My new holiday fic is here!

Raven POV:

I hate this holiday.

All of the tacky sweaters, glorified bags filled with crap we will forget about in a year or so. Too cheery... Too...happy.

My boyfriend Aqualad walks up to me in a blue sweater with a fish wearing a santa hat on it.

"Really?" I ask with a hand on my hip.

"Yes, really," Aqualad says. "So, what have you gotten me for Christmas?"

"Uhh, you know.." I lie. I haven't exactly gotten him anything yet, because I don't know what fishboys like. "...Stuff..."

Aqualad is about to badger me with more questions when the alarm goes off.

"Trouble!" Robin exclaims as he checks the computer.

"Well no shit," I say sarcastically. "That's why the alarm sounds."

Robin gives me an intimidating glare before turning back around. "It's Triton attacking Atlantis."

Aqualad and Beast Boy groan.

"Just great," Beast Boy mutteres to himself. "Now I get to turn into a whale, get all dirty, smell like fish, and ari up with Aqualad. Ugh!"

Aqaulad's jaw tightens. "What I really want for Christmas is that Triton's head..."

He walks away with Beast Boy, and I'm still standing there, knowing exactly what to get him for Christmas.

Creepy, right? :D