-once upon a time, there was a girl named Skylar-


That was all I could think as I slowly fell back into consciousness. I felt so wrong, like I was forced into skinny jeans or tight-fitted sweater. It wasn't best way to wake up, but it was as sure as hell a lot better than when I opened my eyes.

I sat up as much as I could to look around, aching in places I didn't know I could ache, and saw my small bed in disarray, the sheets covered in a color I did not find amusing at all. Was this some kind of joke? Even with my eyes still adjusting to the gray morning light, I still could see the scarlet that stained my bed, the once white-washed walls that were now scarred beyond repair, and the floor covered in a pile of...of...Oh God- this had to be a joke!

Bile rose up my throat before I screamed, or tried screaming, and I sprung out and away from my bed in fright. But once I sprang from the bed, I instantly knew that something was amiss with my body. Before I could adjust myself or even react, I landed on the ground, my back earning a loud thump from hitting on the hardwood floor. I let out a massive yelp the moment of impact.

A high-pitched yelp.

Dazed after slamming into the ground, while hardly comprehending the situation I was in, my eyes roamed quickly up and down my body in a final attempt to see what was wrong... only to find that it was not my body. No. How could paws, fur, and a tail indicate that I was still a human? After an initial shock, I start to hyperventilate, going into a mind-melting panic attack. I didn't know what to think, I couldn't think. So I just panicked. My new body trembled and shook violently at the revelation, and it was nearly impossible to control myself.

So for about ten minutes I was curled up into a ball, a complete mess of myself, unable to calm my breathing and unable to think straight.

I believe eacho of those minutes were some of the longest in my life.

After slowly calming down, I hesitantly lifted my shaky head. Still breathing hard, I attempted taking deeper breaths. I needed to somehow make myself less frantic so I could think. "I'm okay, I'm okay, everything will be fine," I tried to soothe my inner thoughts. Although, I knew that's not how I was really thinking, but for some weird reason people can lie to themselves. "Dog," I flinched as my inner voice snapped, "you're a dog now."


I sighed briefly. I could tell I was already going insane.

A few more minutes passed by before I took a really really deep breath to lesson the stress I was abruptly undergoing. I needed to pull myself together or else I might do something I'd regret later. And so with almost numb legs, I rose unsteadily from ground, somehow successfully standing on my first try. The longer I concentrated on standing, the more the soreness of my body dissipated. With a little boost of confidence, I glanced around to scrutinize my usually decent room- which was now less than welcoming. I didn't know what happened, but my gut instinct told me I didn't want to know.

A random breeze suddenly cut my inner thoughts short and my instinctive reaction was to face the window, located on the right of my bed. The once pristine glass was shattered, shards littering the area around it. I stiffened at the sight; I felt my fur, that was once hair, bristle. Hell, I don't know why, but it caused me an unnerving amount of uneasiness. So I decided to carefully prowl forward, my glare never leaving the window, until I reached the end of my bed. With my peripheral vision, I was able to see the door placed diagonally across from my bed.

To my surprise, t was slightly ajar, which made me stop and recollect a few fleeting thoughts... It was a Tuesday morning –that I knew for sure- so why did everything seem too eerily quiet? Why wasn't the house bustling with activity? There was not a sound in the house as far as I could tell; there was only the sound of my own heart throbbing in my chest. Where was my family? I cursed myself for imagining the possibilities that could have occurred, because the terrible images that swirled around my head were sounding alarms and putting me on edge.

Putting away my misgivings and ignoring the shattered window that was just radiating with unease, I stumbled forwards in an ungainly rush and nudged the door open with my new muzzle. I didn't look back behind me because I knew that the scene wasn't going to change any time soon. I instead focused all my attention on my little sister's room that was just a foot away on the right-hand side of the hallway. I felt my new-fangled ears fold flat against my head as I slowed my pace and cautiously through the hallway. My claws rapped softly against the redwood floor with resounding clicks.

I reached Amaya's room in a couple of awfully painful seconds before I mustered my strength to peer through the open door.

My heart was stuck in my throat.

Nothing moved, nothing stirred – even the bedroom its self didn't look out of order. Something was wrong; I felt it deep in my gut. It wasn't the fact that she wasn't in the room that worried me, it was the fact that something was missing. And after a moment of embracing my six senses, I blinked in confusion. I knew what that something was...

My little sister's scent. Her sweet strawberry and blossom scent didn't linger in the room.

Not only that, but as I took in a stronger whiff of the house I realized I could only smell myself. Dogs, I knew, had a strong sense of smell. Why wasn't I able to smell anything besides myself? "This isn't right, none of this is right!" I felt my instincts screaming at me to do something. So with adrenaline now coursing through veins, I began tearing through the house – through my older brother's room, the living room, the playroom, the master bedroom, the guest rooms, and even the bathrooms – but it was in vein. It was vacant, void of anybody. And there were no signs of life in or outside of the house.

After the frantic search I stopped to catch my breath. My thin legs were spaghetti. I gave a last desperate, hopeless glance around the living room.

"No one's here but me," I thought hysterically, "I can't even hear or see any cars outside! What's going on? This is like some horror movie…No, don't think like that, Skylar, just keep your cool. If you let this get to your head, everything will be much worse." I continued to pant, but I was glued to where I stood. Every thought imaginable rattled my brain. "Okay, so let me sort out the facts. Number one, I woke up to the scene in my room. Number two, I'm a dog. Number three, that broken window gives me eerie vibes. Number four, well- I'm alone. And five, there isn't a single sight or sound that I'm aware of. The damn birds aren't even chirping right now! Oh, just screw all of this!" I mentally swore, attempting to turn my morbid mood into fury or frustration. It was working, so I shook my head and surprised myself by snarling. Okay, anger – check. Epiphany- not even close.

