After the whole encounter in the elevator, the two irkens rose up to the top of Dib's house. Both were blushing madly, one contracted, one relaxed. As the elevator came to a halt, opening the doors, Zim cleared his throat. Tak snapped her attention to him.

"What?" She questioned, eyes narrowing slightly. Zim bit his lip.

"See, I just... Zim desires you..." He forced out, face hot enough to fry an egg on. Taking a risk, he laced his fingers with Tak's. He dared not to look at her.

"Very, very much. In fact, I wish for you to... Share love. Zim wants a love pig." He spoke, voice steady, but arms trembling slightly. Zim was so ready for Tak's rejection. He braced himself, holding tighter to her hands. Tak only stared, looking a bit sympathetic.

"Zim..." She whispered softly, leaning in towards him. Zim began to bring himself closer to Tak, eyes drifting shut. They got closer, and closer. Soon Zim could feel Tak's breath on his cheeks, sweet and warm. Tak readied herself, feeling very flustered. But Zim's grip was strong and his anticipations were high. He wanted this.

So close, so close...


The pair of aliens broke away, extremely red in the face. Tak glared fiercely at her shoes, while Zim began to scream, antennas standing on end.


Zim's rants continued, while Dib just stood there, paralyzed by the screen he had nearly witnessed. His face was milk white, gradually loosing more color. Dib stuttered.

"You. Were. Going. To. Kiss." And at that, Dib released the contents from his lunch.

Zim shrank back, horrified. "AAA! YOU SEE?! HUMANS ARE SO GROSS! BLECH!" He yelled, covering his face. Dib groaned, hunched over. Zim stuck his tongue out, eyes wide in disgust. All the while, Tak stood on the elevator, arms crossed. She scowled.

"This is stupid. I'm leaving." She mumbled loudly, beginning to walk towards Dib's front door. Zim's attention turned toward a certain female, pacing away from him. An alarm practically blew off in his mind, quickly rushing after her.

Tak opened the door, when she noticed a green lump clung onto her leg. Sighing in frustration, Tak shook her leg.

"Get off."

The grip on her leg tightened. "No! You are Zim's! I demand you to stay!" Shrieked the male clutching onto her. Frowning slightly, Tak bent down to Zim.

"And just who said I was yours?!" Questioned Tak, voice sounding rather annoyed. Two ruby orbs met hers, seemingly desperate. Zim sat up, letting go of her leg. His antennas flopped on either side of him. With a pout on his face, he spoke.

"Does that mean... You don't want me?" He asked, bottom lip beginning to quiver. Only Zim could pull off such a perfect puppy dog face and make Tak feel guilty. She grimaced, wrapping her arms around Zim's small shoulders. Her heart raced.

"No... Zim, I'm going to be honest." Beginning to enjoy her holding onto him, Zim nearly missed her words. But he was too busy feeling warm by Tak to feel worried. Cuddling closer, he began to purr softly.

"Zim is... Listening." He mumbled, voice sounding a bit incoherent. Tak pulled him closer to her. She liked the feeling of Zim pressed up against her. It made her all fuzzy inside.

"I love you."

Zim's heart exploded with joy, antennas vibrating with happiness. Pleasure pounded inside of his heart, so intense that he found it hard to think straight. He smirked.

"Zim... Loves Tak," breathing in her scent, he sighed. "Very much."

Tak found herself grinning wildly. Already enjoying her newfound feelings for Zim, she only had one thought on her mind.

"I figured you out, Zim." She leaned her head on his shoulder, antennas curling. "I figured you out."



Authors note: Finished! Who liked my ending? :)

Well, guess what? I'm starting a new story! It will of course be a ZaTr, but I need some ideas. Anyone?

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