Soft snoring was the main culprit that woke me from my slumber. The light that filtered into the room only acted as an assistant to the snores while they conducted the heinous and unforgivable act of disrupting me. There was also that odd lump across the bed...was that a moving…pillow?

Chapter 6

-fluffyness with a little dog on top-

Last night, as far as my fuzzy memories can comprehend, the most recent thing I could remember was something along the lines of my body being picked up. That's it. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is rather unfortunate, and how in the world Winry was going to pull three all nighters baffled me, but that's beside the point.

So what exactly is the point?

Oh yes, it was morning.

I squinted against the blinding rays of sunshine when I awoke. I was feeling a million times better after a glorious, and dreamless, night of rest. But that's also beside the point.

And again, what exactly is the point?

Oh yes, the point of all this was that my heart was in my throat.

Let me just say that upon waking up… I was greeted by a beautiful face, framed by long tresses of golden hair. Light dappled the magnificent creature in a way where the sight was picture perfect, almost as if the heavens glorified him in their holy light. Now here come the questions. Was I able to withstand the magnitude of the startling image? No, absolutely not. And have I ever experienced such a traumatic, yet rather bestowing, morning before?

Hell no.

I was only a fourteen year old girl with only a few guys as my acquaintances.

So what my reaction to such an event?

Complete paralysis.

The only thing my body was able to do was pump my hormone induced blood at rapid speeds through my body. And not to question God about how his mysterious ways work, but I couldn't help but wonder how a female dog's hormones could start raging in the presence of another species. But again, that's aside from the point.

"W-What should I do?" I screamed frantically to myself.

My eyes widened tenfold when I heard my perverse thoughts say some pretty disturbing things. "Oh no you don't, Skylar, not even in your dreams. Just get off the bed."

"But look at him; he's so vulnerable while he sleeps!"

"…I agree full heartedly, but he needs his sleep. He's being kind enough as it is."

"So you should thank him!" I mulled over the suggestion. How could I thank him? Besides following loyally at his side acting as a pathetic bodyguard against wrenches, what could I do?"

"You should give him some morning kisses." The suggestion came from none other than my inner voice, whom appeared rather bemused at the whole situation. My heart skipped a few beats at the thought. I could easily take advantage of the situation. I mean, I was a dog –


How could degrade myself to such a degree? Such a thought insinuated that I was no longer human. I mean yes, I've considered that I had the body of a canine, but if I forgot my origins…what would I become?

I held back a sigh that was about to flee from my mouth. The paralysis that had taken hold of my limbs wore off while my throbbing heart slowed down enough to be considered a normal heart rate. My mood then changed drastically. The deep sense of loss that decided to return from its little catnap filled my chest once more. I was human. I was human. I was human.

I mean dogs are great, they're equal to humans on my scale, but I would no longer see my old face through the mirror. I would never be able to fuss over my long chestnut hair for a few minutes and feel the satisfaction of it looking decent. I would never have a chance to refuse make-up offered by my friends because of my stubborn and tomboyish side of me. All the little things I did every day as a human, from making faces to laughing at some inappropriate joke with my friends, from running in a cross country meet to watching my anime, and from fiddling with my fingers to glomping my best friend, I would never be able to do such things again.

And those were only the small things that I always took for granted; I hadn't even considered that I would be missing such things...

"Oi, Skylar, stop moping." Inner voice snapped harshly. "What's done is done. You're stuck as a dog and you're in another world. Learn to live with it. And all that stuff aside, isn't this strangely exciting? You've always wanted more to your life, and now you have it! If you forget that, and drown in your depressive tears, then you're as screwed as the dinosaurs...Well except that they burned to death...But you get the picture!"

Now, any other time I would've asked myself how in the world I had so many characters horsing around in the big brain of mine. I mean seriously! The way my different personalities could argue against each other was insane, and I was starting to ask myself which one of those personalities I really was. But when my inner voice snapped at me like that, my once bustling mind was hushed. I was left in complete silence… And then without comprehension- it appeared, shining so brightly that it could've been an angel. It was only inkling, a mere fleeting train of thought, floating all alone in the void of my mind.

But it could easily be considered...

An epiphany of a lifetime...

Okay, so perhaps that's too exaggerated, but still.

I quickly grasped that specific inkling of an idea during the rare quiet. It brought me tumbling back into the past, about five days ago, to my ravaged bedroom.

Lie's words rang though my ears once more, "Once you fulfill my request, I'll take back your gifts."

Request. Deal. Gifts. Lie had said if I completed 'the deal' than it would return my 'gifts'. What were those gifts exactly? My guess was probably as close to the truth as it could be. My gifts: Being 'morphed' into a dog and sent to another dimension. And so that left me with two things, which could be categorized under one topic: the deal...I didn't know what the deal was, but I could manage somehow.

If I could complete the task or tasks that were part of this 'deal' we apparently made, then Lie would more than likely return my body, and send me home. It was all so simple, yet here I was, just figuring it all out. I wanted to hit myself so badly, and I literally did. My paw whacked my nose straight-on, dragging it up my muzzle as if it were a forehead.

That's when Edward rolled over from his back to his side, his whole body now in my direct line of sight.


I swear that I could hear the little train of thought that was slowly growing bigger and bigger crash into a brick wall.

I had presumed that my absurd hormones were gone after my depressive state of mind and an awesome epiphany, the little demonic beasts were let loose once again- but more aggressively. "Oh hell, this is too much for me…" I was practically suffocating from the lack of air I was breathing. "I-I just have to get away while I have a chance, and make sure not to wake him up."

Which is easier said than done, especially when the sexy piece of meat suddenly wrapped his only arm around me.

Cue nosebleed. Cue the emergency room. Cue the Grim Reaper.

