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Southern Comfort, Chapter 1

Bellville, TX, May 2009

Kameron Kain - Human

I climbed our of my new Lexus, a wedding present from Davie, in front of the police station, careful not to spread my legs to far and flash anyone, just the way Mama had taught me. I pushed the door closed with my hip and checked my reflection in the tinted mirror. I tossed my long blond hair over my shoulder so it didn't look too mussed from the trip, and smacked my lips, shiny with pink gloss. Juicy… I tugged my top down just a bit to show off my assets and smoothed my skirt.

I crossed the sidewalk, my five inch heels clicking on the pavement, and opened the door, cringing as a tacky little bell chimed over the door. the room wasn't necessarily…grimy, but it felt like it hadn't been cleaned properly in a while. Exactly what you'd expect in a town this small. The front wall was mostly a large window that read "Sherriff's Office" backwards, since I was inside. Along another wall was a row of chairs I assume were for waiting, most of them with their vinyl split and stuffing sticking out in one place or another. the back wall was basically two barred cells, each with two cot-things suspended on the wall and a toilet out where anyone could watch and no sink. I slipped my hand into my purse for my hand sanitizer just at the thought. the last wall had a door that read "Records," with a couple file cabinets beside it, and in front of them was a desk, where a man sat staring at me intently.

And he was quite possibly the most handsome man I had ever seen. His hair was the perfect shade of chestnut brown, waving across his forehead with a few wisps falling perfectly down into his eyes. I watched mesmerized as he ran a hand through that hair that had to feel like silk, pushing those wisps back into place while the rest fell back on his forehead. that hand looked strong, too, and I could bet the palm was rough from working. His eyes were intense, and a brown that looked like melted milk chocolate, and had an alertness that I could only describe as animal. His nose had a bump in the bridge where it had to have been broken once or twice, probably in some kind of struggle, but it fit his face perfectly. Rugged, to go with the five-o'clock shadow along his perfectly square jaw. And his lips were full for a man, and looked incredibly kissable. I felt myself lick my lips in anticipation. The corner of that kissable mouth quirked up, his lips splitting to reveal perfect white teeth. A smirk he probably used to make all the girls' panties wet, mine included. Then I realized that he knew I was staring at him and shook myself out of my trance, slightly angry I hadn't gotten to look at his body, too.

"Miss Kain, I presume? The bride? You're late."

I nodded. Bride. Right. I'm here because we're using his ranch for the wedding. Then I scowled. Late. Whatever.

"Please have a seat." He motioned to the two chairs sitting in front of the desk, neither in much better shape than the ones along the wall. I settled myself on the bare edge of the seat so that my legs didn't touch the awful synthetic…can you call that fabric? "I assume you've made all the arrangements with caterers and facilities set-up and such?

"Yes, Sir," I said with a flirty wink. "The decorators will be in the day before the wedding and the caterers the day of, and of course we'll settle up on all your food we eat while we're here after the wedding." I rested my elbows on my knees and leaned forward, resting my chin on my hands, to emphasize my chest. Just because I was getting married, doesn't mean I couldn't flirt.

"As per your request, I've put together an itinerary of activities your wedding party over the two weeks you'll be at the ranch." I took the paper from him to look it over, playing with my necklace that just skimmed the top of my cleavage and chewing my bottom lip. He seemed immune to my tactics, though, as he kept talking. "There will be a guided tour of the ranch on horseback the first day, and then lessons in tending animals, general riding with a chaperone, hiking, full access ot the pool and areas for sports and outdoor games."

I tossed my hair and exaggeratedly crossed my legs, making my shoulders shift and once again drawing attention to my chest. "And you'll be around for these…fun little games, Sherriff Price?"

He rolled his eyes. "I'll be around, but as you can see, I have plenty to do here, as well as actual responsibilities around the ranch. there will be other ranch hands around if you need any assistance."

I wasn't sure if he was joking or really frustrated with me, but I gave him my best "come hither" smile anyway. "Well, maybe we'll get to spend some time together one day."

He stared at me unamused for a moment before continuing. "And when will the rest of your party be arriving?"

I huffed, giving up. "Davie's still at work, but he'll be up later, and everyone else will be arriving throughout the day tomorrow."

"I assume," he cleared his throat, "'Davie' is your fiancé?"

"Well, of course." I batted my eyes at him in one last attempt, but he trained his eyes on the papers he was shuffling around on the desk.

"I'm about done here for the day if you'd like an escort to the ranch."

Now that's more like it… "I would love an escort."

I stood up, making a show of tugging my top down again and smoothing my short skirt, bending to once again show off my breasts.

"I look forward to working with you." I could tell he was only saying that to be polite, but by the end of the week I'd have him changing his tune. I may be getting married, but I can still enjoy men fawning over me.

He held his hand out to shake, that strong looking hand with it's calloused palm, and I took it. And something happened. At first it felt like he'd shocked me, and my brain told me to pull away, but instead I held his hand just as tightly as he held to mine. A profound sense of familiarity washed over me next, and from the look in his eyes he felt it, too. It was like I knew him on some soul deep level. and I felt like I had had this moment a thousand times before, and it drew up memories that couldn't have been mine, yet I knew they had to be. I was vaguely aware of feeling his shock alongside mine, but it paled in comparison to the images flashing through my head.

Finally I managed to free my hand from his, stumbling back with a gasp. I was dizzy from the sudden influx of information, and I put a hand to my head. I looked up at him and he stared back at me with this mixed expression of confusion, shock, fear, and something deeper that was entirely disconcerting.

