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You Found Me, Chapter 1

Los Angeles, California, December 2007

Skylar Parker - Made Vampire

"…he'll be here to meet you when you get here. He was the only one I could find on such short notice, so try to be nice, or we'll end up having to go through Descoudres, and you know how the two of you get along. I just hope he's good enough to deal with what's coming…"

I slammed the phone down so hard the plastic casing of it shattered, leaving the inner wires and circuitry exposed, crushed in my fist. The speaker crackled weakly before dying. I'd have to have Jessica get me a new one. It's the least she could do after this fiasco. Prophetic dreams… Pah! I'm more that four-hundred-years-old; I can handle any threat that comes my way. I checked my watch and rolled my eyes. So much for breakfast… I grabbed my keys and headed to the car to head to work.

I had been changed at nineteen, so with strategic make-up I could live a life for about fifteen or twenty years, high school through career, which I would end with a mid-life crisis and disappear, starting over at least 100 miles away. This time I've managed to get myself into a power position in an advertising agency. The last century has actually run fairly smoothly. But now my assistant, Jessica, has had a dream that I'm in danger and need a body guard. Jessica's a witch and I've been taking care of her family since her ancestor saved my life when I was young. They're an offshoot of Harman, but too far out anymore for the prestige or power. Right now, I've given the twit a job as my assistant.

It was ten minutes to the office in the morning too early for traffic. My office was nearly on the top floor and the elevator seemed to go much slower than it usually did. Everyone with a cubicle on my floor had learned to tell my mood by the cadence of my steps, so when I stepped off the elevator, the entire floor fell silent. Jessica stood holding open my office door, the blinds already pulled to keep out curious eyes. I slammed my purse on my desk with a stifled growl and turned on Jess.

"What on earth could be so awful that I need a body guard?"

"Well, you see, dreams can be tricky to interpret and there's no guarantee that I'm right, but I think that maybe it might be a-"

"You know what? Shut up. I need a new phone; don't disturb me until this 'body guard' gets here." I pointed to the door and she ran out.

I fell into my chair with a huff, wheeling backward and turning to look out at my view of L.A. I much preferred the country, but the city had its own industrial beauty about it this early in the morning, with all the mirror-like windows reflecting the just risen sun. It helped cool my anger some, but I still stewed that that nit-wit thought I needed protecting. If anything it's her that needs protecting from me.

After a while the door opened and in wafted a cloud of shapeshifter-bear, by the stench of it-followed by Jessica. I listened to the soft tap as she laid my new cell phone on the desk, still not turning around. I hoped that if I ignored them long enough, they'd go away, but there was no good luck in the cards for me today.


I muffled a growl and pushed the chair back toward my desk with my feet before turning around. The man standing across from me was… huge. I was tall myself at 5'7", but he could've been a foot taller than me-I just wasn't willing to stand up and check. One of his arms was as big as both mine put together, and he could probably lift 300 pounds or more. His chest and shoulders were wide, probably one and a half of me. His neck was thick-that's the only word I could think of to describe it-and his jaw was firm and square, and I would've called it handsome had it been on any other man. His mouth curved down in a frown that looked like it belonged there and his nose was surprisingly perfectly straight, considering his profession, and it was a little big, but balanced his jar well. His hair was straight and black, and though it was pulled back in a low ponytail, I could tell it was about shoulder length. Honestly, it liked kind of greasy. His only redeeming quality was his eyes, with their startlingly deep green color, like a lush forest. They were hard though, and he wore an unamused expression that looked on the verge of disgust. Overall, he looked kind of like the guy from Beauty and the Beast.

"Miss Parker." His greeting was terse and could have only been ruder if he hadn't given one.

"Mister-" I stopped short, realizing that Jessica hadn't told me his name, and I turned to glare at her.

She ran over to whisper in my ear. "Hudson, Ma'am. Stark Hudson."

"Mister Hudson."

A tense moment passed before he cleared his throat.

"My rates range from twenty-five to fifty dollars an hour, depending on the level of security, or eight hundred a day for round the clock watch. Plus room and board and travel expenses. What exactly is it I'm to be protecting you from?"

"Honestly, Mr. Hudson, I have no idea. My assistant has refused to tell me until you were present. Though if it is anything less than certain death, your services will not be required."

We both turned to Jessica, me annoyed and him matter-of-factly curious. "Umm…it's a… a dragon?"

I froze and my blood ran cold as I was transported back to 1611, just after I was changed.

Joseph Stark Hudson - Shapeshifter, Bear

When I arrived at the office building the witchling assistant led me through a maze of cubicles to a corner office with all the shades drawn. When she opened the door I almost gagged at the waft of vampire stink rushed out, but I went in anyway.

There were two chairs in front of the desk, but I opted to stand. The chair behind the desk was pushed back and turned toward the huge windows, making me notice the view-it was almost enough to make me like the city. The assistant laid what looked like a cell phone on the desk, but the chair didn't move. After about five minutes I was ready to walk out, but the witch spoke up.


The chair rolled back toward the desk, stirring the air and making me hold my breath, then turned, and I wasn't holding my breath on purpose anymore. She was beautiful. I realized I was gaping like an idiot and quickly schooled my expression while I examined her. Her hair was a soft brown that even held back I could tell it would fall down her back and frame her face and feel incredibly soft. Her professional attire did nothing to hide her hourglass figure with its soft, sensuous curves. I wished I could see under the desk; her legs had to be long. I had a sudden vision of those legs wrapped around my waist and had to blink a few times to get my mind out of the gutter. Even sitting still she had a grace about her that was unusual for even a vampire; it was almost "shifter like." and her face was dainty and heart shaped with full lips, a small, almost cute nose, and grey eyes that looked

sad, even as she looked me over the same way I did her, like a stormy day. I had the sudden urge to hold her and make that sadness go away. I had to get my mind away from thoughts like that.

"Miss Parker." I almost cringed at how gruff I sounded.

"Mister-" She stopped and glared at her assistant, who ran over and whispered my name to her. "Mister Hudson."

I nodded and silence filled the room again. When I couldn't keep my thoughts from wandering over her body or her full lips or her sad eyes, I cleared my throat and explained to them my fees. She responded trying to be superior, saying she didn't need me, but we turned to the witch for what exactly the danger was.

"Umm…it's a…a dragon?"

Well shit… Way to make my job easy. I turned back to Miss Parker, but she sat motionless, her knuckles white from her grip on the arms of her chair, her breathing shallow, and her eyes wide with fear. She looked young and vulnerable, and it made me wonder at exactly what age she was changed. I found myself wanting to hold her again, so I turned back to the assistant.

"I though all the dragons were taken care of during the millennium? House Drache is so pro-human now."

She shrugged. "I suppose it's possible one could have slipped under the radar."

"When do you see this dragon coming?"

"I'm not sure. My dreams aren't always exact, so it can be hard to pinpoint. I think you'll have to stay with Miss Parker 24/7."

I nodded. "Do you have any idea why this thing would be after her?"

She just shook her head. Suddenly Miss Parker stood up, slamming her hands on the desk do hard I was afraid she'd splinter it and hurt herself.

"Jessica, I'm going home. If anyone asks, I'm sick. And don't expect me tomorrow." She gathered her coat, purse, and phone, and stormed out, shocking my arm as she brushed past me on her way out.

I rubbed the spot on my arm as Jessica looked after her exasperated and sighed. "I'll give you her home address."

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