Yep, I was officially dead. I mean sure, there were things I wanted to do in my life – like skydiving or scuba diving – but those dreams were nothing but a speck in my former life. I was freaking 'cuddling' with Edward Elric, with my heart storming out of control. What other dreams could I have?

"You should ruin his innocence," I coughed out loud, gagging at inner voice's suggestion.

"Y-You're effing joking right?"

"Only if you want me to be."

I ended my mental conversation at that, not very enthused about getting into an argument with myself about a forbidden topic, and not when I was in Ed's one-armed embrace at the same time… So I instead spent the time by patiently waiting it out, loving and despising the poor boy for various reasons. But to my surprise, I was calming down quicker than expected. The blonde shifted a few times in his hibernation, yet he never let me go. I waited for a long while, eventually resting my soft head against his chest, letting my senses roam the world around me.

I listened to wings flapping against air, the clucking of chickens going about their morning business, the chirps and melodic tunes riding on the wind and through the window, and to the bustling activity coming from the kitchen. The aroma of bacon and eggs soon floated into the bedroom, and I noticed Edward's nose twitch. The adoring fan within recorded and photocopied the movement, storing it into my brain for future examination.

"Huahmmmama." Sleeping beauty groaned. His grip on my fur loosened before pulling away completely so that he could stretch. I took the opportunity and rolled away. His sleepy eyes blinked open for the first time that morning. His hand made a protective shield against the blinding sunlight.

"Morning, how did you enjoy your pillows this morning?" I grumbled a greeting. After thoroughly rubbing his face and arm stump, the older brother gave me a slothful grunt in return. I took that as my cue to answer him back. I conveyed all my thoughts with a grunt equivalent to his, "Well good, because I enjoyed it too. You're actually a very comfy pillow. But never do that again. I understand you're good intentions, and because you thought I was only a dog you thought it was fine to bring me into bed with you, but if I was human you wouldn't have dared…well, I guess I'm also at fault. I DID follow you into the room…but then again I would've done the same had I been in my human self…but I would've left before sleeping…Oh forget it, I'm getting off topic. The point is that if I was my human self, you wouldn't have brought me into the same bed as you. End of sentence."

Okay, so yes, I knew he wouldn't be able to pick up on any of my thoughts…but it infuriated me that his only response was a half-assed sigh before he sat up and swung his legs off the mattress and got up out of bed, very ungracefully. I shook my head at his antics before readily standing up on the sinking surface and bunching up my hindquarters and leaping down. And yes, I was much more graceful with getting down than the airheaded buffoon. I took pride in the fact too, because I'm just that sort of person…but this morning particularly because I was feeling a bit defensive after the whole 'bed fiasco'. Heh, a lovely choice of words. Anyway, the fact that the two of us were out of bed and heading to the kitchen full of food matters more.


I sniffed feverishly at the mouth-watering flavors that hung heavily in the small space. Den was right there with me, drooling in her mouth as well. We were both sitting by the dog food dishes, awaiting our own meal. But of course, it was 'humans' first! Damn it, my status in the social life just plummeted. And because Al was broken, he couldn't dote and pamper us, the miserable human and a dog.

I glared up at Pinako, serving Armstrong and Edward and Winry scrambled eggs with bacon and sausages. If my eyes penetrated through her skull, then she gave no signs of it even affected her. I admit, she was good.

But not good enough.

"Granny Pinako." I barked as she just gave Armstrong a serving of eggs. All eyes were on me, all except the little old lady. The hag. She proceeded to give the man some bacon.

Oh, so she wants to play that game now?

"Oi, little lady, give me some bacon. Now." I demanded with a growl-woof kind of sound.

"Ceriumw, bwe qwuietw." Edward said through a mouthful of food.

"No. Tell the hag I want some food." I retorted, rolling my eyes. And I don't know what it was, whether she just felt like it or not, but Pinako finally decided to turn around and face me.

"I'm not going to forget you there, girl. Winry and I feed Den every day; you just have to wait your turn because there are more mouths to feed. So stop being impatient." The grandmother told me, pointing a big spoon in my direction. I pouted briefly and looked away to avoid eye contact with the old lady. "Whatever."

I didn't have to see it to know that the whole table smiled. Even Den wagged her tail, probably clueless about what was happening.

In less than a minute the dogs were rewarded with the last of the food. Thank God dog food wasn't invented in the time period. Or if it was, I was blessed with the right kind of family. There was no way in hell I would eat those brown pellets…I felt sorry for all the animals that had to eat that kind of stuff.


I sat on the balcony, watching the clouds glide slowly across the sky. The sun was at its peak, affirming that it was indeed around noon. Any other time I would've enjoyed the peace...but that was if my thoughts didn't take ahold of all my attention. It was hard to keep the nagging feeling tucked away. It was even harder when I was being pressed on time.

Yes, I had very little time.

"Now? …No. It would be best to do it a little before Winry finishes the arm and they start packing things up…or maybe right before they leave? …But it won't be too burdensome, will it? If I give them some time to think, will they refuse? If I wait up until the last minute, will the take me because they're in too big of a hurry to think it through? Or is it flip-flopped? What's the best option…?"

My paws flexed relentlessly as the worries continued to pile.

"...But, regardless, I can't be left here- or I'll die a slow, painful death. Besides that, I also can't deny that I need help. There's too much at stake for me to stay silent any longer!"

My eyes narrowed dubiously while I stared blankly ahead. Why did I need to really continue being only a 'dog'? At least if somehow...if somehow they saw me least I could still maintain who I was. It was even possible that they could help me! So why was I remaining silent? Why hadn't I acted up in the first place?

The continuous stream of questions flowed through me until suddenly an unwavering resolve surfaced to take a leap of faith.

There was only one thing to do.

"They need to know."

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