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"It's now or never. Do it." Inner said utterly calm. I took in a shaky breath before lowered my muzzle and scrawled the first words on the floor.

They weren't perfect, extravagant, or very impressive letters. Restricted by my less than dexterous muzzle and the easily breakable chalk, I was forced to make rough, jagged, and scrunched lines for words. And without the help of Inner's continuous hymn of "don't break the damnchalk" … I think I would've snapped the white stick in half by the third letter.

But the result of my efforts paid off, because laying before me, in all its glory, were the words that would change my life forever. Only five words...and yet... they were more important than anything I've ever written...



Chapter 8



"Human…? But that's…" Edward furrowed his eyebrows while I nervously twitched the ears that adorned the top of my head. "What the hell?!"

"What?" Al squeaked loudly. "I mean I - It's just - but - !"

"Impossible," breathed Ed, getting all twitchy before abruptly turning on Alphonse, "Unless someone decided to pull something over me. Tell me Al, how long have you been planning this, huh? Is this to get back at me for stealing your diary yesterday? "

"N-No, you've got it all wrong, Brother!" Al rushed, tripping over his words. "I had nothing to do with - wait a second...YOU stole my diary? I've been looking for that!"

It was Ed's turn to blink before turning away sheepishly, "Hehe, who said anything about a stolen diary? Oh look at the time! We should get to the bottom of this dog mystery right about now!

"Oh no you don't!" Alphonse stepped forwards to grab Edward's braid. "You're telling me where you hid it! Where did you put it?!"

"OW! Stop pulling my hair Al!"

"This is getting out of hand," I grumbled under my breath, sweat-dropping. "And Alphonse…has a diary? Heh. How very Al- like. I guess it's an open option for blackmail later on…only if need be…"

"Tell me, where is it?"

"Fine! It's under Winry's bed! Now let go!"

With a flowery victory at hand, Alphonse dropped Ed's braid and wiped invisible dirt of hands. The blonde immediately smoothed out any rough patches in his silky hair, muttering a string of profanities to his self. My eye twitched.

"Are you guys finished?" I growled impatiently. "Because my patience is wearing thin."

The next second, a set of eyes and a set of eyeless holes stared at me. It was as if they didn't know how to go about the subject of me as a human. I don't think they could see it, but at the same time...The wheels of connections were turning at a fast past, and it was only a matter of time before they came to a conclusion.

"So Al, you said..."

"I didn't do anything, Brother."

"But how?"

"...A chimera then?"

At that I hurriedly shook my head, so that they didn't draw the wrong conclusions.

"How could someone be a human in a dog body without being a chimera? I mean, there's you Al, but your soul is bound to a non-living object."

"But It makes sense though," Alphonse's helmet looked up towards the ceiling, "her being a human and all. She's always been different. Even with Winry, the Major, Granny, and Dr. Marcoh. And Brother, you of all people should see that. After all, you and her have a kind of mutual understanding of one another. "

"I know that! It's just – human?" The blonde stared down at me once again, giving me a skeptical examination. "I'm not saying it's impossible, I mean the proof's right in front of us, but it wasn't the first thing I would've considered. To be truthful I just thought you" –here he gestured towards me- "were really smart. A genius of dogs, if you will."

"You know, I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not." I grunted, slightly displeased. "But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now."

Alphonse chuckled after my remark, earning an odd glance from Ed who soon plopped down on the floor in front of me, criss-crossing his legs and bringing up his automail hand to his head. The next thing I know, he questions, "So you're name is Skylar then?"

I nodded.

"Well then, Skylar, what the hell happened to you? You know our story, you heard it all while we were talking to the Doctor, so it's only fair you give us your half. Equivalent Exchange, right?"

Huh? Did I hear him right?! The little sly bastard was trying to pull my leg… I guess I'd also be curious as to why I was talking to a human-turned-dog if I were him. But still! He didn't even leave a moment to spare for me to get my bearings right!

"Well, I would tell you if I didn't have an effing speech impediment." With eyes rolled and everything, there was nothing to do but shrug him off. And if I were smarter I should've stayed immune to replying like that.

"Don't ignore me, mutt! You have the whole floor to write, and I'll give you thirty pieces of chalk. That should be enough." Ed barked, golden eyes shooting me.

"Brother! Be nicer about it, will you?"

"Ah come on, Al! You want to know just as much as me!"

"Yeah, but he has the ability to be gentler about it."

"Well sorry, but she knows about us and we don't get to know about her, that's not the way the world works."

"Not the way your world works." Al corrected –exasperated.

"Alright already! If you'll stop whining Ed, then I'll see what I can do. No promises, but if you can't understand half my thoughts then that's your problem. I'll explain some things, but I have to leave things out too. Are we clear? Do you even comprehend me?" I barked a reply.

