This little Aokise AU takes place in early 19th century America, where the Industrial Revolution is occurring.

Poverty. Despair. Starvation. That was all his mother would speak of, all she wanted to solve. For her. For them. It was those three words that impacted so much vivid and raw emotion, that two men, who had never felt those feelings, meet each other.

Aomine Daiki's mother was Japanese, his father American. He was the unexpected bundle that came with a pleasurable affair. Having his mother's looks, Aomine grew up differently then the average white middle class American. Tan skin, dark blue hair, and navy eyes were his physical appearance. The alleys of New York City were his play ground; the rundown small apartment was his home. But even if his mother was a harlot of the slums, Aomine was dearly cared for and taken care of, he was fed, and he had shelter.

Kise Ryouta was a natural born Japanese citizen whose aunt and uncle lived in America. His mother died giving birth to him, his father committing suicide to join her. He was too young to truly experience and understand the feeling of despair in losing one's birth parents. He was taken to his relatives. Growing up on the farms of the Midwest and loved by his aunt, uncle, and cousins, Kise helped run the family business of farming. Even though he was Japanese, he had fair skin, blonde hair, and amber eyes.

When they met for the first time, they were 7. The large family with two parents, five kids, and one nephew went into New York City to take over a family friend's store. It was when they met at a concrete plaza, what was to become a basketball court in the future, that destiny became a ticking clock that moved in motion as time passed.

"Hey, farm boy!"

Amber eyes met navy for the first time as Kise raised his head, staring at a young boy around his age that stood in front of him.

"What do ya want?" Kise asked, his reply giving away his regional accent.

"Let's play!"


His siblings around him got excited, finally being able to play in the game that the city kids were interacting in.


"Let's go Ryo!"

As Kise looked at his energetic sisters and brothers, he had no choice but to agree even though he didn't trust the city folk.

Sighing he replied with, "Alright. But only for a bit."


"Thank ya Ryo!"

The siblings went to play, making the tan boy that had offer the suggestion of joining in the game sit beside the blonde boy, clearly having him the target of the boy's interest.

"So your name is Ryo huh?"


"Huh? But they-"

"Kise Ryouta," the blonde said as he interrupted the bluenette.

The tan boy sat in silence before he answered with a smug smirk of, "Aomine Daiki."

Kise blinked, looking ahead then moved his gazed to the others.

"Nice to meet you."

Aomine laughed, grabbing the pale hand next to his and hauled the body it connected to up.

"Hey! I-"

"Come on! Let's play you boring farm boy!"

"I'm not boring you city slicker!"

The dark haired boy ran, the blonde chasing after. They played and played until the sun went down. They continued to meet with each other until they had to go back to the lives they had before. Kise in the farm out west, Aomine in the slummed alleys of the city. But as fate had it, the meeting as young boys wasn't the last. Now as Kise thinks back on that sunny March afternoon, fate had a mystic and cruel attraction to the number 7.