"I have to go Kise. I've already been drafted."

At those words Kise almost started crying.

Aominecchi…is going…to war…?

Just a few months ago, the sinking of the Lusitana that had killed 128 Americans had gotten out to the public. The Germans submarine warfare didn't stop, and when they even tried to get Mexico involved to go against the United States, that was the last straw. America was joining the war.

Seven years had passed since the day Aomine and Kise had laid and eloped in bed together for the first time. Aomine had quit his job at the mill, choosing to stay in New York and picking up a variety of labor jobs so he wouldn't be a burden on the blonde. Kise had managed to gain enough money to open up a small fabric store, which he got quite a bit of business from, especially since his coworkers that had worked with him in the factory always come to see him and buy their fabric there.

But then World War I had broken out. The Americans were slightly worried, but didn't think anything of it as they didn't get themselves involve, continuing on their daily lives. But as fate had it, the Germans hit a tourist ship that killed Americans, making America join in the war with Britain and France. In other words, the draft began.

Kise would have been drafted too, forced to go fight in the war for his country, but since he was the sole owner of a shop, he got exempted. However, Aomine wasn't the case. He was strong, he was smart, he was fit, he was perfect soldier material.

"Hey…Kise, look at me."

A calloused tan hand rubbed the tear stained cheek soothingly. The tears continued to fall, wetting the hand as Kise lifted his own hand up to wrap it around Aomine's.

"You can't…"

His voice broke as he tried to keep himself from sobbing. Just thinking about the chance of having the love of his life walk out the door, into war, and never return to him, dying a gruesome death that befalls on a soldier fighting for their country. It was unfair and wrong to take Aomine away from him.


Aomine whispered the blonde's name as he pulled the other male into a tight embrace, lifting his left hand, the hand that wasn't holding the other's cheek, into soft blonde locks, caressing and trying to calm his lover. He felt the other hiccup and let go of his right hand and instead wrapped his arms around the slightly taller man's waist, Kise burying his face into Aomine's clothed chest. The bluenette continued stroking Kise's hair, noticing how much longer it has gotten as it fell just above the other's shoulders. Aomine's hair also grew. It wasn't so short cut, the strands were longer, but it still had its spikiness.

"Ryouta, please, listen to me."

Kise quieted down, the hand in his hair soothing him as he nodded into the other's chest, ready to listen. He knew that Aomine had no choice, that neither one had a choice. The blonde knew he was being weak, being unreasonable, but this dealt with Aomine's life, and that belonged to him.

"I don't want to go either," started Aomine. "But I got to go, I got to fight. I got to fight for this country, for my country, for our country. Please forgive me Ryouta, for having to leave you like this when we've been together for seven years. But I won't die; I won't lose on the European's battlefield. I'll come back to you, Ryouta. I'll come back to you strong and very much alive. So please be strong for me, please believe in me, and when I come back home, back from war, back through that door, you will be hear waiting for me."

Upon hearing the other's confession, Kise starting tearing up again, silently weeping as he nodded and lifted his head up to reveal teary amber.

"I trust you…Daiki. I'll be here, I'll be right in this very spot, waiting for you to come through that door," replied Kise as he stared at darken navy.


They both leaned forward slowly, sensually, as their lips met in a soft kiss. They continued to kiss, their emotions and hesitation pouring out as the kiss grew deeper and more heated.

"If we keep going…I'll take you in the foyer," panted Aomine as he kissed along the pale jaw and neck, marking the skin with red marks.

Kise groaned at the feel of the love bites, wanting more as he started unbuttoning the other's grey cotton shirt. When he got to the last button, he pulled it off as Aomine maneuvered his arms to help him, his upper torso bared. The blonde ran his hands up the muscular back; letting out gasps as the tan man had gotten his own shirt unbuttoned and was currently sucking on his left nipple like a newborn child.

Soon they were both naked, Kise up against the wall with his legs spread by Aomine's strong arms as the other pounded into him relentlessly. Moans, screams, grunts, and the sound of skin slapping skin was echoed through out the walls of the foyer, growing in volume as Aomine thrusted harder, deeper, burying himself into Kise's body.

"Daaahkicchiii!" moaned out Kise as he felt himself about to cum, digging his nails into the other's shoulders.

"Ngh...Ryouta...I'm going to cum."

"A-Ah! Ohh~! Me...me too!"

"Inside…Can I cum…ah...inside?"

"Y-Yeah! Cum...ahh...inside...Daiki!"

With one more hit to Kise's prostate, the blonde arched his back, coming off of the wall as he squeezed around Aomine's penis as he came, his semen hitting both of their bodies. The pleasurable tightening of Kise brought Aomine to orgasm as he emptied his seed into Kise's body.

When they caught their breaths, they kissed deeply, lovingly, as they held on to each other.

"Daiki...I love you."

"I love you too, Ryouta."

They kissed again until Aomine accidently thrusted his hips, making Kise gasp at the movement inside of him.

"Heh…round two?" asked the tan man with a smirk as he thrusted his hips up into the blonde again.

"Mh! Y-You have to take me to bed this time," responded Kise.

"Ha, deal."

Kise squeaked as he was lifted off of the other's manhood and carried bridal style to their bedroom where they made love again and again till they both exhausted themselves. And when it was deep in the night and the moon shone through their window, the two lovers were entangled into one another, a pale leg strung over a tan hip and a tan arm over pale shoulders.

It was when they were eating breakfast together that the dreaded knock came. The knock of the city police.

Aomine's turn had come and he was going to be leaving in a few hours to head to war.