Okay, I am slightly new to the SPN fandom, so I do apologise if this is a pile of crap.
Anyhoo, it comes in three parts, mostly Destiel…
College AU.

Enjoy! xx

Sam Winchester kicked open the door with a slight grimace and looked around the tiny room. Two beds sat at polar opposites each accompanied by a desk, a chair and a small chest of drawers. One side had already been occupied, a large bedspread and several boxes of stuff sitting around the desk. Sam lugged the box over to the bed that was left and wiped his hands.

"See, this isn't so bad,"

Sam turned a little and saw Dean standing at the doorway with another box. As per usual, Dean wore his biggest smile and looked like an idiot on PCP. Sam had mentioned this to him before, but his older brother found it hilarious and continued to be a dork.

"What isn't so bad?" Sam asked, pulling out a small knife and slicing open the box.

"Your room, genius," Dean replied, dropping the box he was carrying onto the floor and pulling out two beers from it. He cracked open and handed it to Sam. "When I first came to college I had a bed and a crack addict for a roommate."

"Dean, you ended up dating him for a month," Sam replied.

Dean pulled a face. "Touché," He shrugged. He sat down on the bed. "Know anything about this guy?"

"Not much. Apparently he comes from Sacramento and likes soft jazz."

"Yeah, you'll need to kick that out of him," Dean replied, taking a sip of his beer. "You sure you're going to be alright sleeping on this bed?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine,"

"We could easily move his things." Dean offered reaching towards the other bed.

"Dean don't!" Sam ordered calmly and Dean sat back, pouting slightly.

Sam rolled his eyes and began to pile out his copious amount of books. Dean picked one or two of them up, scanning them thoughtfully before putting them to the side.

"You were always the brains of the family," He sighed. "Anyway, proud of you Sammy, but I gotta go make sure my stuff hasn't been stolen."

"Okay, I'll see you later then," Sam said, not looking up from his unpacking.

"So I was thinking we fuchsia pink this place up…" Dean added as he lingered at the door.

Sam threw a cushion at his brother who dodged it just in time as it hit a smaller dark haired kid who was entering the room.

"Sorry man," Dean said, picking up the cushion and throwing it back at Sam. "Pizza and beer tonight? We'll put on some horror crap."

"Get out of here," Sam said rolling his eyes.

"Fine. Bitch."


"Nice meeting you," Dean said nodding towards the kid and leaving. Sam sighed and outstretched his hand.

"Hey," He said. "Sam Winchester, nice to meet you."

The kid stared at Sam's outstretched hand and Sam retracted after a moment.

"I'm Cas," Said the kid.

"Cas? That's a bit of a strange name…" Sam broke a smile before moving back towards his bed.

"Yeah well my parents were strange people," Cas replied. He sat down on his own bed and clasped his hands. "You don't mind me taking this bed? Do you?"

Sam actually minded a lot. He hated sleeping near the window. He always hated it. It made him feel nervous. When they were kids Dean always slept near the window in case he got frightened. Sam supposed it was due to the fact that when they were younger someone broke into his old room through his window and murdered his mother. But for the sake of courtesy and the fact Dean had told him in the car to suck up any idiosyncrasies that his new roommate may have because like it or not Sam was going to be stuck with him for a year.

Sam nodded stiffly and cleared his throat. "No, it's uh… It's cool. Seriously."

Cas's face broke into a smile before he asked another question. "Was that your friend?"

Sam snorted. "Me and Dean are not friends."

"Boyfriend then?"

Sam almost threw up in his mouth. "Dude no, he's my big brother."


Sam turned. "Why were you asking if he was my boyfriend? You think I'm gay?"

Cas's eyes widened and he shook his head. "I didn't mean to cause offence!" He said.

Sam let out a low sigh. "It's okay, never mind."

"You're from Kansas aren't you?" Cas said trying to change the conversation.

"Yeah," Sam nodded. "Born and raised… Well not so much raised."

"Why? Where were you brought up?"

"Everywhere really," Sam said, pulling out two photo frames and putting them on his desk, staring at the smiling frozen faces. "After my mom died, dad couldn't really settle. We lived out on the road, usually living in motels… The longest stint we did anywhere was at our Uncle Bobby's for three years."

"3 years?"

"Dad wanted to make sure we got into college so he left us with Uncle Bobby to get through our education. Dean was close to graduating anyway so it didn't matter to him. But he got a place and I'm not sure how," Sam explained.

