Luanne and Lucky ran out of the trailer, gunning down zombies left and right, but they're were too many around them. A bottle of Boomshine flew through the air with a flaming rag attached to it. It burst on the ground and lit five zombies on fire, who immediately began to seizure up uncontrollably, there senses overwhelmed by the fire.

"Come on Luanne, over there!" Lucky shouted, grabbing her arm and pointing towards Boomhauer, who had climbed up on his rusted Camaro and was lighting off molotov Boomshine cocktails and tossing them into groups of zombies. Between Boomhauer and Lucky, Bill was forcing his way through the zombies in full Killdozer mode, blasting apart anything between himself and the camaro.

"It's got me!" Luanne screamed as one zombie grabbed her and tried pulling her away.

Lucky shot the zombie off her with his shotgun in his free hand. The kickback and recoiled sent it out of his hand and sprained his arm. He winced in pain, but the worst damage had not been done until a piece of the round that completely missed the zombie smashed through one of the trailer straight into the meth lab trailer.

"Hank, move aside!" Peggy growled.

"NO! This Isn't what we do!" Hank pleaded back.

"Move aside , Dad!" Bobby ordered.

"I won't allow you to hurt !" Hank pleaded.

For a split second, he thought he went blind as a bright light illuminated all of New Arlen, originating from Luanne's trailer, which quickly turned into a massive fireball. A second later, the shockwave hit, knocking Hank, Peggy and Bobby over.

Hank bumped into Bucked on his way down, who fell back a step too far right off the roof.

" !" Hank screamed, reaching out to Buck, but four zombies had already grabbed each of his limbs and were biting into his flesh.

"NO!" Hank cried out. He attempted to leap over the edge to fight them off, but Bobby grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back as Peggy looked down striaght into eyes, making direct contact with him as the undead chewed into his flesh, before putting a mercy bullet into his head.

"NO! !" Hank screamed ,pushing Bobby away and running to the edge, but he did not climb down. Buck Strickland was dead.

Hank looked from his old bosses corpse, to Peggy, and then back to the body.

"You... did it to save him" Hank said quietly.

Peggy shook her head without looking at him, picking off each zombie that feasted on Buck's corpse. "I did it to save you" She said.

The meth trailer explosion sent Luanne and Lucky flying through the air, along with several zombies who were not immediately incinerated. Through some strange stroke of luck, Lucky had been in front of Luanne when the fire wave clashed through them. He has quickly burnt to a crisp and shook apart, while Luanne was only partially burned. She hit the ground hard, and the first thing she saw was Lucky's corpse burning with the undead.

The shock wave knocked Bill straight into the side of the rusted camaro, and knocked Boomhauer clean off. Boomhauer climbed to his feet, and saw zombies already closing in around him. He picked up his shot gun and sprinted onto the top of the camaro.

"Help me up!" Bill coughed out. Boomhauer reached down and pulled him onto the camaro.

"Yo, this don't look good" Boomhauer said.

Bill nodded in agreement, "always knew it would come to this."

"Dang old apocalypse burning dead, yo man, this is fucked" Boomahuer said in agreement, as the undead surrounded the rusted camaro only to be blasted apart by shotgun rounds.

Over in the dirt, Luanne struggled to her feet, her entire body in pain. She ran her hand through her hair, and felt it fall off to her feet, completely burnt.

"NO!" She cried out, "LUCKY!"

She picked up his rifle and shot the nearest zombie.

"This is for Lucky!" The blast knocked the zombie into the air.

"This is for my trailer!" She spun around and send a slug through the nearest zombie, who may or may not have been a beauty school student.

"This is for every fuck up boyfriend!" She shot a zombie that was right to her left. Another one grabbed her from behind and bit into her neck, but she knocked it back with butt of her shotgun. blood was pouring out of her neck at an alarming rate.

