i feel evil writing this chapter but i need to strive that Lucys father is a horrid man so bear with and it will get better for her

Lucy hid behind the cupboard, her violet turtle neck jumper and purple skirt were the only clothes she had, (except for pants (underpants) but I shouldn't have to say that) she had black hair wich was pulled back into a loose ponytail tiet with a purple ribbon and bow they were all tattered and beaten, just like her. She knew shouldn't make a sound, but then again she knew she couldn't even if she wanted to.

Lucy was 7, and she was scared for her life, because her father had just gotten home,

ever since her mum died she had been left with him, to be blunt, he was a drunk, abusive monster, the type of person that if you heard about the horrid things he did, you would want to shoot him, it was because of him that she couldn't talk, because of what he did when she was 5,

he had told her to wash his empty beer glasses, but she had frail fingers and couldn't grasp them right, she had just cleaned one as was just going to dry it when it simply slipped from her fingers, it shattered on the floor upon impact, he had shot up and into the kitchen the second he heard the glass break, and saw her standing there,

Now if you or me were her father, you would have said it was accident and taken comfort in the fact she was fine and you had plenty more, maybe you would have been a bit cross, but that's simply it

To be quite honest you probably wouldn't have asked her to clean them in the first place, I know I would not have,

But while men like US are plentiful and spread out across every country, she had the unfortunate luck, to be stuck with him and his reactions

Now I'm afraid the next bit is rather horrid, but it must be said

His reaction what one can only describe, as pure evil?

upon seeing HIS glass smashed, he grabbed the small child, small for her age, by her throat, and picked her up and forced her against a wall,

Now this is bad enough but the worst part is coming

''YOU STUPID LITTLE SHIT!'' he screamed in her face, his breath was a toxic cloud of alcohol and whatever curry or vile concoction he had cooked up, if you lit a match it would most likely light up, ''ONE TASK! I GIVE YOU ONE FUCKING TASK! AND YOU SMASH MY GLASS! MY GLASS! THAT I PAYED FOR WITH MY MONEY''

Her father lived on the dole but that's not really the point


And he picked up a large shard, now this is the really horrid thing, he pressed it into her neck, just on the left side, she was in tears and said sorry a hundred times but he kept pressing until the skin tore and blood began to seep, she passed out from blood loss

she had woken up in a hospital full of nice doctors, but unfortunately, her dad was there also, putting on his 'happy' act, something he did whenever he was with other adults, he had decided he didn't really want a dead body on his hands so threw her in the car and driven to the hospital, the doctors had stitched her up but her vocal cords had been severed, she lost her voice, the doctors gave her a prescription for crème that would help heal her neck until it was just as good as before, but her dad took her home and through out the prescription, so she never got it, her neck witch tried to heal its-self now had a horrid purple/blood red scar on it, she never went back to the hospital, now two years later she had no voice

Nothing to speak up with

Her dad was extremely pleased with that fact

now she hid as her father lurched around drunk as sin, he grabbed his keys and wallet and stumbled out to the pub, she heard the door slam shut and stayed where she was for 2 minutes, then she slowly came out, she tiptoed around the bottles and cartons of takeaway food to the couch, she was often left on her own, she couldn't leave the house or reach the phone she was too small, she was malnourished and small for her age, and light as a feather,

she sat down and turned on the TV, it was her only source of happiness when she got to laugh at the cartoons, he favourite one, Animaniacs, was just coming on, she always giggled at the opening, it was a work of art, as she watched she laughed silently along with the jokes and scrapes the three got into, she was just watching when Lucy felt a pang of jealousy, these kids never went through her pain, there life was all one big joke, she began to tear up a little, they had the perfect life, toon powers and the ability to get the better of any adult, and she was stuck here, with that creature she called a father

I'm afraid the term 'Speak of the Devil' comes into effect here, emphasis on 'Devil'

the front door burst open and she heard him in the corridor, she fumbled for the remote to turn the telly off, but he bashed the door open and caught her, she could smell gin and whiskey on him, his eyes flashed to her, then to the TV, his face contorted in anger,

''YOU LITTLE SHIT'' he grabbed her arm and lifted her into the air, ''DO YOU THINK I LEAVE HERE JUST SO YOU CAN RUN UP ELECTRIC BILLS? HEY?!'' he emphasised his HEY by slamming her into the wall adding more bruises to her already bruised body,

''I SUPPOSE YOU THINK ELECTRICITY IS JUST A LAUGH THEN, WELL I'LL CHANGE THAT!'' and he threw her over to behind the TV, she landed on a web of wires and faulty electrics, bare wires sparked at her appearance in there domain, then her father decided to do one better than that

He threw his drink over as well in the glass; the glass shattered sending shards into her skin, the liquid splashed over the wires and sockets,

This is what changed her life

The wires began crackling, then green volts began to shoot out covering the telly, her and the wires, she began to silently scream in pain,

Then the telly exploded

The last thing Lucy felt was a tidal wave of pure agony and heat like an atom bomb had dropped,

Then there was a whooshing windy noise going at a hundred mph,

Then there was blackness

i'm an evil sod but it does get better for i swear! Stay Tuned!