"I'm sorry about your mother," Cas said.

"Nah, it was a long time ago." Sam said, reaching over and closing the window. "What are you studying?"

"Philosophy and Religion," Cas replied. "You?"

"Oh I'm studying law," Sam replied.

"And your brother?"

"He was studying photography…" Sam frowned slightly. "He's now studying Construction Services."

Cas chuckled. "Didn't know that was a major you could take."

"Nah, neither did I." Sam laughed.

There was a silent moment and Sam felt uncomfortable again. He continued to pull things out of his boxes and pile them to the side.

"So your brother is coming back later?" Cas asked.

"Yeah, he wants to make sure that I'm okay. Like I can't take care of myself." Sam chuckled.

"He just wants to look out for you," Cas said sympathetically.

"What about you?"

"What about me what?" Cas frowned.

"Any brothers and sisters?" Sam asked.

"We have a large family. But the only ones I'm really close to aren't really around much. Anna is in England with Balthz, and Gabe is… He went on a bit of a road trip and I haven't heard from him since."

"Sounds tough man,"

"Not as bad as I assume moving around a lot was," Cas replied.

Sam chuckled. "It wasn't so bad. I had Dean. I can't complain."

"You two are close?"

"I suppose. But isn't that how family is meant to be?" Sam asked.

"I don't think as close as that,"

"We come as a package. Sadly." Sam shrugged.

"BEER!" Dean opened the door with a huge grin on his face and holding about a weeks' worth of pizza and drink in his arms and carrying what appeared to be the entire saga of Star Wars.

Sam sighed and yanked his brother into the room. "You're an embarrassment Dean," He said.

"I'm your brother boy, it's my job." Dean said, throwing the food and beer onto the bed and pulling off his leather jacket. "So you're Cas? Well I thought you'd be taller,"

Cas got off from his seat and smiled. "You're Dean, I saw you this morning."

Dean's eyes narrowed. "Oh yeah, nerdy little kid. Sammy threw a cushion at you."

"I think he threw the cushion at you," Cas said.

"Nah, Sammy loves me," Dean smirked.

"Dean I thought we were going to watch Nightmare on Elm Street." Sam frowned.

"Yeah, then I changed my mind. I want to watch Star Wars," Dean said.

"You're such a nerd," Sam sighed.

"Excuse me Mr Glee Club, Chess Team and Science Group," Dean laughed. "You like Star Wars."

"No I like Star Wars; The Phantom Menace," Sam said.

"Which is why we are watching the good ones, starting with the Empire Strikes Back," Dean said proudly.

"You've tried to make me watch them before, I fell asleep," Sam protested.

"You were ten years old!" Dean replied. "And we were in a motel room sleeping off food poisoning from a crappy diner dad brought us to! This time, no, this time you'll love it,"

"I don't think I've ever seen Star Wars," Cas said as he pulled on a large tan overcoat.

"Woah woah woah woah," Dean said, turning around. "You what?"

"Where you going Cas?" Sam asked.

"Out," Cas replied. "I can see that this is family time and that I am not wanted nor needed. So I'll nip down to the library and read for a while."

Sam opened him mouth to argue but Dean cut across him.

"Wait up, trench coat," He said.

"It's technically an overcoat," Cas said tilting his head.

"Don't care, coat off, you're watching it too,"

"Dean, you're doing it again…" Sam said, bending slightly to whisper in his brother's ear.

"Doing what?" Dean turned and raised an eyebrow.

Sam sighed. "Cas, you might as well stay, Dean is going to make you watch it in any case,"

Cas' eyes darted between the two brothers and suddenly he felt very nervous. "I don't think it's a good idea."

"Oh come off it," Dean said, pulling off his coat for him. "You can't be as gassy as Sammy. If so, then we'll just say we were making fire."

Dean paused and looked around. "Do you guys not have a TV?"

"Er… No." Sam replied.

Dean frowned for a second then pulled on his leather coat and checked if he still had his car keys. "Okay, give me about…" He checked his watch. "Half an hour, don't let the pizzas get cold and don't drink all the beer." And with that he was gone.

Sam shook his head and handed Cas a beer. "Might as well stay. Dean is determined."

"Your brother is slightly strange," Cas said, holding his beer between his fingers. He had never taken a drop before and was worried that he wouldn't like it, but he was scared that Sam and Dean would judge him if he didn't drink along with them. He then wondered why he was so worried about them judging him.

