"Will you let me have you?"

Kise felt his face heat up at the request.

"W-What do you mean, Aominecchi?"

They had just met, yet the blonde could understand where the bluenette was coming from. He was broken, he needed love, and he wanted to be comforted. But was Kise the right one for that?

The blonde frowned.

I should be the one for it. For Aominecchi, I-

His thoughts were cut off as he felt hot breath trail up his side to his neck. He couldn't help but shiver as the movements caused his shirt to rise up.

"Let me take you."

Aomine's voice was raspy and highly seductive. Kise let out a small moan as his body started reacting to the other's actions.

"Let me have you."

It was spoken by his ear now as the tan male licked and nibbled at the lobe, causing the blonde to cry out at the pleasurable sensation.

"Be mine, Kise Ryouta."

Not knowing he closed his eyes, Kise opened them wide in shock at the words, amber meeting navy. Aomine's large hands cupped a pale cheek, caressing it like a lover would to his woman as he leaned close, both of them feeling each other's breath on their lips.

"I never forgot you."

When soft lips hit his own, the blonde panicked. He had never been kissed before like this in his life. He never was romantically involved with anyone. Kise slightly pushed on Aomine's shoulders, getting him to lean back.

"What's wrong…?"

It was too fast. It was all going too fast. Kise was pretty sure he felt something for the bluenette, but he hadn't seen him in ten years. He didn't know who he was like now, besides being mentally and emotionally unstable. Yes, Aomine wasn't in his right mind right now. He doesn't know what he's saying.

"We haven't seen each other in ten years, Aominecchi. We don't know each other's lives like we did when we were kids. Things happened, we grew up, and we changed. You don't know if you really want to do this. Aominecchi, don't you just want to be comforted? I understand that you do. But, this kind of comforting…I….I can't do it. It's too much. It's too fast."

The blonde's voice was cracking as he spoke, the hurt and pain of not having Aomine really be in control of himself and his actions almost unbearable. Did the bluenette really want him? Or did he just want the comfort of another person's body? Was it just coincidence he showed up at that plaza square? If someone else had shown up, would Aomine have said the same things he had seen to Kise? Probably not all the things, but it still hurt. Tears gathered at the edge of blonde lashes, threatening to fall.

"Don't do this to me…"


Kise stared as the bluenette lowered his head, clenching on to Kise's shoulders. It kind of hurt.

"Don't act like you know what I'm going through! I…I..!"

Aomine had started shaking. Sobs were breaking out from his mouth, tears running like a river down strong tan cheekbones. He pushed the other down, pinning him to the sad excuse for a bed as he hovered on top.

"A-Aominecchi! Please calm down!"

"P-Please…don't leave me…I never forgot you…I love you…I love you..."

Amber eyes widened as Kise heard the broken words and sobs falling from the man that was on top of him. He…loved him..? Had Aomine, even in these ten years without seeing each other, subconsciously had fallen in love with him? Kise had never forgotten him either. In fact, one more say that the blonde loved the tan male as well.


Hearing the pleads, Kise moved his arms so that he was hugging the bluenette, feeling the other tense up in surprise.


"I love you too, Aominecchi," replied the blonde as he gave a sincere smile at the face in front of him. He shyly leaned forward, chastely putting a soft kiss on the other's lips. He felt the other awkwardly kiss back, surprised and unsure. When they broke a part they stared at each other, navy falling into amber, and amber falling into navy. Kise kept his smile.

"Me too, Aominecchi. I feel the same. Even after these ten years…I couldn't forget you. Is this fate? I don't know. But I-"

Kise broke himself off as he felt the other come closer, making him lean back into the futon as he felt the other's breath once again on his lips.

"Keep going," whispered Aomine as his voice came out breathless, his breathing loud in the room.

"I," Kise gulped. He was in the same state, his breathing loud as it mixed with Aomine's.

"If you ever regret this, I'll never forgive you."

The bluenette chuckled. "Idiot, like I would ever regret this."

They met together for another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate. It got even more heated as they slowly removed each other's shirts, Kise unbuttoning Aomine's and tearing it off of him. Their lips never broke a part.

