soooooo sorry for the long update but y'know i have other story's to work on so i cant just keep doing this one, but i will try to be more updated, so without further adu, ado, adue...? without further time wasting, i present to you chapter 7, enjoy.

It was late

The doctors had been working hard

The second the Warners had burst through the doors and showed the poor girl at the reception she had been taken away on a gurney into surgery, where they found the injuries they had found had only been the tip of the iceberg,

she had internal bleeding from the broken ribs, but they had been so battered the doctors said you could have broken them by kicking one of those big sponge balls at her quite hard, she had bruising and cuts all over her and bad ones at that, her bones were brittle and a little cracked here and there, and she was dangerously malnourished, her heartbeat was weak and her throat was horrible, they worked well into the day and then some, as soon as they fixed one aliment one was there ready to be fixed,

all throughout this time Wakko had been scared, more so than his brother and sister, he refused to leave the hospital, the staff promised that she would be alright but he would not leave the building, his sibs felt the same but they wasn't a patch on how Wakko felt

eventually Lucy came out of surgery but that was far from the last of it she would see, she would have to stay at the hospital while they continued to fix her up, and that would take a while, she was still asleep from the anaesthetic and was taken to the toon ward of the hospital, toons rarely got hurt enough for the hospital and if they did it usually comedic but on occasion there was a serious case,

This case fit into that category perfectly,

It was around 9 at night when they said they could see her; she was still sleeping still, and was hooked up to all sorts of gadgets and bags of liquid,

''Hey Yakko?'' said his younger brother, ''d'yer think she'll be okay?''

''Of course, toons always bounce back''

''yeah see!'' said dot, and in an effort to lighten the mood she ran at a wall, jumped into it and promptly bounced of onto the opposite wall and ricocheted around the room until she came to a neat stop exactly where she started

''Just a little thing I do'' she said

Just then a doctor walked in followed by a man in a police uniform,

''Excuse me kids but this man would like to talk to you about the little girl here'' said the doctor

''The doctor here contacted me after dealing with the child, claiming the injuries were from an act of assault and abuse''

Yakko stood up at this, ''you're not accusing us are you!'' he said in shock

''No we know enough about you, you may annoy people to the point the go insane for about a day or two but we know enough about you to say you wouldn't do anything like this, but we was wondering if you could fill in some questions about her''

The Warners nodded in synch with each other,

''Is she a relative of you're?''

''No she's not'' said dot

''Then how did she come about you're acquaintance?''

''We heard about her from Rita and runt when they said they saw green lightning, we found tracks in the area from her and then at night Slappy called saying she saw her, we tracked her to an ally where we found her hiding behind some boxes'' said Wakko

''So you have no idea how these injuries came about? Hasn't she told you anything?''

''She cant, she can't talk'' said Yakko

''Yes I'm afraid it looks like someone has cut her throat and severed he vocal cords'' said the doctor

The policeman took all this down in his book and snapped it shut,

''Thank you for this, I will be contacting miss squirrel later and I shall be back when she feels better'' he said goodbye and left,

''I'm sure you can go home know, we'll let you know immediately if something happens, but she's stable now I can assure you''

''Yeah c'mon Wakko I've been here all day! I know I've been bringing joy to these patients lives with my cuteness, but I want to go now!'' pleaded dot

Eventually Wakko consented and they went home, but he took a long final look at Lucy before he left

it was the next day, the Warners were running about the lot, visiting hours weren't until 11am and they had time to kill, they were shooting and running around causing there usual brand of manic mayhem when...

''Hey guys!'' they looked and saw Buster and Babs bunny (no relation) waving at them, they walked over,

''Hey you two, how's things in acme acres?'' asked Yakko

''Things are going pretty well, Gogo said he's looking forward to you're next visit to wacky land'' the Warners sometimes went there as they were just as wacky as Gogo, ''but something weird's happening with Elmyra''

''Elmyra's acting weird, you really had to stop us to tell us THAT newsflash'' said dot sceptically knowing full well that Elmyra was one of the very definitions of 'weird'.

''Serious weird, she wont say a word and if one of us animals walks up to her she either ran off or pretended not to see us'' said Babs

''yeah and it was worse when we tried to snap her out of it, we was doing this by her-'' they made there eyes go all big and shuffled there feet with there hands behind there back to look cute in there opinion, then snapped back, ''-and tried to tempt her out of it, and she started to cry and screamed at us to stop it and 'she doesn't want it to happen again', then she ran off crying''

''It started after her appointment with scratchy'' said Babs, ''and we heard she was having a joint appointment with you guys and was hoping you knew why she was like that now?''