"Yeah," Sam laughed into his own beer. "He overcompensates, I think. He always looks out for people."

"Why?" Cas asked.

Sam shrugged. "Not really sure…"

Cas fell silent and twirled his beer in his hand before taking a sip. He instantly didn't like it, but kept down the bitter liquid.

"Smooth Cas," Sam said. "It takes some time getting used to."

"How long?" Cas asked, feeling embarrassed.

Sam shrugged. "Depends how long you've been drinking it."

"You've drank a lot?"

"One of the perks of being on the road a lot…" Sam replied. He opened a pizza box and sighed. "Typical." He opened the other two and sighed. "Dean's ordered just the huge meat feasts. I hope you're okay with that,"

Cas nodded. "Yeah, that's fine."

With that, Sam picked up a box and handed one to Cas before falling onto his bed and tucking into a pizza. Cas gingerly picked up a slice and nibbled on it before asking. "Shouldn't we wait for your brother?"

"Nah," Sam said burping. "He'll be back soon."

Cas shrugged and got onto his own bed whilst kicking off his shoes. He lay back against his pillows and picked up a slice and this time took a proper bite.

Sam had almost finished his pizza when Dean arrived back at the room a huge TV set in his arms. "SAMMY!"

"Jesus Christ Dean," Sam got off his bed and grabbed one end of the TV and hauled it across the room towards a wall socket.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Cas asked, standing up.

"Pawn shop guy a few streets away owed me one," Dean said. "Like big time."

"Dean we have nowhere to put it. I'm pretty sure we can't hook it up to any sort of cable network and why?"

"It's only for a little while," Dean promised. "Get your laptop."

Sam stared at Dean for a moment as his brother fiddled around with a DVD player he had also brought.

"Sammy!" Dean said.

Cas watched Dean and suddenly felt a need to sit down again. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Well, if Sammy is so worried about cable and all that…" Dean grabbed the laptop from Sam and began to hook it up to the TV. He tapped away at it for a few minutes before Fox News appeared on the screen.

"Dean!" Sam said.

"It's okay, it's not illegal," Dean said, getting up off the floor.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it can get me and Cas thrown out of college."

"Calm down, would I do that to you and to Cas?" Dean raised an eyebrow. "I mean no offence, you're both nerdy little dorks…" He glanced at Sam's height for a minute reconsidering his sentence but then shook his head. "And you could probably both take down NASA and the Russian Secret Service at a drop of a hat. You don't need college."

"All this, for Star Wars?" Cas asked frowning.

"He's gone to a lot more trouble for a lot less, believe me," Sam said.

"Okay THAT makes me sound like a felon." Dean said pointing.

"He was, he went to juvy hall for about 3 months," Sam said.

"For saving your ass when you decided to go joy-riding," Dean replied.

Cas stared at Dean and Sam for a moment.

"You. Weren't. Going. To. Mention. That." Sam said through gritted teeth.

Dean simply put on a huge grin. "Right, The Empire Strikes Back!"

"I hate you," Sam said shaking his head as Dean climbed onto the bed next to his brother.

"Cassie boy, you too," Dean said, patting the bed. "Get your ass over here."

Sam threw Dean a look as Cas silently moved towards the bed and sat down.

"No need to look so nervous. I'm not going to bite," Dean said, leaning back as the music started. He began to hum along at first quite silently then got louder and more obnoxious.


"OH GOOD GOD DEAN WILL YOU PISS OFF!" Sam cried, flinging his pillow over his head.

"I was only bringing you a coffee," Dean said. "Yeesh, plus, its 10:40… Don't you have a class in five minutes?"

"CRAP!" Sam jumped out of bed and pulled a pair of jeans on, tripping over himself. He yanked a shirt from his chest of drawers and pulled it on.

"Shoes are by the TV," Dean sitting down on the bed and pulling his sandwich out of its wrapper.

Sam tripped again and pulled on his shoes. "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!"

"Don't worry about it!" Dean cried, his mouth full of meatballs. "Half the students in your class will be sleeping off their hangovers,"

"Yes, but I'm not hung-over," Sam said. "I overslept because YOU made us watch an entire Star Wars marathon last night."

"Correction… WE watched Star Wars last night." Dean said. "Trench Coat is still asleep," He nodded towards Cas.

"Yeah, cool, whatever," Sam said, picking up his bag as he made his way to the door. Dean sighed and held out the extra coffee. After a few minutes Sam came back in and took it from Dean sheepishly before walking off again.

