Debt Ch. 2


That was an amazing dream. Akihisa thought as he shifted his head on the pillow.

In the dream, after Toshimitsu Kubo rescued me from my landlord, he gathered me into his arms and carried me away from my debt. In the dream, the taller boy muttered diabolical plans of what he wanted to do to that landlord for touching HIS Aki. When I tried to giggle at one of his more interesting ideas it turned into a gasp of pain drawing concerned looks from Kubo.

In the dream Kubo laid me down on a strange bed then brushed his lips gently across mine and quietly left.

Then, when Akihisa woke up in a strange bed with screaming pain inside his chest, he realized it wasn't a dream.

Did Kubo really kiss me? Before he could process that thought something else distracted him.

"Where are my clothes?" he gasped. He tried to sit up and ended up clutching his ribs as the pain increased. Steady hands help him to lay back down against the pillows. He looks up and sees his rescuer causing his blush to return.


Kubo was sitting in a chair next to the bed that held the sleeping Akihisa. It had been hours since the doctor left but he still couldn't convince himself to leave Aki alone.

What had remained of his clothes had been thrown out so all that was covering Akihisa's fragile, thin body was a group of bandages over his broken ribs and the blankets that Kubo had carefully tucked around him.

His thoughts moved to how beautiful Akihisa's body is, but before he could be tempted to move the blankets for a better view, the smaller boy's eyes opened.

At first Akihisa's beautiful face scrunched up in thought. Then suddenly his eyes grew wide and he struggled to sit up. He squeaked out, "Where are my clothes?" as Kubo gently helped him lay back down.

"Relax." Kubo murmured as a blush spread across Akihisa's face. "The doctor removed them when he examined you."

Akihisa grew even paler than normal.

"I can't afford…"

"Don't worry," Kubo interrupted, "I paid for it."

Akihisa didn't look comforted by that. "What do I owe you?"

"You're my friend, Aki, you don't owe me anything."


Akihisa looked up at Kubo and smiled, but he didn't believe him.

Even if he doesn't realize it yet, he thought, I owe him a debt and, eventually, he will want me to pay up.

He felt a slight shiver of fear slide through him as he started to slide back into unconsciousness, but still…

"Kubo?" he whispered.

"Yes?" he replied.

"I wish you hadn't stopped at a kiss." He murmured as his eyes closed.