"What?" "See?" Ed and Al said at the same time. They exchanged one of those 'were brothers that are in some sort of argument' looks. You know, where Ed's frustrated and Al is annoyed.

I smirked impishly. "Well then, Alphonse, welcome to Reading Skylar's Mind 101! Ready?"

"Ah- um- sure? I think…I don't know…Ready for what exactly?"

Something suddenly occurred to me right then and there- in which I decided to act accordingly. That's why my rump hastily rose from the floor and my body bounded past Edward, jumping onto the bed. I circled the sitting armored boy until I was soundly behind him. Abnormally confident, I rose up on my haunches and settled my forepaws onto the cool metal.

"What are you doing, Skylar?" A baffled Alphonse inquired.

Lacking a response, I put my furry ginger and white forehead against his metal back. I was even aware of Ed's shuffling to get up from the floor and the chirp of Al's head turning around, but I still didn't answer. Instead, I shut my eyes and focused on slowing my breathing.

"Skylar wh…" A muffled voice echoed somewhere around me. Then silence. A serene calm appeared to sluice over us. It was the perfect moment.

"Alphonse. You can hear me, am I right?"

A pause.


Eyes still closed tightly, I simpered with ecstasy – I was already having a full blown victory dance inside the large head of mine!

"What a relief. Although I'm already going insane without the proper ability to speak, this is much better."

"Well that's good," he laughed, "I'm happy to help anytime."

"I know." My toothy grin never dropped. "I'm actually overjoyed. My theory was right! Your seal, I think, allows me to speak telepathically. And because it's Ed's blood on the seal, he can hear me too! What do you think?"

"Eh…maybe… It sounds like that could be the case? Although, I don't know why my seal would affect your ability to communicate…"

"Hmmm, I have no clue. But then again, you're the one in a suit of armor without a mouth to speak with, so how exactly do you talk with people without vocal chords or anything?"

"I- I actually haven't thought about that before." Alphonse stuttered, "Hey Brother, do you know how I'm able to communicate?"

"Huh? What'd you mean by that?" Edward's bewildered tone ran across my ears.

"Do you know how I'm able to communicate with everyone without having an actual voice? Skylar's asking about it because she said that my seal is what's allowing the 'telepathy' between us to occur - or that's just what she thinks."

"I don't know Al; I always thought you…just spoke. I guess we could look into it a bit while we search for the Philosopher's Stone."

"Well, then, let's get to why I'm talking with you in the first place!" I twittered with a lightening woof, opening my eyes at long last. "Oh, and Ed come closer. I'm sure the less distance between us will make communicating easier...?"

Alphonse relayed my message and the blonde plunked down onto the bed effortlessly, sitting next to his tin can of a brother. Alphonse chuckled when he heard me briefly say how cute brotherly love was. Gah. My mind was compromised! How the hell is that possible! I was thankful nothing else came to my mind…

"Can you hear me?" I hmmed.

Edward gave me a look.

"If you can hear me, then put your flesh hand on the top of my head or neck and keep it there."

He continued to stare, musing to himself probably, before he intoned, "You're saying something about my hand. And no doubt ordering me to do something."

"Deadpan observation on his part; how perceptive." I muttered snidely.

"And now you just made a snide comment." He pointed out, somewhat smug.

"And I'll say it again too- how perceptive."

"She's saying to keep your flesh hand on her head or neck area." Alphonse interrupted us before we could bicker anymore. Funny, seeing how he even did that before they knew I was truly a human

"'Kay." He proceeded to put his left hand on the base of my neck. "Now what?"

"You listen up."

"GAHHH! Y-You're serious! I haven't been imaging everything! There's not a disembodied voice in here!" Ed freaked, his eyes were open widely.

"ID-I-OT!" I exasperated. "Is that what you've been thinking?"

"Of course not! But mind you, I've had to listen to Al talk to his self and this weird ghastly muttering for the past five minutes! What else am I supposed believe?"

"Well I don't know, maybe you should actually think!" I snorted.

"Want me to strangle you, mutt? I'd be happy to oblige!"

"DON'T you be calling me a mutt you shor- never mind. Let's just get on with this, shall we?"

"Hey! Who were you just about to –? "

"Brother, leave it! And Skylar, refrain from aggravating Brother, please?"

"…Fine" We chimed in unison, before giving each other an awkward glance. Well I gave the awkward glance, he just glared.

"Alright then, so tell us Skylar, what happened to you?" Edward drawled, getting onto the main topic. But I could tell his voice alleviated, as if he were about to broach a more tender subject –which he was- but I don't think I could care less. The nerves I felt before had simply eroded away.

