"…And I warn you now to heed my words, foolish little girl, because I always keep my side of the deals."

I stood petrified. My vision wavered and blurred and looked down at my white paws.

Who was I to go against him? Why did this have to happen to me? Most importantly…

...What was the deal?

"Hey there."

Once again, he suddenly called out to me, but this time- gently. My jaw went taut. I raised my head slowly, obediently. I quaked inwardly with fear before gaining the courage to face the eyeless feign once more. But once our eyes connected, I flinched with shock. Where did Lie go? Whose golden eyes was I looking into?

The dark succumbing trance I had fallen into slowly dispersed. I tried ridding all my thoughts by shaking my head roughly. "It's not Lie, its...its only Edward," my inner voice tried reasoned with me. "It's only Ed." I blinked quickly now, focusing my attention on the blonde teen a foot away from me. His face seemed already familar. Although, he the expression he wore was …worried. What could he be worried about? I surely thought it wasn't me at first, but the fact was that his gaze was boring into my brown eyes.

"H-hey. I'm fine." I woofed softly, forcing an easy-going grin and wagging my tail. I needed to assume a better composure to stop his stupid worried face. I hate worried faces, they feed me guilt to no ends.

Of course, for some odd reason, Edward's face went sullen and blank once more. "Ah, look what you did Skylar! You always make things worse!" I held back an exaggerated sigh before carefully moving forwards to his hand and forcefully nosing it with my muzzle, staring up with him with a the cutest expression I could conjure up.

Then an unexpected thing occured.

"Sheesh dog, stop looking at me like that," Ed muttered almost shyly. His single hand then softly ran across my head, rather unsurely at first, before petting me with more confidence.

I forgot my god-awful day and couldn't help but think:

"Best. Day. Ever."

Chapter 4


-what to do with a dog who saved a life-

"And here you go." I barked gleefully as Edward set down a bowl of food on the floor. I licked my lips with the lingering anticipation of sinking my teeth into the scraps of bacon and toast piled high in the dish. Alphonse's happiness in his crate sitting next to me also seemed to radiate in waves though the whole room.

"Come on Al, stop doting and radiating happiness while I'm stuck with packing!" Edward called, now on the other side of the bedroom. "You have plenty of time for it in Resembool once I fix up your body!" Al pouted and rolled his metaphorical eyes – as weird as that sounds, I came to an understanding that his emotions are just vivid enough to feel.

"I'm not doting," Alphonse's attention left me and looked at his brother, "I'm just making sure she eats properly. Did you know I was listening to her stomach growling all through the night? I couldn't do anything, and you were fast asleep. She must've starved!"

I snickered cheekily. Alphonse would be a priceless doting owner. His vibrant personality only tripled when he took a good look at my adorable face. Heh. Even if my pride as a human is threatened, at least I know that my dog façade can hypnotize people to do my bidding…

Not that I'd hypnotize Al… but if it meant I could get some more bacon….

"Alright, Doggy, eat up and stop staring at the food!" I grinned an award-winning smile and set my attention back onto my food, gobbling and savoring each scrap. Damn, my hunger was worth reckoning.

When finished with my delicious meal, I licked my lips a few times over before looking back and seeing the Ed beating and yelling profanities at the poor suitcase, trying to fit what few belongings he had into it. I laughed to myself and rolled my eyes. He really could make a big impression in such a small amount of time.


When I looked back to Alphonse my mind began to think of yesterday night. He and Edward figured I was a stray and got into a big debate on what to do with me. After perhaps a ten to fifteen minute argument, they settled on bringing me up with them to Resembool so Winry and Pinako could take care of me for a few weeks or so. After all, I 'saved' Edward's life.

I hate to admit it, but every time that notion is repeated… the guilt of 'deceiving' them grows to an unsettling point within my stomach.

"Finally, done! In Resembool I'm switching suitcases!" Edward's ear-piercing words sent me leaping upwards in alarm. God, dazing off seemed to be a bad habit in the world of FMA.


Knock knock.


I looked up from my position on the floor of the train. A man with rectangular glasses and spiky-ish black hair stood tapped against the window.

"Lt. Colonel Hughes..." Edward pondered a little before opening the window.

"Everyone else was busy and couldn't come, so I'm seeing you off instead." The eccentric family man said calmly.

"Oh, well that's fine," the Elric gave a small smile, before making a face, "so what's the major doing here?"

I snorted. Edward's weird faces were always priceless.

"Isn't it obvious? What if Scar was to attack you again, or something? You'd be in trouble, in the shape you're in, right?" Ed clenched his arm stump and avoided the man's gaze. "The major means well. Just go along with it, okay?

"Children will always behave childish." Armstrong stated matter-of-fact.

Ed turned on him and yelled, "What was that? Who'd you call a child?" He then settled down and rolled his eyes. "By the way, did you get Alphonse on board?"

"Yes, I simply placed him with his friends among the sheep."


"I thought he would be lonesome, all by himself."

I simply laughed from the humorous situation, right as the station bell rung. The vibrations of the train rumbled as it prepared to depart. The whistle blew, and I could smell the smoke that billowed from it.

"Okay, be careful on your journey!" I heard Hughes say. "If you ever come by Central, give me a holler."

Major Armstrong and Edward saluted him as the train slowly pulled away.

I wondered briefly if Hughes was going to die at the phone booth, before quickly realizing that I was wrong. It was after the Fifth Laboratory when Hughes died…

I sighed the longest sigh I think I've ever sighed. In my mind I tried to replay all the important events of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If I was wrong, and I ended up in the original storyline, I'd be screwed. But if I was in Brotherhood, there was a long way to go until everything was resolved.

The worst part…

I'd have to face death in the face a few more times, watch out for Lie who was watching me from somewhere in the shadows (how exactly should I feel about that?), manage to stick close to one of the Elric brothers at all times, avoid being noticed too much, avoid any Homunculus while at the same time sticking close to the Elric brothers (how the hell is that possible?), avoid Scar and his evil fists-of-doom, avoid Winry's wrench, somehow disrupt Edward's love for Winry (how can he get married to her? That's my job!), survive Izumi Curtis's wrath, survive Briggs and General Armstrong's wrath, survive Ling eating all my food, survive my soul being sucked out of my body and into Father's Amestrian Philosopher Stone, and to top it all off – somehow, I have to remember the deal I apparently, and rather stupidly, made with the devil.

Oh yeah, this was going to be fun.

Loads of fun.

"In fact, you'll have so much fun that you just might die before you can go back to home!" Inner voice chipped in sarcastically. "IF you can go back."

Yep, like I said, I could just die with the amount of fun I'll be having.

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I raised my head ever so slowly, obediantly. I quaked inwardly with fear before gaining the courage to face the feign once more. But once our eyes connected, I screamed with horror..

Right there, in front of my very eyes, Edward Elric was dancing Gangnam style. The K-Pop music suddenly blasted my ears from no specific place.

Then, when things couldn't get any worse, Scar popped up from behind Edward and they preformed the dreaded 'elevater move' where Edward was under the Ishbalan...my eyes burned from their sockets.

And then, if my eyes weren't blind enough, a radiant looking Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye magically poofed from nowhere and the four of them seemed to get into a weird formation. Mustang was on the ground laying on his side, in the front, the other three behind him.

Suddenly the music reached its suspense...and then...


Roy Mustang's face smirked up at me, and he winked and blew me a kiss.


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