Sighing, the figure leaning against the wood door finally stood straighter and glanced back at the hallway behind her. Despite the comfortable room temperature, her arms had already formed the beginnings of goose bumps, the sharp pricking sensation coiling up all around her arms. It was only a matter of time before she could actually breathe without having the shocking, and rather unexplained, revelations replaying over and over in her head.

"She's…human? That isn't possible. And it isn't like those two to come to such a conclusion without any proof! But then there was that time...and then again...but how exactly is a dog human? I can't believe it!"

Her hair, tied up in a neat pony-tail on her head, brushed over top of her back when she twisted around and headed for her room across the hall. The mechanic's mouth was curved into a frown. She hadn't understood it all, but apparently the strange dog wasn't a dog. But how could that be possible?

"Those boys don't have anything normal going on in their lives, do they?" She murmured jadedly after passing the threshold into her room, and was about ready to close the door before she stopped herself. Another peak at the adjacent room kept Winry's mind stagnant, but her hands clenched as she mumbled inaudibly, "I hope whatever happens... they'll be alright."

The door shut quietly.

Chapter 9

-some of that in-between stuff-

Whether time flies by or is at a standstill, I know for a fact I'll always be lost to it. Back home I was prone to spending hours in the same position playing with little knick-knacks, reading, or daydreaming relentlessly before I came fully back to my senses. I was also prone to spending more time on test questions then I had thought which usually lowered my scores. Consequently, this led to my disbelief when came the time that the boys, the major, and myself left the Rockbell house with a last goodbye.

Although, I for one felt extremely sick to the stomach as soon as the small country house was out of sights…because it meant everything was about to begin. The Library, for example, would eventually lead to the fifth laboratory. From that point on, everything went downhill after that, right? Unless this was some alternate universe and everything was not like the anime…

"Great." I grumbled. "I might be completely wrong about everything then. I probably shouldn't even rely on what I know. It could all be tell-tale lies! Or factual information. That could be false. Or could be true. Sigh. Exasperated Sigh.Annoying. Extremely annoying. Yep. Wow, an agreement. Wow, the world has ended. Yep."

"Major, will you be heading back to Headquarters when we arrive or accompany us to the Library?" Alphonse asked at the half-way point between the house and the station."

"Of course I will have to accompany you young Elric! It is my duty to protect you and your brother from harm!"

Heh. Was it just me, or did Edward look like he took a frying pan to the face?


Boring trains are boring.

It's worse when you're a dog.

No hand games, no stretching out on the seat (because I get the dirty floor), no tickle fights, no video games, no reading, no doodling, no conversations, no tongue-twisters, no songs, no complaining… No anything! Oh, and did I forget to mention that people don't seem to like dogs? I got a few 'looks' throughout the long train ride to Central. Apparently they find me intimidating or disgusting. Only one little boy and his younger sister were brave enough to pet me and say how adorable I was. It was sweet of them, and I was particularly nice to them.

I gave all those other people a dangerous glare, because I'm nice like that.

After two days on the chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo, with breaks in-between at different stations, I decided my mind was wearing thin. Nonstop silent brooding brings me just that much closer to losing my mind.

"I'M FREAKING OUT! Soooo board….my head's been hurting… OH! He's probably in the shadows…watching like a stalker. CRAZYNESS!

Alphonse shifted uncomfortable and glanced over at the major and Ed before turning back to me, "Hey Brother...?"

Edward's eyes peeked open as slits, looked over the two of us lazily, and closed once more. His shoulders shrugged indifferently. "What, Al?"

"She's freaking out." Al said deadpan, pointing at me.

"Not my problem."

"But our responsibility."

"Not my problem."

"Come on, Brother!"

"I told you, not my problem. There's half a day left until we get to central, until then find a way to calm her down."

"Why are you so lazy?"

"I'm tired. Deal with it."

"Well Ed seems energetic. And the major isn't even commenting! Wowzers, I at least expected the big guy to go into sparkle-mode or something." I mused after Al's sigh.

"He isn't a character. There's more to him than sparkles and muscles."

"Really? How convenient."

"You're shallow."

"If I'm shallow, then you are too. We are the same."

"You have shallow thoughts. These are your more sincere thoughts."


"Don't go there."

"I just might."

"You do realize you're slowly falling into insanity?"

"Hun, we both realize that."

"Skylar?" Poor Al whispered, bewildered.

Oh. Shoot.


"S-Sorry. I didn't mean to."

I scowled a little before squishing myself against his leg, "Not your fault. I don't know how to separate my thoughts to what I want to be said. It's a difficult process. I still don't know how you do it. If you're like me, in a way, wouldn't the same thing happen to you? I've been trying to sort this mess up myself, but don't know shit about alchemy. I was only guessing that your seal did something to me, but there's only a slim possibility that that's the right answer."

"Ah, yes, that brings me to a question. Can I rant off some idiotic ideas of mine? I'm an avid reader, so I've had taste of creative license for this stuff."

Alphonse nodded, because there probably wasn't anything else to do but let me rant secretly to him.

"Magic. It's all magic. I'm actually dreaming and this world doesn't exist! Or there's the Fanfiction Theory! This theory is about how girls and boys get sucked into another world that's part of someone else's imagination. Or then there's the Harry Potter Theory where Dumbledore spilled some Chemical X on Voldemort to create Mr. BlackMonsterT hing…."

And so I ranted on to my new favorite person in the world. Alphonse. The best part was that we seemed enjoy my extensive tirades of outbursts. Screw the floor, I told myself, I found that I rather liked being on Al's lap. I felt uncomfortable laying on hard metal and wood, but it wasn't that bad. Next to Al … I felt like I could be myself. Honestly.

Yes, our friendship would go far.

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