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Chapter 4

"Is everyone ready?" America asked. Everyone said yes in their own language.

"All right, but you must know about the two different kinds of Heartless. There are the Pureblood Heartless that are created naturally by the darkness in hearts. Then there are the Emblem Heartless, they are Heartless that were created by Xehanort though experiments. They have that insignia on their bodies that the Purebloods do not have, and when you defeat them they release a heart." America explained.

"Now Italy I have a queston for you. When you fought the Shadows did they moved like in the game or moved differently?" America asked me; I thought hard and realised that they move just like in the game.

"They moved like in the game. Exactly like in the game." I said.

"Now England can you use healing spells?" He asked England.

"Of course I can you git. I can use the other elements as well." He replied.

"Good because we need someone to heal us when we need it." America said with a smirk. Then the room got dark; we heard some thunder outside but didn't see any lightning.

"The weather man said that it was not going to rain today aru." After China said that the clock stroke 12:00.

"They are here da..." Russia said. We walked to the windows to see what was going outside to see the world dark. Not one ray of sunshine came though the clouds. I gulped.

"Ch-Chigi..." I heard Romano whispered. We saw little dark beings walk in the steets below and attaking any stray person that comes in their paths.

"Come on amigos let's go and show these Heartless who they are messing with!" Spain said.

"Oui mon ami! I agree with you; we must show them that they should never come to this world!" France agreed.

"Ve must show them that if they mess vith the Earth, the Earth vill mess vith them." Germany said.

"Well what are we waiting for let's go!" America said then jumped though the window.

"Bloody git." With that England whent the same way.

"Seems fun da." Then Russia did the same. Then China did the same and what's his name oh Canada.

"Come let's do it at the same time Roma!" Spain said with a smile.

"Fine, but this once!" Romano said with a blush and took Spain's hand. They jumped at the same time.

"Veee~ Let's go at the same time Germany, Japan!" I said.

"All right, Italy." Germany said with a smile.

"Hai, Itary-kun." Japan said with a small smile.

"On the count of three ve jump. Ein." Germany started.

"Due." I said next.

"San." Japan said last.

"JUMP!" We said at the same time and jumped down. We landed on solid ground and saw the others fighting the Heartless, but for some reason the Heartless are all Shadows. Japan attacked a Heartless that was going to take my heart.

"Ret's do this." Japan said.

"Si.""Ja." Germany and I said, then we ran towards the mob of Heartless. I attacked, missed, dogged, and blocked. I notice my flag geting weaker and after blocking one more Heartless my flag broke. I threw my two halves of what made my flag and grabed a new one. (I always keep more than one just in case.) I saw that when I defeated the Shadows that the balls didn't appeared.

"ENGLAND!" I yelled.

"CURE!" England yelled and everyone was healed. When I was fully healed I felt the Earth shake.

"Oh no! The Darkside!" America yelled and pointed to a dark thing rising from the Earth. Only the thing was a Darkside.

"Everyone ve must destroy that thing before it destroyes us!" Germany yelled at the nations. I noded and ran to the Dakside, hoping that I can help save this world that I live in. My friends, my family, everyone is counting on me. I can't fail. I started to hit it when the others came to help. England cast a spell on America's sword and Japan's Kenta. America's sword was surrounded by flames while Japan's was encased in ice. They jumped and slashed the Heartless. Spain was hacking the surrounding Shadows to pices and Romano was puting bullets into their heads. England was back to back with France.



"What do you say; we put our rivalry behind and defeat this monstrosity."

"Why not? But I don't want you to say anything about my eyebrows. Okay?"

"No promises Angleterre. No promises."

"Alright let's get this done!" When England finished saying that they both ran to the Shadows stoping them from harming any of us, and England grabed his sword. China was using the wok and ladle with martial arts creating deadly attackts. Russia was well being Russia. I just hope he doesn't become a Heartless. I don't want to know what he would look like if he did become one. Germany was trying to make a path that would take us to the Darkside because the Shadows were in the way. Canada and his bear (Yay! I remembered his name!) came up to me.

"Need some help eh?" He said in a normal speaking vioce.

"Who?" the bear asked.

"I'm Canada." He said.

"Si. Thank you... Canada." I said with a smile. He looked surprised then smiled.

"Yo-you remember me?!" He asked.

"I remembered your name. Sorry that I forgot you." I said to him.

"No it's all right. I'm so happy that you remembered me." He said.

"Now. Could you please use your hockey stick and bear to help Germany make a path to the Darkside?" I asked him.

