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After Fai getting drunk which made him very clingy- Kurogane mentioned that he wasn't any different except for his slurred speech- Kurogane and Fai were taken to a room by Maru and Moro. Fai ended up passing out on the floor Kurogane was going to let the intoxicated magician sleep there but when Fai shivered Kurogane ended up carrying Fai to the bed and covering him up. Not that Kurogane was trying to be nice or anything he just didn't want to have to deal with a hung-over and sick Mage. Kurogane then laid down onto his own bed and went to sleep.

The next morning-to Kurogane's surprise- Fai was up and about without the slightest hint of a hang-over. In fact Fai was skipping around helping Watanuki cook, humming some cheerful tune the he probably just made up. When Fai noticed Kurogane had walked in he grabbed a plate off the counter and skipped over to the former dragon.

"Here's your breakfast Kuro-puu~!" Fai sang as he placed the plate into Kurogane's hands, on the plate was two pancakes with cocoa powder sprinkled on top. Kurogane eyed it cautiously to be honest he hadn't ever eaten anything like this; his diet consisted on meat, water, and well more meat. Fai watched Kurogane study the food and giggled causing Kurogane to glare. "Don't tell me Kuro-cchi's never had pancakes?" Fai got a snort in reply which just caused him to giggle again he found it rather amusing- and cute- that Kurogane hadn't eaten something so simple before. "Well then today's your lucky day because Watanuki is an excellent cook~" Fai toss a bright smile and wink at Watanuki before leading Kurogane towards the breakfast table. Watanuki just smiled brightly at the comment before going back to cooking with renewed vigor.

Fai motioned for Kurogane to take a seat, which he did but if anyone asked it was done begrudgingly. Fai sat beside him and put his chin on his palms so he could watch Kurogane's reaction to the sweetened breakfast. Kurogane disliked being watched like that and made a comment about to which Fai replied that he had to commit such exiting experiences to memory. Kurogane rolled his eyes and went to reach for the pancake with the intent of picking it up and eating it when Fai slapped his hand- not hard enough to hurt but more to scold than anything else.

"What the hell Mage?!" Kurogane growled and aimed all daggers at the slight magician. Fai wagged his finger-still smiling- He reached across Kurogane and grabbed a fork and handed it to him. Kurogane looked at it. He'd seen humans use these but he had had no reason too. He looked between Fai and the fork glaring at both- since both were depriving him of a meal.

Fai was trying really hard not to laugh at Kurogane, he really was, but he was just so neive. Fai would've never thought of using that word towards the former dragon but at the moment it seemed to fit. Fai held most of his laughter in but he did giggle a bit. When Fai realized the Kurogane was about to throw in the towel and go hungry Fai took the fork from him. "Here let me show you Kuro-chan~" Fai cut into the top pancake slowly so that Kurogane could see how it was done. Kurogane watched but tried to make it look like he didn't care. Fai finished just as an idea popped into his head he hid his smirk behind on of his usual smiles and stabbed the fork into the pancake and held it up in front of Kurogane.

"Wha-" Kurogane never finished his question because Fai shoved the pancake into his mouth before he could. Kurogane chewed and swallowed quickly. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Kurogane roared.

Fai laughed at his outburst. "I should kill you for that" Kurogane growled but before he could act on that threat Yuuko waltzed in with Watanuki behind carrying her plate.

"How are you two getting along?" Yuuko asked like she hadn't just walked in to the middle of Kurogane's threat. She just sat down calmly and waited for Watanuki to set the food down for her. Fai just smiled and nodded while Kurogane ignored them all and started eating his food. Watanuki seemed to be the only one who was cautious of the atmosphere at the moment. Fai noticed and smiled largely at the boy which seemed to relax him slightly. Kurogane watched it out of the corner of his eye and smirked before going to eat again. Yuuko looked like she was focused on eating but nothing ever got past her she saw it all and she was quite enjoying her own little show.

Kurogane finished up his food just as soon as Yuuko and Watanuki-who had brought his plate in as well- did and before he could get up and put his plate in the kitchen Fai jumped up and grabbed everyone's plates saying that he'd take them and wash them; it was then that Kurogane noticed Fai hadn't eaten anything.

"Aren't you going to eat Mage?" He asked and Fai stopped before opening the door. Fai spun around smiling.

