Author's Chapter: Chapter Two in which James proves just how much he really is Mia's son. Hehehe, I love him! Out of all of their children, James is probably my favourite but that's really only because he's been the one whose been in my head as their son the longest, so he, of course, holds a special place in my heart. But so does Chris, his a little rascal and I can't wait to write more about him. And of course, their little sister.
Anyway, enough chatter from me, please enjoy this chapter, rather short I admit but has James cuteness, so that should make up for the shortness right?

Chapter Two

That night, Michael was woken by two things that could not possibly be ignored. The first were the soft, but purposeful cries of his five day - correction six day old as it was now after midnight - daughter from the bassinet that was set up at the end of their bed. Due to their not permanent stay in the palace they had not as yet set up a nursery.

And hopefully after this Christmas mess, Michael thought dully as he slowly sat up, we won't have to because we'll be able to go home.

He missed their house that was only a short distance from the palace but far enough away that they got the privacy that they desired.

He heard from beside him Mia grumbling something incoherently as she too struggled (and failing) to rise. He place a hand on his wife's shoulder and pushed her gently once more upon the soft mattress.

She grumbled a bit at that.

"I'll get her." he said to her, fighting the desire to yawn. Mia muttered something that sounded like feed.

"If she's hungry, I'll bring her to you." He soothed and she immediately relaxed once more.

Swinging himself to his feet, he stagged to his daughter's bassinet where she was still mournfully sobbing.

"Hey." He said as he bent down and scoped her up, "hey? What's up? Are those damn cats scaring you?" for it was those damn cats yowling that had been the second thing to wake him from his sleep.

His daughter wiggled in his arms as giant tears fell from behind her closed eyelids. He rocked her gently while checking for any of the obvious reasons that might be causing his daughters tears.

He figured fairly quickly that the cause for his daughter's tears had more to do with her hunger than the fear of the still yowling cats outside.

He walked back to the bed, cradling his daughter close to his chest.

"Is she hungry?" he heard Mia mumble softly. Her eyes weren't open but she was now rolled in his direction and in more of a sitting position, her hands fumbling with the shirt she was sleeping in.

He knelt down beside her, giving her a hand with her shirt and helping to get their daughter into a position where both she and Mia were comfortable while the little one fed. Then he flopped down beside them both, a protective arm wrapped around them and tried to at least have a nap of some kind, if only those damn cats would stop yowling… oh, wait they had and quite suddenly too.

He sat up right, with Mia grumbling 'not my fault' which immediately had him groaning.

"Maybe not yours this time, but it's apparently in the genes."

She cracked an eye open at him.

"It's three in the morning, he wouldn't."

"It was one and you still did it." he said as he once more swung himself out of bed with a groan.

"Mia, don't…" he added when he looked back and saw that she too was exiting the bed, only much more slowly and awkward than he had, what with her holding a baby who was nursing still.

"He got it from me, so I should take responsibility." She said tiredly.

"How bout taking responsibility of one child at a time for the moment, 'kay?" He said gently back as he nodded down at their nursing daughter. Seeing her hesitation, he immediately came around to her side of the bed and once more gently sat her upon it.

"I'll deal with him; you just stay here with her, ok."

"Hmmm, 'kay." He kissed her mouth warmly before heading off, out of their room, pulling a shirt over his head as he went, to search for their soft-hearted son.

Or sons, he soon discovered when he found them (and a whole lot of cats too) in the palace garden close to his and Mia's bedroom. His two sons were in one of the little courtyards that were scattered throughout the palace garden.

James was standing in front of the cats, throwing them scraps that Michael guessed he and Christopher had snuck from the kitchen while Christopher was curled up on a stone bench, sleeping soundly.

Michael simply shook his head at that. Honestly the kid could sleep anywhere.

"James." Michael said and his eldest son jumped about a foot in the air before looking over at him guiltily.

Michael sighed as he crossed his arms across his chest as he walked over to where his eldest son stood, scattering the cats as he walked.

"What did I say about feeding the cats?" he asked as he came to stand in front of James.

"Um, not to." James said looking up at his father guiltily, at that moment looking more like his mother than Michael had ever previously thought possible. It's the eyes, he reasoned, for everything else in that young face was his.

"Uh huh, so whatcha doing out here?"

"Admiring the moon."

Michael stared at his son with a dead-panned expression. And that he gets from both Mia and Lil, he thought grimly, I'm going to have to watch that too, and groaned at the thought.