"Maybe…I don't…no escort…" My voice sounded out of breath and I couldn't for a coherent thought. "I need a…a bar…a drink…" I remembered seeing a bar down the street when I arrived, and maybe a stiff drink would calm me down some. I stumbled to the door, probably looking like I was already drunk, slamming the door behind me and not even flinching as that God awful bell rang again.

Carter Price - Shapeshifter, wolf

I stood there with my hand still held out, gaping like an idiot, for several minutes after she'd run out. I looked out the window to see her leaning against her car with her head in her hands.

There's no way in hell that I could spend another five minutes in a room with that shallow slut, let alone be her soulmate. The way she was practically throwing herself at me, how could I ever want a woman like that? And besides, she's getting married, and after what Sara did, I won't touch that with a ten-foot pole. She's probably got some millionaire playboy who can buy her fancy cars and purse dogs and manicures or whatever women like that do every day, anyway.

I looked back out the window and she was looking back at me. But in her eyes was not the shallow girl who'd just been in here chattering about her wedding. Those eyes had seen things. I had just awoken an old soul. What kind of person did that make her now?

I shook my head, trying to get her out of it. She's getting married. Ten-foot pole. But could I say no to her if I've been with her before? No, wither way, I won't. I can't.

I tried to go back to the paperwork I'd been doing before she'd arrived, but I couldn't concentrate. I kept looking out the window at her just standing there, staring off into space as she remembered. I'd finally decided to call it quits and was getting ready to head home when a Jaguar pulled up behind her Lexus. I rolled my eyes at the extravagant cars as a man a foot and a half shorter than me and half again as heavy climbed out of the Jaguar. It took everything in me not to laugh out loud as she plastered on an obviously fake smile and threw her arms around his neck. He was a good inch shorter than her and his thinning hair was combed obviously to cover a bald spot. The saddest part was that he couldn't have been more than a year or two older than me. She must be marrying him for the money. They spoke for a moment before he came in.

"I assume you're the man whose ranch we'll be using for the wedding?"

He sounded like someone with a bad cold trying to over0immitate and Texan accent. Again I had to try not to laugh.

"Carter Price. And you're…" I had to think for a moment. "…Dan?"

"Dave. Dave Propst. Pleasure doing business with you. Now, it seems that my GPS can't find this ranch o' yours, and my Kami don't know the way, either, so if you could just give me some directions?"

GPS… I had to fight an indignant snort. "Actually, I'm about to head up myself, so I'll just escort you."


What kind of fag says "Wonderful?" I grabbed my keys and went to the door, shutting off the lights as I went. My truck happened to be parked in front of their gaudy sports cars, and I climbed in without looking at either of them. I couldn't look at her. I didn't know what would happen if I did.

The whole trip home my eyes kept straying to the headlights in the rear-view mirror. And I was supposed to spend the next two weeks in the same house with her. She was already overtaking my every thought.

I jumped out of the truck and nearly ran to door to unlock it, not realizing that neither of them were following me or that it was already unlocked because Susan was here. I looked back to see her cradling a white garment bag twice her size in her arms while he struggled with four suitcases, three of which seemed to be hers, and another garment bag clenched in his teeth. as much as I didn't want to, I went back to help. I took the bags from him with no trouble and he stared at me dumbstruck. I left her to handle what I assumed was her wedding dress, mostly because I didn't want to chance touching her again.

There was a guest house for events like this, but her wedding party was so big that the overflow had to stay in the main house. I carried the bags into one of the spare bedrooms and sat them on the bed. I turned to go and almost ran right into her. We stood there for a long moment just staring at each other until Dave came in to diffuse the tension.

"Well, thank ya kindly for carryin' them for me, Carver. My Kami tends to over-pack."

She glared at him while I ground my teeth at his getting my name wrong. at least I put in the effort to remember his name.

"It's no problem. I'm sure Susan'll have dinner ready in no time," I said as I turned to leave.

"Susan?" I know that I visibly flinched at the despair in her question, so I rushed to answer. "The housekeeper. Sort of. She works the ranch, but she also helps around the house since I'm not here most of the time. She'll be staying here to help out while you're here."

I echoed her sigh of relief and tried to leave again when Dave had to open his stupid mouth again.

"I hope whatever she's cookin's vegetarian. I ain't had mean since oh-one."

I grimaced and was glad my back was to him. "I'll make sure to let her know." Once I left the room I regretted not making a gay joke.

I didn't bother telling Susan anything and thoroughly enjoyed watching Dave pick the beans out of his chili and gag every other bite. Kameron caught me snickering behind my beer and glared at me; she knew I'd done it on purpose and exactly why. I did catch her laughing once or twice, too, though.

And that night, she wouldn't leave my head. I couldn't sleep from wondering what I'd do for the next two weeks with her here and if I'd be able to give her up to that waste of oxygen. And when I did finally fall asleep, she still haunted me. As hard as I'd tried to ignore it, the was she'd flaunted herself in the office today had made an impression. The dreams were so vivid that I could taste her sweet mouth and feel the weight her supple breasts in my hands and the warmth of her soft body pressed against me. And her…

I shot bolt upright in the bed, soaked in sweat and with a raging hard-on. It was going to be a long night. But now I knew one thing for certain: as much as I wanted to fight it, as I had to, I had to have her, at least once.

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