"Sure! Come on Kumajiju!" With that Canada and his bear was cuting down Shadow after Shadow. I ran behind them and using my flag to hurt any stray Shadows.

"Germany!" I yelled.

"Italy! Hurry and help America and Japan!" He told me.

"Don't worry I'm on my way!" I told him. I finaly got to the Darkside and saw America and Japan on their knees.

"Finary... You're here... Itary-kun..." Japan said trying to catch his breath.

"Yha... Italy... Now you're the hero... And you came just in time..." America said trying to catch his breath to.

'I-I'm the hero now?' America saying that I'm the hero was pretty amazing because he always says that he's the hero.

"Sorry if I'm late. Let's finish this." I said. America and Japan stood up and the others came up behind me.

"Cure." England said and everyone got their strength again. We got ready and struck the Hearless boss; we were wining, but then I saw something in the sky.

"Oh no. LOOK IN THE SKY!" I yelled.

"What is it aru?" China asked then looked to where I was pointing to. Soon everybody was looking up.

"Chigi." Romano muttered.

"Oh mine gott." Germany whispered. It was the big ball of destruction that destroyed the Destiny Islands. Suddenly the Darkside and the Shadows were geting picked up and geting sucked into the ball. The buildings and the ground was being sucked into it too.

`~*-`~*-`~*-In the barrier of permanent neutrality`~*-`~*-`~*-

"Bruder? What are they?" Liechtenstein asked her 'big brother' Switzerland. Liechtenstein and Switzerland were walking near the border line of the country Switzerland, when Liechtenstein saw a weird shadow outside of the country that belongs to her 'big brother'.

"I don't know Liechtenstein, but it's best that we stay here." Switzerland told his 'little sister'.

Meanwhile in the Shadows mind...

'What's going on?! Why can't I get though?! What is with this place?!'

"Hey you! If you get into my land then I'll shot you till you die." The weird man said.

'Woa this guy is serious! What's his problem?!'

"Wait bruder! May-maybe this thing is good." The boy said.

'I wonder why this boy sounds like a-wait is that a ribbon?! That's a girl?!'

"Why are you defending it?" The man said.

"We-well it looks so cute. Like your drawings. I just want to make a stamp with that little cute thing on it." She told the man.

'What a weird world.'

The man blushed.

"Fi-fine. Come here you... What ever you are." The man said.

'Yes! Come on! We can go in now!'

Back outside the Shadows mind...

Switzerland saw more of the shadow things comeing into his land. He got his shotgun out and aimed it at the first shadow thing.


Switzerland shot the shadow right between the eyes.

"Told you that if you do anything that I'll shot you." He said. The other shadows looked at eachother and back at the man and thought the same foolish thought.

'We can take him.'

1000 Heartless died that day, and only two remained to tell the tale.

"Let's go Liechtenstein."

"Yes bruder." Then they went back to their house.

`~*-`~*-`~*-At Sweden's place`~*-`~*-`~*-

'What are they?' Sweden thought. He was standing in the front of his house looking at a... Shadow thing.

"What is that?" Findland asked.

"Don' know. Hey thing. This is my vife." Sweden told the Shadow thing, while puting an arm around Findlands shoulders.

In the Shadows mind...

'He's scary. And why is he calling the other man his wife?'

"Bu-but I'm not your wife!" The other man said.

"Go make me a sandvich vife." The scary man said.

"I'll go make you a sandwich, but I'm not your wife!" The other man said, and went inside the house to make the sandwich.

"Liston to me. I don' knov vho you are, but I don' wan' you to hur' my vife. If you hur' my vife I hur' you." The scary man told the Shadow. The Shadow noded like crazy.

"Now ge'. Shoo." The scary man said.

'Ye-yes sir!' Then the Shadow ran away like an Italian.

Outside the Shadow's mind...

"Hmm." Sweden said and noded. He went back inside the house to eat his sandwich.

`~*-`~*-`~*-Back to Italy`~*-`~*-`~*-

Everything was being sucked into the ball.

"GERMANY! JAPAN! ROMANO! EVERYONE!" I yelled as I was being picked up.

"ITALY!" Germany yelled then jumped and tryed to grabed my hand.

"GERMANY!" I yelled once more and my vision started to go black.

"ITALIA!" The vioce sounded like Holy Rome and when I saw the person in front of me I thought I saw Holy Rome, but... Older.

"Holy Roma?" I asked, then I was swallowed in darkness.

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