The Warners exchanged glances ''eeeeeeeeeehhhhh we kind of have an idea'' and they said about what happened,

''Well that explains that one, heck I would be like her if something like that happened because of me'' said Babs

''Yeah, I know her, 'hugs' are powerful, I know that from experience and lots of it, but I didn't know she could do that!'' agreed buster

''Nah she wasn't what did it'' said Wakko, ''her ribs were cracked and weak before it happened anyway, she was just the last push''

''Oh well she'll be relieved when we tell her that... wait, why was she in such a bad state in the first place?!'' he said realising what had been said

The Warners explained what had happened with all the information they had,

''Jeez, I hope she's okay'' said buster

''We have to go now, we're meeting Steven, but tell her we said hi!'' said Babs and they ran off

''Well you heard what she said, we have a mission to do!'' said Yakko

And they jumped the barrier and ran off to the hospital

Lucy had woken up a while ago, last thing she remembered there was voices frantic and getting faint, then all went black and she woke up here, she recognized it as a hospital, her throat was sore and she felt bandages all over her, she was looking around when the Warners walked in, Wakko saw she was awake and ran over,

''Lucy, you're awake!'' he cried in joy

''Thanks there eyeball, couldn't quite make that out from here'' quipped Yakko from right behind him

''How's things? Have they tried giving you hospital food yet?'' asked dot and pulled a face

''As much as that helps the situation I don't think she wants to hear about that torture'' said Yakko,

''What's this about torture?'' asked a voice from behind them, they saw the policeman from earlier,

''I came earlier but she was still under, but now she's awake I would like to ask my questions''

''Most people like cereal when they wake up'' quipped Yakko

The officer smirked in good humour at that, but regained his serious face,

''I am aware that you have an inability to speak so the questions will be yes or no, okay?'' Lucy nodded

''Do you live near here?''

She shook her head; no

''Do you have any relatives in the area?''


''Do you like jello?'' asked Wakko


''Please don't interrupt this is a serious matter'' said the policeman, ''do you have any business here?''


''Do you know who gave you those injuries?''

There was a long pause as Lucy looked down at the sheets, then she very meekly nodded


''Do you want to continue?'' asked the officer, she shook her head


''Then that shall be it today'' and he said goodbye and thank you and went away with the information he had

Now that he had gone the Warners decided to cheer up Lucy

In there own unique way

Meanwhile acme labs no one remained there (it was a weekend) except for to mice

One was tall and had blue eyes

And the other was short and had pink eyes, but had a head the size of a conker.

Brain had been studying the picture of lucks neck scar for some time now, he had reached a conclusion a while back but had redone his calculations several times hoping for a different outcome

He ran it through his brain,

He ran it through the computer

He ran it through text book after text book,

But it was the same answer over and over,

He walked away from his work with a dishevelled look

Pinky had been running on his wheel throughout this and saw him walk over past the cage, he stopped,

''Narf! Is everything alright brain? Poit!'' he called over

''No pinky it is not, all the examinations point to one answer'' he turned to his friend

''That scar was done with malice a forth thought!'' he said his voice getting louder and pointing upwards,

Pinky looked at him stoic, brain sighed, and ''someone did it on purpose'' he said simply

Pinky gave a massive gasp in horror, ''but, but, brain! Surely that not true! NARF! Why would someone do that! POIT!''

''I don't know pinky, but I intend to find out!''

He walked over to another part of the desk where a computer sat with Lucy's hair strand on screen,

''I have ran her DNA throughout the system and the internet but no mention of Lucy is shown, its as if she appeared out of no-where, no records of her in any country or any state''

''Maybe she's a ghost!'' said pinky, brain turned and stared at his friend,

''I think that is highly unlikely pinky'' he said

''She could be brain!'' said pinky getting exited, ''we can be Ghostbusters and catch her, and that scar on her neck could be how she...'' pinky stopped right there realising what he was saying,

And he did not feel good for doing so

''Pinky if she was a ghost then how did we manage to get this hair?'' said brain picking it up off a scanner where it lay, ''and if it's a ghost hair how does it simply not dissipate through my fingers?''

''Oh right'' said pinky realising just how much evidence there had been against him the whole time,

''but something unusual is going on round here I must admit'' said brain, ''although whether its paranormal or not I can see that there's a mystery here, and to undo a mystery we must first go to were it first came from!''

''How do we do that?'' asked pinky

''I'' began brain proudly, and then drooped, ''have absolutely no idea''

''Maybe she told something to the Warner's' suggested pinky,

''Oh pinky will please just be qui-'' he stopped realising that his associate had actually said something helpful, ''pinky you may have it!'' he cried

''well don't come near me you might catch it too!'' yelled his friend in horror, brain face palmed as he realised whatever light bulb that had gone on in pinky's brain had quickly fizzled out,

''I mean you have the answer'' he explained, then drooped again

''oh dear, I don't think she will have said anything to them'' he sighed, he led his friend over to the info he had on the scar, ''the indicated depth of the cut to her throat shows that a great deal of her vocal cords have been cut, fortunately the assailant did not cut deep enough to puncture her windpipe but most likely grazed an artery, the amount of healing done by the body around and to the area shows this happened an unverified time ago but I can tell a long time''

Pinky had trouble understanding what his big headed friend was saying but he could tell it was serious,

''Then what do we do brain''

''we can still ask the Warners, they will have limited knowledge but still more so than we have'' and they jumped down from the desk onto a chair, then to a not-quite-closed bottom draw, then to the floor, ran across the floor to the front door,

''she will most likely be with the Warners in there tower, if we wait there they will either lead us to Lucy or she will be there with them, utmost stealth is need for this'' he said as he climbed through the letterbox onto the street, there was a loud (for them anyway) thud as his companion comically fell to the floor flat on his face,

''But I suppose we must make do with what we have'' sighed brain,

A muffled 'poit' came from his friend.

well there it is, the police, the warners and pinky and the brain are all after the answers behind this little girl, what will happen next?!

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