"Aw~ Kuro-bou is worried about me~" Fai giggled and Kurogane glared.

"It's Kurogane!" He yelled. Fai just giggled and skipped out of the room. Kurogane then realized that Fai had avoided the question. He got up and went after the Mage. Fai was in the kitchen washing the dishes as he said he would. "Why didn't you eat anything?" Kurogane asked. Fai jumped a little and turned around.

"You scared me Kuro-ryuu~" Fai smiled before going back to the dishes-ignoring the question again. Kurogane was about to yell at Fai when Fai spoke up. "We need to help Watanuki with a job today before we move on to find a home for you is that alright?" Fai asked a small fraction of seriousness in his voice which startled Kurogane a bit; he didn't even know Fai could ever be serious. As Kurogane thought that over Fai finished the dishes and turned towards Kurogane. Fai almost jumped out of his skin when he saw Kurogane staring at him; but brushed it off and smiled. "Kuro-ryuu~ Why are you staring at me~?" That snapped Kurogane out of his thoughts and he looked away.

"Well if we're going to help that kid then we had better get ready" Kurogane walked away and Fai skipped after him. Kurogane realized that Fai still hadn't answered about why he hadn't eaten anything but he didn't want to ask again. Fai thought about what had happened this morning before anyone besides Yuuko and himself had awoken.

"So you used that much magic, Fai?" Yuuko asked as she sipped on her cup of sake. Fai smiled and nodded.

"Well I can't be walking around with a big dragon now can I~?" Fai laughed. Yuuko shook her and laughed a little.

"Has there been any indication that he's located you?" Yuuko asked and Fai shook his head as he swung his feet over the edge of the porch. Yuuko took another sip and hummed. "Well then! What is the wish that you want me to grant~?" She chimed as her mood switched. Fai smiled.

"I need to find Kurogane a nice home for him to live in where no one will bother him and he can be happy" Fai said seriously. Yuuko nodded in understanding and smiled.

"Well that wish is quite easy to grant now in terms of payment hmm….ah! I know!" Yuuko snapped her fingers when it came to her. "I need Watanuki to do a job today and usually for a job as dangerous as this I'd send his friend Doumeki with him but sadly he cannot come so you and Kurogane will accompany him~" Fai's smile faltered slightly.

"Why does Kuro-chan have to come as well?" Fai asked; he knew that if Yuuko was having both of them go then it would be a truly difficult task.

"That is the payment~" Fai sighed but smiled nonetheless. "Now I must drink more sake before Watanuki-kun awakens~!"

Fai focused on where he was walking when he finished remembering. Kurogane and Fai entered Yuuko's main room where Watanuki was yelling about something.

"HE IS NOT! HE'S A STUPID INCONSIDERITE JERK!" He yelled and both Kurogane and Fai had the feeling that they should slowly back out of the room. It seemed as though the teen would explode by how much he was fuming.

"Now, Now, Watanuki~" Yuuko chimed with a smirk on her face that said that she was enjoying this immensely. When Yuuko noticed that Kurogane and Fai had come in she smiled. "Well since everyone's here I can explain what you all will be doing~" Kurogane leaned against the door way and waited for Yuuko to start talking. "I need you all to retrieve an umbrella from some Cho Kage" Yuuko stated.

"Cho Kage?" Watanuki asked. Kurogane sighed; he had seen plenty of those flighty things and if he had a choice now he'd avoid them. All they were good for was annoyance.

"They're butterfly shadows," Kurogane started. "Pesky little nuisances, and on top of that they're dangerous" Kurogane explained.

"Kuro-smarty sure knows a lot~!" Fai sang and he clung to Kurogane's arm. Kurogane started yelling profanities and pushing Fai to get him off.

"Well then how about you three get going~" Yuuko smiled and Watanuki sighed. Kurogane finally pushed Fai off-who then began pouting like a child. Yuuko walked over and opened a door and motioned for them to go through it. Kurogane glared at the doorway.

"We better not be going through water again" Kurogane warned. A mischievous smile slid onto Fai's face before he barreled into Watanuki and Kurogane effectively sending them tumbling through the doorway.

After they fell through Fai was the first to stand off the ground followed by an angry Kurogane who looked about ready to strangle the Mage. Watanuki stood up last and gasped, the other two looked to see what he was shocked about surrounding them were millions of small black butterflies, except their shapes didn't stay constant, Kurogane cursed under his breath.

