I could fry you before you could even get ten feet away" Kurogane threatened. Fai sat up and coughed into his hand. He stood up slowly and tried shaking the water off himself, but since he was soaked to the bone it didn't do much. Fai climbed up onto the bank and walked towards his stuff. Kurogane growled lowly.

"Don't worry Kuro-ryuu I'm just getting my things then we will begin" Fai assured and smiled at Kurogane over his shoulder. Once he reached his stuff he picked up his staff and jacket. He put the jacket enjoying the heat it provided. "Okay here we go~" Fai chimed with a smile in place. He used his staff to draw symbols in the air and nodded when he was finished. The symbols floated over to Kurogane and surrounded the dragon. The swirled around quickly till all that was seen was a blue and purple tornado type figure. It started to shrink down until it was only barely taller than Fai. It disintegrated and in the place of the dragon was a man with black spiked hair, tanned skin, and red eyes. He was dressed in a black and red armored shirt with black pants and cape. He looked down at himself with a scowl before looking back up at Fai who was smiling.

"Who knew Kuro-ryuu would be so handsome as a human? Maybe I should just keep you with me~" Fai sung as he skipped over to Kurogane who snarled. Fai laughed a little "You aren't as threatening when you do that anymore" Fai stated as he grabbed the man's arm and started pulling him along. Kurogane ripped his arm away.

"Don't touch me Mage I can still kill you" Kurogane threatened and Fai sighed.

"My name is not 'Mage' it's Fai, come on say it with me Fai" He reprimanded and Kurogane snorted. "Aw~ Come on~" Fai pouted with big eyes. Kurogane scowled and looked away, but Fai went on his other side and got in his face still pouting. Kurogane kept scowling. Fai's lip started trembling as though he was going to cry.

"Ugh! Fine, Fai." Kurogane sighed when Fai smiled brightly and latched onto him again. "Get off me Fai" Kurogane grounded out.

"But I'm cold and it's your fault so it's your responsibility" Fai replied and he put in a shiver for good measure.

Kurogane glared at Fai "You fell in, so it's not my fault" He replied.

"But Kuro-ryuu held me down in the water" Fai pointed out. Kurogane was tempted to burn the Mage now.

"I could always just burn you till you're never cold again" Kurogane bit out.

"That's a very nice offer but I think I'll pass" Fai replied and let go Kurogane. Kurogane quit glaring and looked ahead. "Well if we want to get to Saru before sunset I suggest we hurry~" Fai grabbed Kurogane's hand and sped up. Kurogane tried tugging his hand out of Fai's but it seemed he had enough strength to keep that from happening.

"Let me go stupid Mage!" Kurogane called out trying to keep from tripping. Fai glanced over his shoulder and smiled.

"But you might get lost Kuro-chan~" Kurogane glared daggers at the new nickname. He tried yanking his arm out of Fai's again but failed. "Let's have lots of fun on our journey ok, Kuro-ryuu?" Fai called. Kurogane just glared as they quickly hurried along the road.

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