"Oh no... Aunt Peggy! Uncle Hank! ...Help!" She moaned out as two more grabbed her , one ripping her throat open with its teeth while the other bit into the back of her head. She let out a gurgling sound as three more converged. Her legs gave out and she fell to the ground, her body disappearing under the hungry hoard.

Dale's Dead bug van and Kahn's SUV came to a stop at the trench, where Kahn and Nancy were attempting to lower the drawbridge, but the tension of the situation made it too difficult.

Minh, Joseph , Dale and Connie were covering them, blasting away the zombies that got close.

Hank looked over at them.

"We have to get the truck over, Nancy and Kahn have no idea how to lower the drawbridge" Hank said, "Peggy, take the truck keys and get over to them, Bobby, stay with your mom and cover them" He ordered.

"But Dad!" Bobby objected, "No, We're getting out of here. I'm going to try to get to Boomhauer and Bill before its too late, once they get out of there, that whole horde will be coming this way" Hank pointed over to Boomhauer and Bill, who were holding off on top of the camaro, but were completely surrounded.

"Hank, that's crazy! They're not going to make it!" Peggy pleaded.

"Don't worry, I have a special tool for this situation, just get the truck ready!" Hank ordered, "I know you can handle this." He stared at Bobby straight in the eyes. Bobby looked scared for a moment, then nodded.

Hank turned around, ran to the backside of the house, and jumped down. Two zombies stretched out for him, but he ignored them and kicked open the back door. Outside, he could hear the truck engine come on. "Good" He thought out loud to himself. He opened up a special cabinet he made in the kitchen, and pulled out a propane tank with a back trap attached for a hose like nozzle. He flipped a switch on the nozzle just as a trio of zombies marched into the kitchen, and squeezed the trigger. Propane fueled flames spat from the end of the nozzle and torched the three zombies, overwhelming their cognitive abilities and burning them away. They seemed to seizure up in a confused manner, giving Hank enough time to get back outside.

A lot of the zombies around Bill's shack had noticed all the commotion at the other end of the street, and were headed in a slow stampede towards the three vehicles. Peggy had parked the truck beside the other dead bug van and SUV, and was sniping zombies with Bobby in the pickup. Hank sprinted towards them, waved at them to cover him, then headed towards the stampede to save his friends, torching the four nearest zombies.

He looked to his left to see a powerful sight. John Redcorn was running alongside him into the crowd, to help fight to Boomhauer and Bill. He nodded at Hank, his hair blowing in the sudden wind. In one hand, he carried a large woodcutting axe, while in the other he threw a tomahawk straight into a zombie dressed like a lawyer. It cut straight through the skull and downed the zombie lawyer. John Redcorn pulled a large revolver out of his belt and began blasting and hacking away zombies as Hank burned them down.

Minh was out of ammo. She tossed her rifle into the SUV and looked at her husband, who still could not lower the drawbridge.

"Kahn! Go help neighbor fight undead! I'll get the bridge lowered!" She ordered.

Kahn looked at her, confused, "huh?" he asked as she pushed a sub machine gun into his arms.

"Go, help Hank!" She ordered.

"Yo, man, watch it! Too many!" Boomhauer shouted. For each zombie he gunned down, two more would take its place. They were within two feet of the camaro.

"No man, no ammo!" Boomhauer screamed. He threw his empty rifle into the crowd and pulled out a pistol, as one zombie grabbed Bill's leg.

"Oh no you don't!" Bill shouted, kicking the zombie in the face, but several more grabbed his leg and bite into it.

"ARGH!" Bill screamed ,falling forward into the sea of undead.

"No man! God dang it, NO! BILL!" Boomahuer screamed, reaching for Bill but it was too late.

All Bill could do was twist himself around so he was looking towards Boomhauer as hundreds of cold fingers ripped open his shirt.

Boomhauer stared in horror as his longtime friend's gut was ripped open in seconds and dozens of undead hands dug in and yanked out organs and intestines. Bill screamed in the most primal animalistic wayas he saw his intestines and innards pulled out of him.