"I couldn't sleep, and they were crying and I thought, and you know… and Mama wouldn't be mad at me for feeding the cats." James finished with a grumble as he too crossed his little arms across his chest, pouting unhappily down at the ground.

Michael sighed.

"I'm not mad, like I said I wasn't yesterday afternoon, it just not a good idea to feed them." He said as he came to crouch down at his son's eye level.

"But they were hungry." James sniffed, rubbing the back of his hand against his nose.

"I know, but feeding them actually doesn't help them, plus it'll make you're great-grandmother very unhappy if you feed them." His son gave a little gulp at the thought of upsetting his great-grandmother.

"Come on, it's ok. I'm not mad and trust me, the cats will be fine."

"You sure?"

"Uh huh. Come on, you and your brother need to get back to bed or Santa's not going to come." His son's eyes widen in horror

"Ok, kiddo, let's get you to bed."


"Good." Michael said as he rose once more to his feet. He moved over to where Christopher was sleeping, gently picking him up into his arms, his son little head resting upon his shoulder.

Once his youngest son was rest comfortably against him, held out his free hand to his eldest, who took it, yawning widely.

The three walked back into the palace, ignoring the startled looks sent in their direction from the night shift guards. Michael was going to have to have a serious talk to them about the possibility of putting a couple of guards around his sons' usual escape routes out of the palace, especially when there was a possibility of stray animals wandering around the palace gardens.

He took both his boys back to their bedroom, noting that their balcony door was wide open and rolled his eyes.

Cheeky little brats, he thought with affection as he tucked both of them into their beds. He then firmly shut and locked the balcony door.

"I wanna go home." James mumbled sleepily, wrapping his arms around a stuffed polar bear toy.

"I know and we will once your mama's reigned in your great-Grandmere and her big Christmas party, ok?"

"Ok. Love you, Daddy." Michael felt his lips twitch into a smile as he kissed his eldest son's forehead.

"And I love you and your brother too."

"And mama and the baby too, right?"

"And them too. Now sleep, ok. I'll see you in the morning."

"Night Daddy."

Morning rather, Michael thought with a glance to his watch, but he couldn't find it within himself to be overly mad at his sons for getting him up in the early hours of the morning.

Once he was sure that both of them were happily in dreamland, he dragged himself back to his and Mia's room.

"Everything ok?" Mia asked as he re-entered the room. She was sitting up in bed, rocking their new little daughter back and forth in her arms.

"You're supposed to be asleep." Michael yawned as he flopped face first on to the bed.

"Couldn't get back to sleep once you left. Did everything sort out ok?"

"Hmmm, yeah, everything is ok. Though I'm beginning to realise just how much James really is like you."

"Charming, sweet and…"

"Has a talent for driving me insane." He interrupted her, causing her to lightly thump his shoulder. He lifted his head up from where it had been previously buried in the bedcovers and looked tiredly up at his wife.

"Come to bed."

"Technically, I'm already in bed." Michael mumbled and Mia rolled her eyes at him. With a groan, he pulled himself up, before sliding back down the bed under the covers, his arm wrapping around Mia's waist, his fingers lightly brushing their daughter's forehead, before falling promptly back to sleep.

Author's Note: Michael is such a good dad. I've always thought he would be and Mia says in book eight (?) that he would make a good dad.
Personally, I think he would be better with kids like James and Chris's ages rather than a newborn, if only because he's such an interactive person. He would be wanting to interact with his kids as soon as possible, talking with them, playing with them and so on. Not saying he isn't/wouldn't be good with babies, but I think he, while loving his newborn child with all his heart of course, would be very much looking forward to the day that his kids start talking, walking and interacting with him and so on.
I don't know, I just see him being a very full on Dad wanting to play with his kids and read them bedtimes stories and things that children over the ages of really two can trully enjoy and appericiate. Overall I think he'd be an awesome Dad.
And Mia is a good Mom/Mum too, of course. I think with all the insecurities she'd probably have with each of her children (because we all know she would have them, she's Mia for goodness sake), she would be, out of the two of them, the more confident parent. She would be the one who would hold her newborn baby for the first time without fearing she'd drop him/her while I think Michael would be in constant fear of doing something wrong and Mia would have to basically dump their newborn into his arms and leave him alone with him/her for a couple of hours for Michael to gain so confidence with the baby. But then, this is probably all just me and my feeling towards these characters. Anyway, these veiws are shown in the next chapter.
Thank you for reading and reviews are much loved. Big thanks you too all the lovely reviews I have recieved so far for this fanfic, I appreciate them very much.

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