Many of you did'nt like the idea. SO it's fixed, same story line except Christian comes to the exhibit alone, and the beauty in the picture is indeed Anastasia. Yes i thought he should have green eyes now, much more alluring if you ask me.

I enter the exhibit in search for new art. The pieces of art i own are old, not to my liking any more.

The air is chilly; fog blurs the roads making it a struggle to drive. Snow lies upon the pavements, covering the floor like a white blanket.

The lights in the art exhibit have different colors that match the mood, and the style of the painting. I explore and observe each of the portraits trying to see which captures my attention… None so far.

Some of the shit they have on these walls shock me really. They call this art? It's a shame really, it's just wasting space.

I enter a room with yellow dimmed light shinging through the doorway. Entering the room is surrounded by portraits of one perticular tree. A tree in fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Cute, it really is. Yet i'm fucking Christian Grey and that is not my scene. A tree? Really, ill bet my competion will have a laugh when they come into my home to see a god damned tree on my wall.

I scoof and shake my head, while i explore some more.

Another secluded entry way catches my attention as I see red dimmed light shining through. The shade of the red is one of danger, or sheer passion. Curiosity gets the best of me, as I stroll over there anticipating what's to come.

Before I enter a man comes out smiling like he just won the lottery. Okay now my imagination is running wild, what could be so good about this room?

I enter slowly, the room is empty no one here except me. And now I see what it is that has every one so giddy.

The dark wooden walls form a " U" shape, deep satin red benches line the walls in an orderly fashion. Six pictures hand proudly off the wall, six pictures that may have change my life.

The most beautifulness woman I have ever seen. Everything slips my mind as I observe the pictures more. Alluring Green gem eyes, shining with seduction.

One portrait is of her naked tangled in a white sheet, covering her privates. One is of her naked hair cascading down her back, giving the one over look, over her shoulder.

One- or should I say the one that makes my dick throb- is of her naked –again- wrapped in black rope. Its covering her nipples, it's used as a blind fold covering those sexy eyes, it's even in her mouth as she tugs on it with her teeth.

There's another – my personal favorite- that basically made my hard on, even harder. She naked lying on a table head hanging off the table, while she wears a masquerade mask, covering her eyes. Her mouth parted, and he breast are on full display, and her legs are kneed up to her stomach, showing off her skin.

My breath hitches. Who is she?

She's like a fucking prayer calling to me.

My eyes squint as I see another picture of her.

She's in a bathtub, hair up. She's sitting and the ridge of the bathroom is covering her breast from showing. She's biting her lips as she hangs her arms and glorious leg out of the tub.

Fuck I need to go, I'm ready to cum right now.

I close my eyes and breathe in slowly.

I walk up to the host, and pull out my credit card.

"I want them all. By tonight, take them down… Now." My tone is clipped, and serious.

Whoever the fuck she is, I'm going to find out.