"What's wrong Kurogane-san?" Watanuki asked. Fai kept watching the Cho Kage with wary eyes.

"I've never seen so many collected together in one spot, well this makes our job even harder" Kurogane replied and when he noticed the questioning look on Watanuki's face he explained. "Cho Kage drain life energy so if they touch you too many times it can kill you, and with this many I'd say the chances of that happening has increased." Watanuki's eyes widened. Fai listened and hummed in understanding. He started writing out symbols in front of himself. "What are you doing?" Kurogane asked, but before the mage could reply all hell broke loose: All of the Cho Kage came towards them at a frightening speed. Kurogane was ready to defend himself when they all stopped about 5 feet away and bounced back life they were being repelled by glass. He glanced at Fai and saw that he was smiling with his hand up in the air.

"Well how about we get that umbrella hm~?" Fai asked. Watanuki thanked Fai and started walking ahead looking for the object. Kurogane glanced at Fai before following Watanuki.

They walked for a ways before Watanuki pointed out a red umbrella lying on the ground. Kurogane watched as Watanuki picked it up, but just as he did the Cho Kage became frenzied and started banging on Fai's shield like crazy. "We had better get back Kuro-sama, Watanuki-kun" Fai stated seriously. Kurogane looked Fai over and noticed the change in his personality and stance he looked almost sickly- but then again the idiot skipped breakfast- Kurogane brushed it off as they started heading back quickly.

Fai coughed into the hand that wasn't holding up the shield and continued walking, but then he coughed again and again until he was having a fit and it was getting harder to breathe. Kurogane stopped and turned to look at Fai. "What's wrong Mage let's go!" Kurogane yelled they were about twenty feet from the door and the Cho Kage were still trying to attack them. Fai nodded and started walking faster- still coughing- but then he became dizzy and his whole body felt heavy.

"Kurogane-san! Fai-san! Come on!" Watanuki called he was right beside the door, holding the umbrella. Kurogane was about to reply when he saw Watanuki's eyes widen. "Fai-san!" Kurogane looked back and saw Fai collapsed to his knees coughing into his hand, the other held up just enough to keep the shield together. Kurogane cursed and ran over to the Mage.

"Oi! What's wrong?" Kurogane asked as he kneeled down and helped him sit up. Fai was still coughing and his lips were turning blue. Kurogane grabbed his arms, put it over his shoulder, and started helping Fai walk towards Watanuki. Once they got through the door-and Watanuki slammed it- Kurogane set Fai down onto the floor. Watanuki called for Yuuko and she came in calmly, took one look at Fai, and shook her head sighing.

"He just doesn't learn does he?" Yuuko muttered. "Kurogane pick him up and follow me" Yuuko walked down the hall with Kurogane –and Fai- right behind her.

"What's wrong with him?" Kurogane asked as he laid him down on a bed in the room Yuuko had led him to.

"He had a shield up the whole time correct?" Yuuko stated rather than asked and Kurogane nodded. "Well do you understand anything about a Mage's magic?" Kurogane shook his head 'No'. "Well when a Mage creates something like a shield it's like an extension of himself; is it starting to make sense yet?" Yuuko asked. Kurogane thought for a moment. Then he figured it out.

"The Cho Kage were draining his life energy through his shield" Kurogane was furious, he didn't need any protecting especially from some idiot Mage. He grit his teeth in anger he was going to have a nice chat with the Mage when he woke up.

When Fai woke up his chest hurt but he managed to sit up. He glanced around the room and jumped a bit when he saw Kurogane sitting in the corner of the room glaring at him. "Hello Kuro-ryuu" Fai said and frowned when his voice came out scratchy and ruff. "I guess all that coughing did a number on my throat huh?" Fai joked. Kurogane stood up and walked towards Fai who smiled up at him. That smile disappeared when Kurogane hit him on the head. "Ow! Kuro-ryuu what was that for?" Fai whined. Kurogane bend down and got in Fai's face.

"Do something stupid like that again and I'll kill you" Kurogane the stood up straight and walked towards he door. Fai watched him walk before Kurogane stopped. "But….Thank you….." Kurogane paused before opening the door and leaving. Fai watched the door for a minute before he started feeling giddy and had to smile.

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