"Remember to be polite to people!" Dean yelled after him. Cas snorted and Dean made a face before getting up.

Cas's eyes flickered open and he let out a scream. Dean turned and screamed too.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Cas whimpered, pulling his blankets up to his chin.

"I was waking up Sammy, and by the looks of it, I suppose I should have woken you up at the same time," Dean said, his voice cracking.

"Get out!" Cas said.

"I'm going! Wow!" Dean shook his head and darted off giving a grin.

Cas lay there for a moment, his heart thudding against his chest before he rolled over. That Dean kid was strange and it made Cas uncomfortable. He supposed that he'd have to tolerate him whilst he lived with Sam. Unable to fall back asleep, he hauled himself out of bed and went to get changed. The pizza boxes and beer bottles littered the floor and he checked the time.

Swearing loudly, he pulled on whatever clothes he could find before bolting it out the door.

Cas avoided everyone all day. He never spoke and he never raised his hand to offer an opinion. His professor was nice, and the other kids were good and courteous. But he decided not to talk at all. Cas had always been a quiet kid, never really saying as much as he should or wanted to. He hated confrontation beyond anything and had to leave the room when his family fought.

However, the major he had chosen wasn't one he considered important. He came from a highly religious family, but some ideas didn't reflect his.

All he wanted to do was make his family proud and he had no idea how.

These thoughts, oddly enough ran through his head as he stared into his lumpy yoghurt. He was sitting with a group of classmates who invited him out for lunch. All of them were chatting earnestly about the class and how much they were looking forward to the semester.

He looked around and saw Sam walk into the cafeteria, at last, a friendly face.

"I'm going to go… Talk about roommate stuff," Cas said, picking up his tray.

"Sure, we'll see you later," One said. Cas gave a grin and walked off and she tilted her head to her friend.

"Think he's sleeping with Moose Boy over there?"

"If he's not then I definitely want to,"

"Ew, Jess!"

"Is anyone sitting there?" Cas asked, pointing towards the empty seat.

"No go ahead," Sam replied. "I heard that Dean woke you up."

"Yeah," Cas said sheepishly.

"You fell asleep after Attack of the Clones." Sam said. "Dean didn't even acknowledge that there was The Phantom Menace so he left shortly after."

"Right," Cas nodded.

"So, have a girlfriend?" Sam asked, opening a can of Cola.



"I'm not gay,"

"You were pretty damn snuggly next to my brother last night," Sam said, grinning.

"There was no room on that bed," Cas muttered, defending himself.

"If it can fit me onto it, then I think there's enough room," Sam shrugged. "But fair enough, I'm not pushing."

"Is… Is Dean gay?"

"Dean has been openly bisexual since he was…" Sam mentally counted. "17? I think… Dad wasn't too pleased." He paused. "That… Doesn't bother you, does it?"

Cas shook his head. "Not particularly. Be back in a minute, I'm going to get some pudding."

Sam nodded as Cas got up and moved to the back of the line, pulling out his dining card.

"Classic rookie mistake,"

Cas turned and saw, once again, Dean Winchester.

"Are you following me or something?" Cas asked.

Dean made a face. "I'm not allowed to get lunch?" He grabbed a tray. "What are you wanting?"

"Just some pudding," Cas said.

"Right." Dean grabbed a couple of sandwiches and stowed them into his pockets and picked up a pudding, putting it on the tray before adding other items. "Always get as much as you can from one lunch," He explained. "It still mean's one hole punch. You can save most of it for later dates and it also means that your folks aren't paying out as much when the bill comes."

"Which means more money for you to spend," Cas said, clicking the idea together. "Dean, it's not right."

"No, it's not right that they can charge anything up to 6 dollars for a sandwich," Dean said. "Trust me, all the students do it."

Cas pursed his lips before gathering some other items he thought he could keep for a few days. Dean pulled out his own punch card and handed it to the cashier who clipped it and sent them off.

"Don't they teach you anything in school anymore?" Dean tsked, sitting down opposite Sam. "Sammy, your roommate doesn't know how to use punch cards. Tell me you at least do."

Sam grinned and opened his rucksack that was sitting on an empty chair. Dean looked into it for a second and grinned.

"That's my boy." Dean said. "Okay, I have to go, I will see you whenever."

"Yeah, see you Dean," Sam said.

Dean gave a two finger salute before walking off.

"Goodbye Dean," Cas said, his voice getting caught.