I snarled louder, the reverberations through my chest felt natural, almost blissful. Feeling a bit more dynamic, I didn't hesitate to turn and walk towards the hallway that led to my room. The only clues I had were in it, so it was nessasary to go back to investigate... Heh, my last name is Holmes, ironic isn't it?

I let yet another powerful growl as I focused my eyes straight ahead of me and looked directly into my gray morning-lit room. The closer I got, the more I felt my fur spike up in fear. I pushed the door open a little more and sucked in a breath as my eyes locked onto the nauseating mound on my floor.

I rallied the only valiant feelings I had in me and started slowly towards the mound. I really had no clue what it really was, but it sent shivers down my back to the base of my tail. It didn't smell weird; I noted to myself as I came closer, "No, it doesn't stink like it should …or maybe...wait a second – it does smell…It smells just like…" That's when my eyes snapped open wide. I could visibly see myself shaking as I examined the mound more closely. The pale, bloodstained carcass was barely recognizable. The only thing that I reconize was the chestnut brown hair was messily clumped together with dried blood; I gawked at the figure with disbelief and queasiness.

It was me.

The beyond mutilated body, with nothing but a bloodied shredded t-shirt and messed up basketball shorts, was me.

Or was me.

Somehow or another I had ended up in a dog's body while my human body was dead and beyond repair. I was sickened. I wanted to vomit , but the grotesque and devestation I felt squeezing out my insides had me choking on air instead. How could this happen? Why did this happen?!

"I see you are quite shocked." A voice laughed abruptly.

My heart whiplashed entire being from fright. My head slowly turned to look behind me, where the window was I felt as if the room dropped about twenty degrees. A lone silhouette sat on the shelf, its entire body colored black. I couldn't move or speak; I was frozen, fear and horror consuming every instinct, every feeling I ever had.

"Hmmm, I see you're at a loss of words!"

I gave no reply, my breathing had already stopped. The echo of the black figure's word's still rung in my ears, its lethal breath sending icy tentacles of terror through my limbs. I couldn't think, I couldn't move, I was prey to this seemingly murderous being.

Suddenly the black figure jumped down. It took its time and strode over to me. My legs wobbled and I shrank back. My throat tensed up like something was choking it, and I probably was close to feinting from lack of air that reached my lungs. When the figure reached me it crouched down and its hand reached out as if to stroke me. That's when the invisable chains that kept me still snapped. Without a thought I jumped back and let out a menacing snarl, "Don't touch me!"

"Intresting... it seems as if you've lost all memory of last night."

"L-Last night? What is it talking about?"

"Ah, so you don't remember," it smirked down at me, "well that's such a shame. But I knew that this was a possiblility. After all, only very few are even able to withstand the pain of morphing, your fragile brain most likely sent the memory to the back of your subconscience so that you will not have to remember the intolerable agony."

"Morphing... wait, is that why I'm a dog?" My thoughts flickered through my head, trying to carve out anything useful, but I could remember nothing.

"Yes, you're right," the black figure clapped its hands, " and on top of that, have I ever said anything about the speed your mind processes at? It is very incredible indeed, you think before you actually think about something!"

"What- wait, can he read my mind?" I started to panic.

"Yes I can, but only the thoughts that stick out from the others. Its too complicated to explain to a mortal such as yourself." It replied giddily; its dangerous smile sent a thorn through my heart. "Now then, about the deal, it is still in order I presume?"

"D-Deal? What deal?"

"Well, anyhow, its too late to change it. Even if your memory is at a loss, I'm afraid I can't tell you anything more than I have."

"Can't or won't?" I growled hoarsely, air finally reaching my lungs.

"Clever girl," it sniggered, "which is another reason why I chose you. Once you fulfill my request, I'll take back your gifts. Besides that, I have nothing left to say. Time in this realm is short; I've only come to see you off, so enjoy it while it lasts."

My already aching limbs stiffened to the point where it hurt like hell. I didn't think thoughts could sound so scattered and shaky, but apparently it's possible. "R-r-request? G-gifts?! Wha- WHAT are you talking about? Who are you? Where am I? Where is my family?"

"Silence." Its 'humorous' tone broke character and it was instead replaced with an overwhelming and terrifying disposition. It shut me up at once, its black resonance filled every inch of my already strained body. I watched in dread as the figure rose from its crouch on the floor and laughed at me once more, "There, no more questions, right? This realm is about ready to shatter, and that will be your way of transport. Besides that, I bid you farewell until we meet once more."

Shocked to the core, I tried to shake my head to free myself of the rigor stiffness that had enveloped me.

"WAIT! Don't go! What do you mean by 'shatter' and 'transport'? Who- What are you?" I begged pitifully, scared out of my wits.

It looked down on me, eyeless, and grinned malevolence through its teeth. My stomach was officially deadweight.

"I am all, I am nothing, I am I, and I am you."

A pause stoked with apprehensive vibes filled the air, and in those moments I felt the house shake and crash around me. Blackness soon broke apart the very fabric of reality I stood in. But I never dropped my gaze from the cruel smile engraved on the figure's face. Before I lost all senses and was dragged deeper and deeper into a whirlpool that was black as pitch, I saw the corners of the malicious grin creep upwards, and heard it cackle:

"I am Lie."

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