However, the kiss was broken off for a bit for needed oxygen. The tan male took this opportunity to go further, Kise down pale cheeks and neck and slowly opening the white cotton shirt. He grew excited as he heard the soft gasps and moans from the body beneath him. Kissing down the muscled chest, Aomine went to a pink nipple, sucking it like a new born baby, loving the taste of Kise. This caused the blonde to let out a loud gasp at the sudden surge of pleasure that ran down his spine, his chest arching off the futon into the other's mouth. His fingers gripped the blanket below him as the bluenette switch to his other nipple, giving it the same attention so that both of them were red and swollen.

Going down further, Aomine littered a pale chest and stomach with red marks. When he got to the other's brown trousers, he looked up, taking in the sight of Kise. He had to stop himself from losing control then and there. The blonde was truly beautiful, panting and breathless with his shirt falling off his shoulders, his pale skin contrasting with the red on his body. A blush littered his cheeks, his eyes slightly glazed over. His eyes. That's what caught Aomine's attention the most. Golden amber that was full of not only lustful pleasure, but love and trust towards him.

He gulped as he pushed himself up to kiss the pale male on the lips, gently sliding off his pants in the process. Kise helped him by lifting his hips, leaving himself completely naked except for the shirt that didn't hide anything.

"You're beautiful," whispered Aomine in pure admiration.

The bluenette watched as Kise blushed even redder and turned his head, clearly embarrassed at the compliment. But really, the blonde was prettier than any woman Aomine had ever laid eyes on. If Kise was a woman, would things be any different from what they were? Aomine shook his head. Male or female, Kise was Kise. And it was Kise that Aomine was in love with.

He slowly got back to his marking as he licked and sucked at pale legs, thighs, and hips. Kise's manhood was standing up straight, red and dripping with pre cum as its owner moaned and gasped at the teasing administrations of Aomine. The bluenette smirked before he finally licked the tip, having to hold milky hips down as Kise bucked with a sharp "Ah!" He soon sucked the head into his mouth, teasing the other before he took the erection all the way in, bobbing his head up and down as the blonde thrashed in pleasure.

White legs had fallen open, spread wide without shame as the left one rested on Aomine's shoulder and the right leg was off to the side. All Kise could do was moan and pant as he felt the other lick lower, teasing his testicles, before reaching his entrance. Feeling the wet tongue at his hole, he shivered as he let out a loud gasp, never having anything touch him there before. He wasn't disgusted, nor was he revolted. He completely trusts Aomine and knew the other knew what he was doing. The blonde just let the other open him up and pleasure him.

Blonde hair was scattered over the white sheets as Kise's body was arched, having his prostate hit with the three tan fingers inside him. When both were ready, Aomine took his fingers out, smirking at the whine Kise made when he did. The bluenette pulled his own trousers off, leaving him in his nude. He resumed his place from before they started, hovering over the blonde as he leaned down to give him a deep kiss.

"Are you ready?"

Kise nodded as he smiled at the other, wrapping his arms around the tan neck. His legs wrapped around strong hips as he felt himself being breeched by Aomine's penis. It was big. The blonde bit his lips as he felt the other slide into him. It was kind of painful, but yet Kise was happy. He was finally one with the one he loved.


They met into another passionate kiss, their tongues entangling as Aomine gave a soft thrust, moving slowly as the blonde moaned into his mouth. Kise gripped the other as he got use to the feeling of the other moving inside of him, and his moans got louder.

It was when the pace of sped up, shallow and soft thrusts had become hard and deep, slamming into white buttocks as skin slapping skin sounded in the room. Kise was in pure pleasure as his toes curled and his prostate was hit with full force. He wasn't just moaning, he was screaming. Moans, gasps, and screams of "Aominecchi!" fell from his lips as his body was moved against the sheets. Aomine's harsh pants were also audible. He gave his own groans and "Kise..!" as he pistoned in and out of the tight heat that surrounded his dick.

"D-Daiki..! I'm – AH! I'm going to cum..!"

"M-Me too…Ryouta! Ngh! Let's…together!"

Aomine held on to Kise while Kise held the other close to him as he gave one last scream of "Daiki!" before cumming on their stomachs. This caused the bluenette to groan in the blonde's ear before ejaculating inside Kise.

They panted as they came down from their first sexual high, kissing as Aomine pulled out of the blonde. Sweaty, dirty, and full of cum, Kise closed his eyes, exhausted as he snuggled into the muscular chest beside him. Aomine smiled as he held the other, soon closing his eyes, the first time in nights, before falling asleep as well with his blonde angel in his arms.

He really was so lucky. Was this fate?