"Heh. I'm not sure where to start. More like you don't know what you can say.Shud'dup Jiminy Cricket, I don't need you harassing me! Jiminy Cricket? Really? Urk, never mind. Whatever, but anyway- you don't know what you're allowed to say. What can you say? What if it's against a condition to say anything, or what happens if what you say screws up the plotline? You'll end up screwed, don't say anything. If I don't say anything, I'll just be lying to them! And I need them right now! I don't know what to do if I've lost my memories of that night!"

"Lost. You've only lost them, and yet they're coming back, if not slowly. I KNOW! But right now I'm not sure I want to remember that night. Amaya, she's dead. You think she's dead, but you have no proof. Those are only nightmares. Nightmares can exaggerate and distort what really happened. I guess, but we'll think on this later. Right now Ed and Al…"

I blinked rapidly. Ed's grip had gone almost slack and he gawked at me.

"Oh shit! My brain's being effing compromised! My most personal thoughts too! Okay stop thinking stop thinking! Don't think about – lalallalalaljijfsadjf. Talk to me, someone, so I can focus!"

"Are you talking with yourself?" Edward choked out, the beginnings of a full drawn out (amused yet confused) smirk taking place.

"N-No! The hell I'm not!" I stuttered, utter embarrassment reaching the tips of my ears. Thank god I was a dog. I was glad I couldn't blush. "How much did you hear?"

"We can hear almost all your thoughts, Skylar." Al said timidly. "Sorry…but is what you said true? You've lost your memories?"

"Y-Yeah. Although, only the memories of the night I was…morphed into a dog." I replied, albeit when I used the word Lie had when I had 'first' met him, it came out rather bitter.

"M-Morphed? Is that even possible? Was there alchemy involved?" Al asked, mystified.

"I don't know if there was any alchemy involved, or if morphed is the right word… but that's what it used. The bastard. I would say that instead of morphed…well…I shed my human skin…" The memory of finding the sickening mound on my bedroom floor led me to intake a sharp breath, hopefully erasing the need to shiver or gag. "I-It was awful. I saw my own body in front of me. Bloody, beyond mutilated; I didn't even know it was my body. I only recognized my hair…"

My sentence trailed off and I pushed my colored forehead harder into Al's cold armor back. My white fore-paws stiffened as well on their place. I know I shivered, but my pride to stay strong remained so I swallowed hard before continuing.

"You see…If I start from the beginning of everything…Well, I'm not from Amestris. Oh no, I'm not even of this world. I'm from, I think, a different dimension…."

And from that point forwards, I told the two brothers almost everything. It was like painting a canvas, sharing my incredible life journey with them. I elaborated some about my world before chortling merrily when I decided to enlighten them about my lovable friends and family. I told them about my waking up to my horrendous bedroom a few weeks back, and about how a ghastly black figure had apparently made a deal that involved a request and me getting turned into a dog, I even gave details about the shattering of the realm and the suffocating darkness with the strange mirror image of my dog self. I explained how I awoke in the middle of the street, saw three figures running, and how my dog instincts drowned out everything (LCS), clarifying to them that I had saved Ed because he was in danger and I didn't want to be useless. And after some contemplation, I admitted to them that the black creature came back and threatened me to stay by them, or else.

By the time I was through with my dreadfully long, or pretty short, tale filled with action, adventure, and horrors I sighed resignedly. My haunches were already shaking from the effort of staying in the same position of leaning on Alphonse for good twenty or so minutes. Or was it thirty?

The boys asked little, and when they did questions regarding something I said – mainly my world – I tried to answer to the best of my abilities. Like for instance, Edward asked what the hell a computer was. I tried to explain that it was a big component for storing information and for playing games. He was skeptical but intrigued at the very idea, and so I had to snarl to get him to stop asking questions about it…

"Why do you have to stay with us, of all people?" Alphonse murmured quietly, musing to himself. "And what do you have to do? It's unfair! That black thing should've told you everything if it wants its request completed!"

"I'm still stuck on why you'd make a deal with that thing in the first place. Did it have something you wanted? Or were you just stupid?"

"I don't know!" My thin black lip line rubbed together. "I'm still asking myself that question…"

"But for now, I guess you can come with us. If we obtain a Philosopher's Stone we'll be able to restore all our bodies back." Alphonse said, his helmet turned to the older brother. "Right Ed?"

The blonde avoided eye contact with Al and I before muttering, "I guess she can tag along. But if she slows us down then it's her job to catch back up. Deal?"

My chocolate eyes widened once reality slammed into me. He agreed. I couldn't believe he actually was able to believe in everything I said, and I couldn't believe that he would let me come with them.

But it was happening.

To me.

A joyous grin embellished onto my muzzle and I promptly set all four paws onto the bed and waddled and inch over to Edward. His hand was still resting peacefully on the top of my head when I bowed an agreement.

"Yes." I stared into his vivid gold orbs."Thank you."

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