"No man! No hope!" Boomhauer screamed, tears pouring down his face. In one motion, he pulled out his last bottle of Boomshine and his lighter, and smashed the molotov Boomshine on the camaro, lighting himself ablaze as zombies pulled him down to his death.

Hank saw the explosion of flames , along with Boomhauer being pulled into the horde and Bill's innards being flung through the air.

"NO!" He shouted, spraying flames at the wall of zombies ahead of him.

"NO NO NO NO NO!" Bit's of the walking corpses popped under the heat of the propane flamethrower.

John Redcorn saw the blaze and looked away, shedding a single tear of remorse , before hacking off a zombies head with the axe.

Hank couldn't accept that his friends were dead. He tried to press on.

"HANK! NO! They're gone, do not lose yourself in the spirit of battle!" John Redcorn shouted, grabbing Hank and pulling him back, "We must get to the cars, we have to escape!" He let go off Hank and pointed towards the drawbridge, which had just been lowered. The dead bug van was already driving away, while Minh and Connie hopped into the SUV.

"Come on Hank, lets go!" Peggy screamed.

"Alright, give me one second" Hank said. He pulled off the propane flamethrower and twisted open the nozzle on the propane tank, then ran for it. A zombie had gotten too close though, and wrapped its arm around him. Hank fell to the ground. He could smell the monsters breathe right on his neck. John Redcorn had not seen him fall, and was running back to the truck.

Before the undead could bite into Hank, machine gun fire pushed it off. Hank looked up to see Kahn extending a hand to him.

"Come on Neighbor, time to go!" He shouted. Hank grabbed his hand and pulled himself up. They sprinted back to the truck. They passed John Redcorn, who had knocked a zombie to its knees. He lifted the axe above his head and brought it down into the skull. The axe lodged itself in, and would not come out.

John Redcorn pulled hard on it, even putting one leg onto the zombies shoulder to give himself support, but it would not budge.

"Damn it, come on!" He growled under his breathe, pulling hard on the axe. Three zombie drew in around him. He shrugged, pulled out his revolver with his free hand and shot.




Two fell dead, one kept coming.

Click, click. Out of ammo.

"$No!" John Redcorn whispered as his eyes widened. He let go off the axe and made a run, just as the zombie leaped for him. It grabbed him by the end of his long flowing black hair.

"NO!" John Redcorn screamed, pulling out his hunting knife and attempting to quickly cut his hair, but the zombie pulled him in close and bit straight into the side of his Redcorn screamed in pain, stabbing the zombies face and body, but could not push it off. A second one joined in.

"Dad! Look!" Bobby screamed from the passenger window, pointing at John Redcorn just as Hank and Kahn jumped into the back pick up.

They both turned at the same time, and both of their expressions changed to horror as they saw John Redcorn's face being torn apart.

Kahn aimed the machine gun, to put John Redcorn out of his misery, when something ignited the propane flamethrower, creating an explosive firestorm that engulfed John Redcorns body and a majority of the horde.

Peggy kicked hard on the accelerator as the truck sped out of New Arlen after the Dead bug Van and SUV, plowing through the undead.

"I can't believe it... we lost it" Hank said, staring back at the burning wreckage of New Arlen, just as the sun began to rise.

"We were so close... neighbor" Kahn said.

They watched as the burning ruin drew further and further away, as the beams of sunlight showed the black sea of undead that were being drawn to the wreckage.

In a few minutes, they passed through the zombies into open fields.

"Where do we go now?" Kahn asked.

Hank shook his head, "I don't know... the supply bunker, I guess."

"Hank, we got company!" Peggy shouted from the driver seat.

Hank and Kahn both looked ahead.

A small convoy of black vehicles was rapidly catching up to Dale's Dead bug Van and Kahn's SUV. And they didn't look friendly.