Zim slammed the door to his base, locking it hurriedly. Angry pounding came from the other side, as well as curses and threats. Zim smirked at his victory, laughing aloud.

"Nice try, Tak-slime!" He sneered. "But not even YOU can take down THE MIGHTY ZIM!"

"Yeah right! Once I get to you, I'm going to rip open your skull!" Tak screamed at the short irken from behind the door. Zim only shook his head.

"Lies! You know perfectly well that Zim reigns superior over all! FOR I AM ZIM!" He boasted, fist in the air.

"But now I must go, Tak! I've got much to do! MUCH TO DO!" He yelled. On the other side of the door, Tak's eyes filled with rage.

"You better not leave me here, Zim!"

Zim laughed. "Oh yeah?! WATCH ZIM!"

And with that, he stormed over to his toilet, and flushed himself down. Zim might seen perfectly neutral, but his mind was worried and his heart was hammering away. He slumped against the elevator, his hands covering his eyes.

'Why do I get like this with her?' He thought angrily . 'Why does Zim's all powerfull organs feel tight near her?' Zim, for once, could not answer his question. Finally, the elevator stopped, having reached his desired floor. Zim let out an exaggerated, sad sigh.

"What now Zim?" His computer asked in monotone. Zim clutched his chest.

"I'm having it again... I'm having the feelings again, computer."

"Oh great. Just what I need. A emotional irken." The computer muttered to himself. Zim frowned.

"You think Zim WANTS to feel like goo around the girl?! I don't even LIKE her!" He shouted, as if proving his point. He balled and unballed his fists, antennas drooping slightly.

"Didn't, anyway." The computer replied. Zim groaned, glaring at the machine. Then he walked over to his portable storage unit, or bag, and rummaged through it until he found what he was searching for.

A doll, with curly antennas and dark purple eyes. It had a beauty mark on it's right cheek, a strange cord attached to the green head. Zim smiled, brushing the cheek gently with his hand.

Then he frowned a bit. "What would she do if she knew?" He mumbled, speaking to no one in particular.

"Oh, I donno. Kill you, rip you to shreds, or die of shock." The computer answered. Zim scowled.

"But I don't understand! Why doesn't the girl ADORE ME?! I AM ZIM! SHE should be the one affected by this... Cursed emotion! Not ME!" He shouted, frustrated.

"Well, maybe she is. You never know."

"No. I've seen the way the girl stares at me. Tak hates me, as perfect as I am." He said, hugging the doll to his chest protectively. He sighed. "I WISH that the stupid girl LOVED ZIM!"

"Um, Zim?"

"But of course it's hopeless! As WONDERFUL as I may be, she hates me. I don't understand her!"


"All I ever DO is coddle this stupid doll! I want to coddle the actual thing! Do you know how FRUSTRATING that is computer?!"

"I'm sure he doesn't, not when you keep cutting him off."

"OF COURSE HE DOESN'T! Wait a minu... TAK?!"

Zim whipped around, doll still in arms, to see the purple eyed Tak, staring at him. His eyes widened.


Tak sighed, rolling her eyes. "I was continuing my beating on the door when I realized I would never open it that way. So naturally I shot it with my laser. Now WHAT on IRK are you DOING?!" She demanded, pointing to his plush. Zim's cheeks had the slightest bit of pink in them.

"Eh, well I was... INFLICTING PAIN UPON THIS TOY!" He lied, squeezing it harder as of to look like he was actually hurting it.

Tak glanced at the doll suspiciously. She took a few steps forward to have a better look.

"It looks like me..." Tak noted, eyes narrowed. "Why did you make a doll that looks like me?"

"Eh, HELLO? To hurt! Like a... Doo Doo Voo!"

"The term is a Voo Doo doll, Zim. Not Doo Doo Voo."

"SILENCE! What do YOU know ANYWAY?!" He huffed, chucking the plushie at Tak. Tak managed to catch the item, then began examining it closely. The doll's resemblance to her was incredible. It had every detail down, from the clothes to the skin.

'Wow...' Tak thought intrigued. 'Zim must really have put a lot of effort into this...' She glanced up at him. He was no where to be seen, most likely having disappeared into his lab somewhere.

"I wonder who he was talking about..." She questioned aloud.

"Uh, DUH. You. Was it really not that obvious?" The computer snapped, feeling as if he did not want to have a soap opera over the entire thing. Tak's eyes widened.

"Really? So when he was talking about how he was sick of coddling the doll..."

"... He wants to coddle you. Yes. Now will you please leave, Sherlock?"

Tak stood there, stunned. How could her worst enemy secretly be dying to cuddle up with her? It didn't add up.

Never the less, the female irken left the house with only one thought on her mind:

'I'm going to find out what's happening with Zim once and for all!'


Authors Notes: This will be continued, don't stress! I've just gotta get my Christmas shopping done!

This was totally random. I've just been really freaking out about how whenever I write ZATR it seems OOC. This is mainly to practice getting their personalities under control.

I like it ;) do you?