Toshimitsu glared down at the sidewalk as if that would somehow give him the courage to talk to his crush. All he could ever seem to think about was Akihisa, even though they hadn't talked in months and the idiot never seemed to feel the same way.

Suddenly some shouts startled him out of his thoughts. A couple of curses, followed by a yelp echoed out of an alley. Toshimitsu peered across the dark road. That yelp sounded like Akihisa…

"No, please don't…" Akihisa started as he stared up at the boys who surrounded him.

"Shut up you little piece of trash!" one of the older boys shouted as he kicked Akihisa in the ribs causing him to whimper and curl his bruised and beaten body tighter together. The tattered remains of his clothes offered no protection from his tormentors or the cold. A man who he recognized as his landlord stood at the front of the crowd.

"Now Akihisa," he began," you know how this goes. Pay the money you owe, or my boys will take the money from you in a much less gentle way." One of them came forward brandishing a bat and grinning, causing Akihisa to shrink even more.

"I…I d-don't h-have any money." Akihisa stuttered.

"Well, that is a shame. Boys? How about a few broken bones this time."

The boy with the bat stepped forward and Akihisa threw his arms over his head, but the bat didn't hit him. After a few seconds he opened his eyes…and saw Toshimitsu Kubo standing in front of him.

"K-kubo?" he stammered breathlessly.

"Now, what seems to be the problem here?" his calm tone didn't match the dark glare in his eyes as he turned to look at the landlord.

"This WORTHLESS little brat refuses to pay what he owes! I will not allow this filth to continue squatting on my property until he can pay his debt!" The mans anger turns to nervousness as his thugs slink off. Many are C and D students back at the academy and don't want trouble with class A. Only the boy with the bat and the one who had kicked Akihisa remain.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow you to continue. It might get unpleasant if you do." Toshimitsu calmly stated.

Sweat started to gather on the fat mans face. He glanced around, and realized he was alone.

"Fine! Fine. Do what you want with the boy just get him off my property. I'll send his stuff to the school." He waddled away muttering angrily.

Toshimitsu turned around to look at his Akihisa. As soon as he saw him, he froze. The boy's beautiful brown hair was a mess, only shreds of his shirt could be found scattered around him, his pants were now shorts, his shoes were missing, and everywhere he looked he saw fresh bruises, bleeding cuts, and old scars.

His first thought was to go strangle that idiot landlord, but then he looked at Akihisa's face. His eyes were wide with fear and his teeth were chattering. He was Kubo's first priority.

Kubo crouched down and reached out to comfort Akihisa but the brown haired boy flinched away whimpering, his eyes tightly shut.

"Aki…" Kubo's whisper was deep and full of emotion.