Charlie was sitting at the table waiting for his favorite Waitress to come serve him. When she saw him her smile disappeared and she said coldly "what do you want Charlie?". Charlie pushed back his hurt feelings and said "I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the Christmas party this weekend".

The waitress looked at him in disbelief and then laughed harshly "are you serious? of course I don't want to go with you your a loser how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from me!". Charlie looked down and mumbled "well if you change your mind-" the Waitress interrupted him "I won't now why don't you order something or leave?".

Charlie got up and slunk away he thought about going to Paddys for a drink but if he got drunk there he would start talking about the Waitress and his friends would make fun of him he decided to just go home and sleep. At two O clock in the morning Charlie heard someone banging on his apartment door sighing he got up and answered the door.

Dee was standing there trying to hold up a drunk passed out Frank. She glared at him "hurry up and let us inside it's gross out here". Charlie moved away so Dee could stagger inside still supporting Frank she shoved him onto the bed then turned to Charlie "why didn't you come to the bar today? Dennis and Mac tried to make me mop the floor that's Charlie work".

Charlie said dully "don't worry Dee I'll come in tomorrow and do all the Charlie work". Dee snickered "Oh don't pretend you don't love your job". Charlie shrugged it was true he did like his work he just hated how they made him do all of it never offering to help. Dee said mockingly trying to keep the pity out of her voice "what's your problem? was the Waitress mean to you again?".

Charlie snapped "Shut up Dee! I am so sick of you guys making fun of me for having a crush on the Waitress when all of you are just as pathetic in your own ways!". Dee was stunned that Charlie had talked to her like that he was always the nicest one of the gang she sighed and said in a gentler tone "I'm sorry Charlie do you want to talk about it?".

Charlie shook his head looking tired "no just go home Dee". Dee nodded and walked to the door before going out she said "hey Charlie if you ever want to talk I'm here he looked surprised so she added quickly I mean its always funny to hear about you and the Waitress". Charlie smiled slightly" thanks Dee" once Dee got to her car she frowned the Waitress was starting to annoy her she had no reason to be that cruel to Charlie even if he was a little annoying and creepy she decided to go talk to the coffee shop to see the Waitress tomorrow.